Why Greeks hate Jews, or Talmud and tragedy: Spengler

The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith polled 10,000 Greeks this June, and was shocked to learn that Greeks hate Jews. Greece, wrote Alana Goodman in the Washington Free Beacon,

…surpasses Iran and trails just slightly behind Turkey in the percentage of its residents who hold anti-Semitic views. In total, 67 percent of Greek respondents agreed with the majority of a list of anti-Semitic statements included in the survey. Other European countries, particularly France and Germany, have experienced a decrease in overall anti-Semitic attitudes in the wake of recent attacks on Jews. According to the ADL poll, 90 percent of Greeks agreed with the statement that “Jews have too much power in the business world” and 85 percent agreed “Jews have too much power in international finance markets.” In addition, 70 percent said that “Jews still talk too much about what happened to them in the Holocaust” and 51 percent said “Jews don’t care about what happens to anyone but their own kind.”

Whom the Gods wish to destroy, they first make mad, said the Greeks of antiquity. Whom YHWH wishes to destroy, he first makes an anti-Semite. Greeks are among the world’s cleverest peoples—their diaspora overflows with accomplishment in every field of intellectual endeavor—and it is disconcerting to hear them expectorate the sort of vulgar prejudice that one might expect from a semi-literate Anatolian peasant. Then again, the Germans of 1933 were the world’s most cultured nation. Endemic Jew-hated in Greece reminds us that ignorance is an implausible explanation for anti-Semitism.

Consider two countries nestled into the same corner of the Eastern Mediterranean, both of ancient provenance and of roughly equal size. At its height around 565 C.E., the Greek branch of the Roman Empire had a population of perhaps 26 million, against a world population of 1 to 1.5 million Jews. Today there are more Israelis aged 15 to 24 than Greeks—about 1.2 million vs. 1.1 million—and at current fertility rates, there will be 1.8 million young Israelis by 2050 and just half as many young Greeks. Israel is a military and economic superpower while Greece has become a byword for state failure. How could the Greeks not hate us?

There is also some tragic history between Jews and Greeks. Only a century ago a fifth of the Anatolian population was Christian. About 1.5 million Armenians were murdered in the genocide of 1915-1923, and 1.5 million Greeks were expelled from Turkish territory in 1923 after the Greek-Turkish War that followed World War I. The Turks massacred several hundred thousand. Right-wing Greek blogs (for example here) make the paranoid claim that the “Anatolian disaster” was the work of Zionists in cahoots with the future Turkish president Kamel Ataturk, whom Greek (as well as Muslim) conspiracy theorists claim was a secret Jew.

More poignant, perhaps, is guilt over Greek complicity in the deportation of 47,000 Jews from the northern Greek city of Salonika in 1943. Modern Greece spins a narrative of national resistance to the Nazis, but Greek police put the Salonika Jews on trains to Auschwitz and the locals helped themselves to Jewish property. If the Germans won’t forgive the Jews for Auschwitz, the Greeks won’t forgive the Jews for Salonika.

Envy at Jewish success, though, is scum floating atop a deeper source of rancor. The Greeks hate the Jews for the same reason they hated Socrates, only more so.  Life is an acquired taste.  Those who have not acquired it seek “life-affirming” illusions that distract their bearers from their underlying revulsion from life, of which the archetype is the cult of the eternally-beautiful Olympians. Socrates told the classical Greeks in so many words that their Olympians are figments of their imagination, and they made him drink hemlock. As it happened, he caught the Athenians at a moment of emotional fragility, right after their defeat in the Peloponnesian War with the loss of a quarter of the city’s population. This was Socrates the ironist, in Kierkegaard’s account, who ridiculed at Athens’ civic ailments but offers no cure, Socrates the destroyer of tragedy in Friedrich Nietzsche’s report—precisely this Socrates who was put to death by popular vote of the whole citizenry of Athens.

Nietzsche famously paired Apollonian beauty with Dionysian despair in The Birth of Tragedy. Forty years after first reading Nietzsche, I finally am persuaded that Nietzsche had the Greeks nailed.

There is an ancient story that king Midas hunted in the forest a long time for the wise Silenus, the companion of Dionysus, without capturing him. When at last he fell into his hands, the king asked what was best of all and most desirable for man. Fixed and immovable, the demon remained silent ; till at last, forced by the king, he broke out with shrill laughter into these words:  “Oh, wretched race of a day, children of chance and misery, why do ye compel me to say to you what it were most expedient for you not to hear? What is best of all is forever beyond your reach: not to be born, not to be, to be nothing. The second best for you, however, is soon to die.”

Nietzsche continues:

How is the Olympian world of deities related to this folk-wisdom? Even as the rapturous vision of the tortured martyr to his sufferings. Now the Olympian magic mountain opens, as it were, to our view and shows to us its roots. The Greek knew and felt the terrors and horrors of existence: to be able to live at all, he had to interpose the shining dream-birth of the Olympian world between himself and them.

Through tragedy, Nietzsche argued, the Dionysian impulse towards self-destruction was sublimated into an Apollonian sense that the flickering evanescence of mortal life had some claim on the eternal. Man’s fate on earth was tragic but

…the most sorrowful figure of the Greek stage, the hapless Oedipus, was understood by Sophocles as the noble man, who in spite of his wisdom was destined to error and misery, but nevertheless through his extraordinary sufferings ultimately exerted a magical, wholesome influence on all around him, which continues effective even after his death.

Tragedy is the antivenom to Greek despair, whose stylized masks and dance and verse offer the Hellene “a glance into the secret and terrible things of nature, as it were shining spots to heal the eye which dire night has seared.”

There is a canonical joke that expresses the Jewish view of tragedy. There’s an old Jewish coupl, Abe and Esther. Esther says, “Abe, let’s go to the theater!” Abe replies, “I don’t want to go to the theater. It’s boring.” “What do you mean, ‘It’s boring?,” Esther objects. “The theater is there because people want to be entertained! People go to the theater because it’s entertaining, and if it were boring, they wouldn’t go, and there wouldn’t be any theater–so how can it be boring?” Abe sighs, “It’s boring. When he wants, she doesn’t want. When she wants, he doesn’t want. And when they both want, it’s over.”

Eugene Rosenstock-Huessy, the Jewish convert to Christianity now best remembered for his correspondence with Franz Rosenzweig, recounts an anecdote that clarifies the import of the joke:

In Germany during the orgies of Hitlerism a certain Jewish journalist was asked to correct the book of a Nazi authoress; and in return for the favor she agreed to take him to see Goebbels and Goering. After tea with them he came back as though enlightened and told his friends: ‘They cannot help persecuting us; they are playing Red Indians, and they know that we cannot take their game seriously.’

And Rosenstock-Huessy added that the Jewish community

…was created above and beyond all human divisions. It reminds men of the hope beyond their daily hopes, of a more important step to come. By their persecution the Gentiles defy this challenge from the side of Eternity and finality. They always accuse the Jew of provocation, because although he is quite capable of playing Red Indian out of love for his neighbors, he is incapable of any of their idolatries, and though he can shed his blood for his country, he will always feel that no skyscraper, no man-of-war, no Venus of Cnidos, and no glory of arms is more important than the tears of the widow or the sigh of the orphan.

Or, one might add, the pots and pans of the kosher kitchen. The truth is that Jews look at the cultural exertions of the Gentiles as children’s games that grownups should find boring. For the players, though, these are not mere games, but a response to existential despair. The world today abounds in such games. Caitlin Jenner believes that she is a woman, and the Persians believe they are an empire. The Palestinian Arabs believe they are a nation (rather than migrating Jordanians or Syrians or Egyptians, which most of them were until the 1970s) and the Europeans believe they are peace-loving altruists. The practitioners of identity politics find it cognitively dissonant to hate any identity group, even the Jews, so they claim only to hate the State of Israel.

The triumph of identity politics in the United States has brought with it a wave of revulsion against the State of Israel, which has the misfortune to live in circumstances that demand a judgment about right vs. wrong. Either Hamas is a wicked entity that shoots rockets behind a screen of civilians in order to maximize the casualties of its own non-combatants—a new and horrible innovation in the cruel history of warfare—or Israel is a racist nation that murders Arab babies. Never mind that the government of Egypt, by far the largest Arab nation, is allied with Israel against the same band of malefactors: what matters in identity politics is the self-defining narrative of the putatively oppressed. Almost half of Democratic Party members now believe that Israel is a “racist country,” the pollster Frank Luntz reports, and more than three-quarters of Democrats think that Israel has “too much influence” in America.

Many of the Israel haters whose prejudice registered in the Luntz poll are themselves Jews, to be sure, the kind who wallow in a mythical Israeli past “of pioneers who set out not only to safeguard a nation, but to remake the world,” as Barack Obama told the congregation of Adas Yisrael in Washington May 22. But it really isn’t about Israel: it is about “the right to define and express an identity,” posited by Justice Anthony Kennedy, and the notion that right and wrong exist independently of what identity we might choose.

It is not simply that Israel’s predicament requires a judgment about right and wrong, a choice between a culture of life and a culture that proclaims “We love death more than you love life!” The Jews were the first people in history to specify an absolute right and wrong, that is, laws promulgated by the Maker of Heaven that apply to all peoples at all times. The Greeks understand this. They don’t require rationalizations about Israel being beastly to the Palestinians. They simply hate Jews. They have been around long enough to know what the issue really is. Among the surviving cultures of the world, the Greeks have known us the longest. They got to know us well enough when we threw Antiochus IV out of the Land of Israel in B.C.E. 164. We’ve had longer to annoy them than all the other cultures who at one time or another hated the Jews.

Nothing Jews do will make the Greeks like us, not even the embrace of “classical political rationalism” by prominent Jewish intellectuals. This brings to mind Kant’s quip about one man milking a billy-goat while another holds a sieve. Kant might have added that it will annoy the billy-goat no end.

Jews find Greek theater boring; Greeks find Jewish Scripture trivial. But Judaism does not aim at cathartic moments but at practical solutions. The stories of the Hebrew Bible are tragic in construction but not in outcome: even Cain is given a chance to redeem himself. Isaac is not sacrificed like Iphigenia but replaced on the altar by a ram. Jacob and Esau do not kill each other like Polynices and Eteocles in Seven against Thebes, fulfilling the curse of their father Oedipus. Jacob propitiates his brother whose birthright he stole, and by another deception puts himself and his family at a safe distance just in case Esau might change his mind. There is neither conflict nor reconciliation, and Israel’s relationship to Esau’s descendants remains fraught and ambiguous through subsequent books of the Bible. A pivotal episode in the Bible, where Jacob acquires the name “Israel,” ends with an anti-climax that does not show Jacob in a particularly heroic light. Jacob’s heroism is manifest the night before his last meeting with Esau, when he wrestles an angel on a riverbank. Jacob is not a hero in the Greek sense, yet he does what no Greek hero ever did: He changes.

When Cleon determines to kill Antigone for the crime of burying their brother Polynices, to be sure, a Jew will say under his breath, “Shmendrick! Get a life!” But the fact is that ordinary life is full of conflicting loyalties, not always as dramatic as Orestes’ conflicting filial obligations to the father he has avenged through the murder of his mother, to be sure, but painful and often devastating nonetheless. Greek-inspired literature is devoted to uncovering tragic conflicts and bringing them to denouement; Jewish law tries to defuse such conflicts before they become tragic. Talmud is the diametric opposite of tragedy: among other things, it is the practice of reconciling conflicting loyalties in the course of everyday life. At what point does the mandate to preserve life override the laws of the Sabbath? Under what circumstances is a man who lights a fire responsible for an accidental conflagration, or a man who owns an ox responsible when it gores his neighbor? Under what circumstances may a rabbi ignore a lesion on the lung of a chicken that a poor housewife has purchased for the Sabbath meal?

To the Greeks, Judaism appears as a hodge-podge of pointless rituals performed obsessively. An observant housewife lights the Sabbath candles with a gesture as practiced as the upbeat that a conductor gives an orchestra. The twin loaves of Sabbath bread must be covered while the wine is blessed; the wine-glass must be filled to the brim and drained to the bottom for the Sabbath blessing; water must be poured from one hand to another three times after which a blessing is said, but not another word isuttered until the bread is blessed. The origin of many of these rituals is unknown to many who learned them mimetically; the learned will delve into their source and enrich their practice.

The Greeks will never understand the Jews. Not the sculptor’s marble or the artist’s palette or the musician’s tones, but the ordinary life of families is the locus of Jewish aesthetics. The techne of Jewish art is found in the beautification of the Sabbath table, the precision and spontaneity of communal prayer, in the elevation and sanctification of the ordinary as well as the extraordinary events of life: the weekly Sabbath meal, and birth, coming-of-age, marriage and death. After each of the seven Sabbath Torah readings (or “ascents”), the blessing praises God “who given us true Torah (teaching) and has planted eternal life amongst us.” God has planted eternal life among the Jews, and Judaism is its cultivation.

The aesthetic sense in Judaism beautifies the signs and symbols of eternal life that are visible in the pots and pans of the kosher kitchen, the Sabbath candles and festive meal, and marital relations between Jewish spouses. These are as miraculous and filled with portent as Moses’ burning bush, or Jacob’s ladder, or Ezekiel’s chariot. But the central and most characteristic Jewish activity is Torah study, the endless investigation of the infinite mind of God. As Rabbi Meir Soloveichik observes (citing his grand-uncle Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik), Torah study sustains a colloquium across all generations, and keeps our ancestors alive with us. Every Jew should feel as if he actually left Egypt, reads the text for the Passover liturgy, but every Jew actually can feel as if he debated with the sages of antiquity, with Maimonides, with Rav Soloveitchik.

The trouble is not only that the Greeks found Jewish practice trivial, but that they found Jewish existence threatening. When Antiochus IV took Jerusalem in 134 BCE, “the majority of his friends advised the king to take the city by storm and to wipe out completely the race of Jews, since they alone of all nations avoided dealings with any other people and looked upon all men as their enemies.” This is reported by David Nirenberg in Anti-Judaism, along with a plethora of similar citations. The Babylonians burned the Temple but let the exiled Jews practice their religion, and the Persians who conquered them sent exiles back to build the Second Temple. But the Greeks who replaced the Persians felt a unique sort of antipathy to the Jews. Why?

Nietzsche quotes of the myth of Silenus to explain the despair just below the surface of Hellenic culture, but he never explains why this should be the case. Silenus’ dictum, to be sure, also appears in Ecclesiastes 4:2-3, although it is answered in Chapter 9 7-9:  “Go thy way, eat thy bread with joy, and drink thy wine with a merry heart; for God now accepteth thy works… Live joyfully with the wife whom thou lovest all the days of the life of thy vanity, which he hath given thee under the sun, all the days of thy vanity: for that is thy portion in this life, and in thy labour which thou takest under the sun.” Ecclesiastes sayeth, Get ye a life. The Jews cannot take Silenus seriously, as in the canonical joke on the subject: Two yeshiva students are learning Ecclesiastes. Moshe says to Yankel, “He’s right! Life is so painful, pain is so long, joy is so short, it’s better never to have been born.” “Yes,” says Yankel, “but who has such luck? Not one in ten thousand.”

The cultivation of communal and family life as art-work has sustained the Jewish people for 3,500 years, and given the Jews a sense of surety for their future unlike that of any other people west of the Indus.  The alternative is to worship youth itself, which the ancient Greeks did, in a way not much different than our own youth-obsessed popular culture.  Our ultimate pop icon was Michael Jackson, who never wanted to grow old and suffered endless plastic surgeries to appear young. Caitlin Jenner does not want to be a woman of her age, namely 65, but rather a woman still redolent of youth, scalpeled and sutured and airbrushed onto the cover of Vanity Fair. Heidegger wrote that man’s existence is defined by Being-towards-Death. What we do is more like Being-towards-Botox.

I examined the Greek youth cult in my 2011 book How Civilizations Die, from which the paragraphs below are extracted.

The Greeks worshipped the eternally-young Olympians, to be sure, but in most of ancient Greece, it adored eternal youth in another form, namely adolescent boys. Sparta was (after the island of Crete) the first Greek polis to formalize the practice of pederasty.[i] Plato complained about this; the “Athenian Stranger” reproaches his Spartan and Cretan interlocutors in Plato’s Laws, “This custom, which is long-standing, seems to have corrupted the life-style and pleasures of sex that are natural not only for humans but also animals. Someone might make these accusations first of your states and of whatever other states are particularly inclined to the gymnasium.”[ii] If pederasty was not universal, it nonetheless was common enough to be characteristic in classical Greece. That this practice was no matter of idealized admiration, but explicitly sexual, is demonstrated by the hundreds of surviving vase-paintings showing explicit sexual acts between bearded men and beardless youths.[iii]

Pederasty had a deep connection to Greek religion, which was above all a cult of youth. Not even Zeus was immune, abducting the boy Ganymede to be the gods’ cupbearer. The older lover, or erastēs, is the needy worshipper before the god-like object of his love, the erômenos. “Though the object of importunate solicitation, [the youth] is himself not in need of anything beyond himself. He is unwilling to let himself be explored by the other’s needy curiosity, and he has, himself, little curiosity about the other. He is something like a god, or the statue of a god,” explains Martha Nussbaum.[iv] But chastity was not considered a virtue for an adolescent boy. In Greek legend the gods turned Narcissus into a flower to punish his pride in refusing male suitors; only the older lover, not the erômenos, is allowed to be a Narcissist.

The love of Greek men for adolescent boys embodies the same longing for immortality we observe in the cult of eternally youthful gods. No Greek would pray along with King David, “O Lord, thou hast brought up my soul from the grave: thou hast kept me alive, that I should not go down to the pit.” Every Greek, even heroes beloved of the gods, expected to go down to the pit. The dead hero Achilles tells Odysseus in Book XI of Homer’s Odyssey that he would rather be a poor farmer’s hired hand than king over the underworld. Not even the immortal Zeus would enjoy a life that was properly eternal, for one day his successor would overthrow him, just as he had overthrown his own father Chronos.

The Olympian Greek religion did not propose to overcome death, but only to flee from it for a while—into the arms of perpetual youth. If, as Rose Castorini said in Moonstruck, today’s men chase women because they want to live forever, Greek men found it more compelling to chase a youthful version of themselves. The older lover worships his own youthful image in the form of his adolescent beloved. The separation of sexuality from procreation in Greek culture helps explain the terrible demographic decay that Greece would suffer during the fifth and fourth centuries B.C.E., leaving Athens (as Polybius reported) a city mainly populated by statues when the Romans finally took possession.

The demographic decline of Hellenistic Greece is history’s first well-documented case of a culture that died of its own indifference to life. The Greek genius for mathematics and physics did not avail them. Greece fell to Roman domination at the peak of its intellectual power, when Archimedes of Syracuse and Hero of Alexandria made discoveries that the West would not put work for another 2,000 years.

Today’s Greeks seem as diffident about their future survival as their 5th-century antecedents.  The Greeks never quite liked life. They only liked to play at it. The decline of today’s Greece bears out Marx’s quip that historical tragedies repeat themselves as farce.

[i] Thomas F. Scanlon, “The Dispersion of Pederasty and the Athletic Revolution in Sixth-Century BC Greece,” in Same-Sex Desire and Love in Greco-Roman Antiquity and in the Classical Tradition of the West, Beert C. Verstraete and Vernon Provencal, eds. (Psychology Press, 2006) pp. 64-70.

[ii] Laws 636ab; quoted by Scanlon, p. 66.

[iii] J.D. Beazley, “Some Attic Vases in the Cyprus Museum”, Proceedings of the British Academy 33 (1947); p.199

[iv] Martha Nussbaum, The fragility of goodness (Cambridge University Press, 2001), p. 188.

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  • williamwilliams

    Oy gevalt!

  • Che Guvera

    If you do something bad people will naturally hate you…

  • dutchnational

    To me antisemitism is a kind of jealousy. Either religious as in Islam and old catholicism, or more personal, jealousy of succes of a small minority.

    Both kinds have to be fought against, even the disguised kind of antisemitism of those saying they are only against Israel. The word only shows the real origin of their hatred.

  • Qiaobao

    In old European dictionaries you can find a lot of sayings from a time when people did not care to conceal their prejudice. Here’s one I found in a Flemish dictionary (Van Dale): “You need 5 Christians to deceive 1 Jew, 5 Jews to deceive 1 Greek, and 5 Greeks to deceive 1 Chinese”.
    But that was the past. Perhaps now we would say, “You need 5 Chinese to deceive one Christian”. Envy finds a balance sooner or later, because we all learn from each other

  • Steve Smith

    So if the Jewish ethos that Goldman is asserting is so antithetical to that of the Greeks, then why did a large Jewish diaspora emerge over the course of the 3rd and 2nd centuries BC in Greek Egypt, Syria, and Anatolia? Goldman attempts the old Hanukkah swindle by telling us:

    “When Antiochus IV took Jerusalem in 134 [sic] BCE, “the majority of his friends advised the king to take the city by storm and to wipe out completely the race of Jews, since they alone of all nations avoided dealings with any other people and looked upon all men as their enemies.” This is reported by David Nirenberg in Anti-Judaism, along with a plethora of similar citations.”

    Notice that Goldman does not actually tell us what source Nirenberg is quoting, but it is probably the highly partisan Josephus writing his pro-Jewish apologiae, Jewish Antiquities/Jewish War post 70 AD. This is the kind of shoddy scholarship that we have come to expect of Goldman. In fact, the “friends” of Antiochus were leaders of one of the factions in an intra-Jewish civil war between pro-Hellenistic universalists and Jewish nationalists. In typically Jewish fashion, the memory of that civil war has been concealed behind the much more palatable (but misleadingly simplistic) notion of a Greek king “oppressing the Jews.” And naturally, we can’t rely on Goldman to set the record straight.

    But there is a larger point here. Goldman loves to promote his “Jewish life vs goy death” false binary. But what we see in practice is that Jews flocked to emigrate to live among the death-loving goyim of the Greek world. Why? Well, because of their obsessive and intolerant cultism from the beginning, Jews have needed “anti-semitism” to vector their boiling, in-group tensions outward against non-Jews. They have also needed the diaspora as a way to separate Jews from one another so as to reduce infighting between competing Jewish factions. As Wikipedia says, “As early as the middle of the 2nd century BCE the Jewish author of the third book of the Oracula Sibyllina addressed the “chosen people,” saying: ‘Every land is full of thee and every sea.’ The most diverse witnesses, such as Strabo, Philo, Seneca, Luke (the author of the Acts of the Apostles), Cicero, and Josephus, all mention Jewish populations in the cities of the Mediterranean basin.”

    So by the time of the Antiochus IV episode, Jews were in the Greek world in large numbers. In fact, Wikipedia notes that “the majority of Jews lived OUTSIDE Judaea rather than in it, and long before the destruction of the Temple, the majority of Jewish people were already living in the Diaspora with perhaps as many as a million in Alexandria for example.”

    So why were huge numbers of “life-loving” Jews migrating to the lands of the “death-loving” Greeks? That’s not a question Goldman wants to touch.

    The reality is that Jewry has always suffered violent schisms because of its fundamental cultish intolerance: From the mytho-historic, murderous suppression of the Golden Calf sub-cult to the incessant wars between Judah/Benjamin and Israel (the northern kingdom) to the obsessive anti-Samaritan ideology of the post-exilic Jewish leadership and the already mentioned intra-Jewish civil war of the 2nd century BC, the Sadducee vs Pharisee feud, and the inchoate insurgent violence of 66-135 AD, Jews have shown themselves to be an inherently unstable polity in practice despite Goldman’s claim of a supposed penchant for practical solutions.

    Jews have demonstrated a historic need to embed themselves in other cultures to mitigate their predisposition to faction and internal blood-letting. This cultural parasitism gradually developed into trade and financial networks that were useful to non-Jewish ruling classes but much despised by the rest of society for their cooperation with those ruling classes in the exploitation of European peasantry.

    Two other points:

    “Pederasty had a deep connection to Greek religion, which was above all a cult of youth. Not even Zeus was immune, abducting the boy Ganymede to be the gods’ cupbearer.’

    No, Greek religion was above all a cult of aristocratic rulers. The Olympian gods were idealized images of warrior-aristocrats and the warrior-aristocrats were presented as virtual demi-gods. How many times does one hear of Odysseus, Achilles, and even Agamemnon being described as “god-like” or “lords of men”? As traditional tribal and family affiliations broke down in the Greco-Roman world, this religion provided less and less meaning and spiritual value for the majority of Greeks leading to the rise of Christianity in the Greek world under Roman rule.

    Finally, the idea that it is impermissible to question or analyze critically the amount of power held by organized Jewry is Goldman’s first and basic false premise of this piece. Goldman has no problem celebrating (in effect) what he sees as the demographic implosion of various nations/peoples or rationalizing the Jewish dispossession of the Palestinians, but, he’s outraged–outraged!–that Greeks are suspicious of Jewish power and influence. It’s interesting that Goldman has no inclination to examine the goy-hating views of senior Israeli government officials like the current Israel Deputy Defense Minister Eli Ben-Dahan who gave an indication of the kind of thinking that goes on in Israel by saying this:

    “Homosexual Jews have “higher souls” than gentiles, gay or straight, the deputy minister for religious services told the Israeli daily Maariv in an article published on Friday. Even so, he would oppose any same-sex marriage bill, just as he would oppose marriage between a Jew and a gentile, said Rabbi Eli Ben Dahan, a member of the right-wing Habayit Hayehudi party.”


    Goldman is very selective when it comes to examining “hatred.”

  • Steve Smith

    Jews, like other groups, pursue their own collective interests in the world. Often, the realization of those interests–Israel, for example–comes at the expense of others, incurring opposition and, often, animosity. There is no reason to excuse Jewish actions from the same scrutiny and criticism we subject everyone else’s to. If “anti-semitism” is merely “a kind of jealousy,” then how do you characterize all the other enmities that arise as a function of human competition?

  • harry Kahns

    “where there’s smoke there’s fire”, why no one loves you Mr Goldman?

  • Jack Temujin

    Only Greeks hate Jews? Hey Goldman can you tell me who actually like Jews?

  • Ellen

    Thank you Spengler for another Spenglerian essay on the decline and death of cultures and civilizations. The decline of Greece is particularly poignant at this point in history, because it is the canary in the coal mine for all of Europe. All the blathering we heard until last year about how awful it would be if the EU boycotts the Israeli economy seems silly now. The EU is too busy boycotting itself in the form of the debt agreement it has made with Greece, which essentially leads to the self-destruction of Greece. And that is only the beginning of the unraveling of the EU. Good. Glad I lived to see this epochal moment in history.

  • Sauelios

    Greeks do not think that non-Greeks are cattle. Jews do think that non-Jews are cattle.

  • marcus salek

    generally people are hated for what they do not who they are. but there are exceptions. what did blacks ever do to the whites of america except toil their fields? why were they hated? the monsanto family were jewish slave traders but you can/t hate monsanto because their jewish. trying to create patterns and generalities just simply does not work. i doubt if all greeks hate jews and i know jews who are poor and not bankers. the world does not turn evenly, it wobbles.

  • 2ndiceberg

    Well, my first response to this was that I would not touch it with a 10-foot pole. But, it is really a very peculiar article. To begin with, the first two questions asked of the Greeks polled properly should have been phrased as “do you believe” rather than “do you agree.” The answers most probably reflect beliefs that could be based on hearsay, or what others believe. The questions themselves could be posed previously by someone to scientific researchers as questions of facts as in “is it a fact that…..” The facts could then be presented to the survey population to see if they changed beliefs. (It is doubtful that the beliefs are coupled with any absolute faith.) If the facts confirmed the beliefs, there would be further need to try scientifically to answer the “why is it the case that…….” and the answers may well establish reasons that would be acceptable. The third question may reflect something, but not necessarily hatred. Do the Irish talk too much about the potato famine? Do the Kurds talk too much about…..Do the Ukrainians talk too much about….Do all the peoples upon whom atrocities been visited talk too much about them? Is it wise, is it healthy, is it necessary, does it prevent living in present realities? The fourth question could be asked generally of any close-knit ethnic or racial group. I can name a number who have moved to my country and who will not, for example, worship with, intimately associate with, or hire anyone for a job except “their own kind.” To conclude anti-anything on the basis of this type of survey is dicey and the whole thing might better be approached with qualitative ecological research. There is no question that the writer is comparing one culture favourably with another. I might ask how many alternative cultures the writer is prepared to compare with such an approach, but suspect the answer may be “how many you got?” To compare this Spengler with the other Spengler does not show this one in a particularly good light it is a spurious Spengler, if you will. And don’t even get me started on Plato’s Socrates! As for Nietzsche, all cultures, even I suspect Semitic cultures, have those dream-births embedded in them such being frequently used for the wrong purposes by leaders.

  • Janek

    It is now plain and clear that the ‘new master race’ has been ‘borne’, sort of. Something in the style of ‘The Birth of a Nation’. The ‘cherry picking’ among nations now has began and David P. Goldman proved it, beyond any doubt, in this article. Greece is the latest example of it. Who will be next.

  • Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha

    “Jews have too much power in the business world” Is that true? Well if one looks at the The Rothschild family who helped in the creation of the United Nations, or Soros who is instrumental in the Obama administration, yes there is a “ring of truth” to that.
    “Jews have too much power in international finance markets.” Look at Wall Street, the diamond centers of New York to Antwerp, Jews dominate.

    But the overwhelming wealth of the Western world is held by Anglo Protestants
    “Jews don’t care about what happens to anyone but their own kind.”

    That is tricky. Jews from Israel are hyper nationalists and tend to be conservatives when it comes to social values.
    Jews outside of Israel tend to support “multiculturalism”. That is a good thing, as long as it did not back fire on them in Europe. “Multiculturalism” taken to the extreme, is one reason Europe has an “open border” policy regarding Middle Eastern Muslims. I single them out for they are extremely anti Israel, and by that, anti Jewish.

    Now France’s Muslim population is 20% of her total population and most of the anti Jewish tirades have come from them. European nations who had nothing to do with the “Colonial age” are now forced to take in asylum seekers, with each European nation given a quota. This is not the problem of Germany, Austria, Greece, Norway, Sweden but partly the problem of the Colonial nations such as the United kingdom, France, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and even Italy.

    Jews in the US support liberalism including the rights of Abortion over the life of a fetus, they by and large, support even 3rd term abortion, Open borders, Gay rights, including the legal right to marry, “minority rights over that of the majority” and not ‘minority rights that complement that of the majority”. This could range from the feminist movement, black militant movement, welfare programs for the illegal immigrant

    That is not the case of Jews in Israel. They support a strong nation who puts the rights of the Jews first and anyone else seeking entry into Israel, second. I am not addressing the Arabs in Israel who get all the same due process as anyone else.

    Long story short. Karl Marx, a German Jew, who wrote the Bible of Communism “Das Capital”, was part of a voice of the liberal movement in Germany prior to the Nazi era. Many of the leaders of the communist party in Germany were Jews.
    One of the first acts of Hitler was to rid Germany of the Communist party. In doing so he also killed many Jewish leaders.

    Now in Europe Jews are fleeing to Israel, partly due to their own support of policies that allowed elements into Europe that openly hate them. Jews in the US are very powerful and very ardent supporters of the policies of the Obama administration. they are one of the largest contributors to Obama during his campaign to become President and hold it the 2nd time around.

    The conservative element of America is openly opposed to the policies of the Obama administration while supporting Israel (where the Jews of Israel do share the same values as the conservatives of America and Europe)

    The dynamics of the Western Jewish population are complex those questions put to Greeks does not address that . It takes simple straight forward answers and makes them sound “anti Semitic”

  • Ehross

    The interesting thing about the Jews is that there are only 6 million living in Palestine and the remaining 10 million are dispersed throughout the rest of the world.

  • Ehross

    The most anti-Semitic people in the world are the Jews living in Palestine.
    The Palestinians are Semites.

  • mijikai

    YHWH… is that an acronym like DKNY?

  • mijikai

    A single comma would snazz up your remark 😀

    Then it would be pretty pertinent to historical antisemitism.

  • ifigeniaa

    I think there is a misconception, jews and arabs are all semitic people.

  • Shep

    The Greeks are extremely smart and have a valid opinion of the dirty jews.

  • Shep

    Wow, that was excellent.

  • allen

    The term anti-Semitism was coined in 1879 by the German agitator Wilhelm Marr. It, and its derivatives, apply exclusively to Jews. We Jews reject the expropriation of the word by Arab sympathizers. Had we recognized the danger, we would have insisted on remaining Palestinians.

    Although Marr came to repudiate anti-Semitism late in life, his prolifically publicized Jew- hatred had done its work, especially within Germany.

  • Chris Carson

    We don’t hate the people who are Jews. It’s Israel that most of us hate. It’s because of the actions they have taken since the creation of that little hell hole.

  • NotYouNotSure

    One keeps on hearing about “white supremacy”, but this article is open proclaiming jewish supremacy.

  • Steve Smith

    Goldman: “The practitioners of identity politics find it cognitively dissonant to hate any identity group, even the Jews, so they claim only to hate the State of Israel.”

    Ironic that it is organized Jewry that marshaled the emergence of the New Left in the US, i.e. the recasting of the “left” to de-emphasize the retrograde white working class and make identity politics–especially Jewish identity politics–the organizing principle of the Democratic Party and what passes for the “left.” It is in tandem with this Jewish-inspired reformation of the left that the other Jewish political movement, neoconservatism–also fully invested in Jewish nationalism–emerged.

    Now the arrow returns to the archer, and organized Jewry whines and cries.

    Goldman: “Socrates told the classical Greeks in so many words that their Olympians are figments of their imagination, and they made him drink hemlock.”

    Sounds more or less like what organized Jewry did to Spinoza in the 17th century–or what they do today to anyone whom they label a “self-hating Jew.” More hypocrisy from Goldman.

    Goldman: “The stories of the Hebrew Bible are tragic in construction but not in outcome..”

    I dunno–seems kind of tragic for all those inhabitants of Jericho and Ai that were genocided out of existence by Joshua and his einsatzgruppen. Oh, wait, I get it–the outcome wasn’t tragic for the JEWS–which is all that matters to Goldman.

    Goldman: “To the Greeks, Judaism appears as a hodge-podge of pointless rituals performed obsessively.”

    Today’s Greeks think very little about Jewish rituals. This is just you, Goldman, in your customary state of self-obsession.

    Goldman: “Almost half of Democratic Party members now believe that Israel is a “racist country…”

    Well, of course it’s a racist country. It’s built on the idea that Jewish ubermenschen from Europe have a special right to dispossess the Arab inhabitants who made up over 90% of the population of Palestine in 1918 and to seize military, political, and cultural control of the land. Zionism is simply a pseudo-secular recasting of the biblical idea that God wants the Jews (Israelites) to exterminate/disposses the inhabitants because, you know, they’re kinda special.

  • rainierwolfcastle

    correction. Jews of Khazarian descent, which make up the majority of modern Jewry are not Semitic.

  • rainierwolfcastle

    Money lenders. Greeks hate money lenders. Which is understandable given their predicament. If a money lender practices Judaism, it’s not the religion that Greeks hate, its the socio-economic raping done in the name of usury that takes the cake. See European history for details.

  • dgotshalk

    Nothing really strange about many people hating successful people.
    In the US many people hate all successful people, not just successful Jews.
    Thankfully its not always that clear who the successful people are at any given time and
    we all love to live in a country where we have a chance to become one.
    And then there are successful people who make mistakes and become not so successful.
    What is really important is that we do not want to live in a society where we get expected to be unsuccessful or we become comfortable if taken care of by the successful people.
    The growing problem in the US the most successful country in history is that too many people have fallen into that comfort trap and do not even want to try to get out.

  • Nomzta

    According to various sources, the Jews have been kicked out of around 100 European countries over the course of about 2,000 years. The Jews have a saying, “If one man calls you a donkey, ignore him; if two men call you a donkey, buy a saddle.” In that same vein, if one country kicks the Jews out, they might be anti-Semitic, might be. If 100 countries kick the Jews out, well then maybe the Jews are a bunch of cunts, maybe.

  • Andrii Koroviev

    Excellent analysis, indeed.

  • James Jerome

    First of all the Hebrew bible was derived from the Egyptian Book of The Dead, while they were in Egypt to escape the famine in the Levant. It is a fabrication that has been turned into a doctrine that promotes white supremacy and is used to exploit, manipulate and subjugate mostly non-white people, the historical record bears it out. These are a people that have been expelled form 109 nations and countries since the diaspora after the Romans burned down Jerusalem in 70 A.D., which fueled the absolutely ludicrous idea of being the chosen people after they betrayed the son of God to the Romans, who crucified him. They had a hand in WWI, that left Germany in a failed state condition which fueled WWII, and now they want the world to be destroyed in WWIII on their behalf, because their enemies are coming for them. The world has finally caught on to this 2,000 year charade and are not going to fall for it this time.

  • Tamara

    Spengler is wrong here. Greek jew-hatred stems mainly from bad treatment of greek orthodox church by the israeli authorities. Orthodox church is/was largest landowner in israel. But whenever they like israeli authorities harass and expropriate the orthodox church. Israel is not only an apartheid state towards the palestinians but also towards christians. One should not forget this.

  • Nicholas Wibberley

    Thinking Jews are too much this or or to much that is not the same as hating them. Hating is an emotion, thinking is a mental, quasi rational activity. They don’t conflate.

  • Peter Attwood

    I like Jews. It’s hard to be a Christian, a follower of a certain Jew, and feel otherwise.

    That doesn’t mean I like the state of Israel, with its abominable Zionist ideology – far more akin to Nazism than to Judaism, as Yeshayahu Leibowitz came to recognize as early as 1968.

    And Goldman even repeats the nonsense of Joan Peters that the Palestinians are late migrants to the scene. That alone shows his contempt for truth.

    And speaking of hatred, it’s rather obvious that Goldman hates Greeks.

  • Lion Heart

    Jews say that they have been persecuted throughout the world for last 2000 years—-they say they were persecuted wherever they went

    There are only two options:

    1. Either whole world was evil for last 2000 years—or
    2. Jews were evil

    looking at Jews treatment towards Palestinians–i can say that whole word was correct in assessing Jews as being evil, cunning and dastardly tribe.

  • [email protected]

    the jewish people,lived in peace,during the,islamic Andalusian age,even today,israel,exists,in the arab,world,most muslims have jewish friends and neighbours,many jews lived and still live in muslim nations.the jews are also direct cousins of the arabs.as for the comment that jews are greedy,financial mafia,that is not for me to say.but I get on fine with jews,greeks,turkish,arabs.

  • Lion Heart

    1. No one hates Good Jews like Gideon Levy, Amira Hass and Shulamit Aloni.

    2. World hate war mongrels Zionists–such as Netanyahu, Ariel Sharon and Yehuda Glick.

    If Jews want to be loved then they should stop supporting racism, apartheid and colonisation.

  • Lion Heart

    Who would know Talmud better than Rabbi Ovadia Yosef ??
    In his sermon on 16 Oct 2010 he said:

    Goyim [non-Jews] were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve
    the People of Israel.

    Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plough, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat.

  • Bankotsu

    You know your stuff. Good.

  • Lion Heart

    A Zionist named David Goldman regularly spreads HATE against Palestinians, and Arab in general.

    Then he spread HATE against Greeks for not “loving Jews” !!

    His hatred goes to extent that he brings out “love of Greek men for adolescent boys” from an ancient wardrobe.

    One may quote Talmud, which allows paedophelia (refer to Sanhedrin 54b)

    There are two opinions:
    1) Rab says a boy under 9 year can be sodomised.
    2) Samuel says a boy under 3 year can be sodomised.

    Hitler had better MORALS.
    Hitler NEVER asked anyone to sodomise little Jewish boys!!

    If Goldman thinks it is Jewish RIGHT to spread HATE;
    then goy have also RIGHT to criticize Jews/Isreal and Judaism.

    What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

  • mijikai

    “jews and arabs are all semitic people”

    Well, they certainly all look the same!

  • Nicholas Wibberley

    I have always regarded that Exodus story as classic spin. It’s much more likely the Hebrews were driven from Egypt, which was after all a polytheist state ruled by an incarnate deity and administered by hereditary priests who can hardly have looked kindly on a tribe of monotheist immigrants.

  • Lion Heart

    Majority of Jews are
    converted Jews…that is why:
    a, an Ashkenazi looks like European
    b. Falasha looks like African
    c. Mizorami Jew looks like Mongoloid
    d. Indian Jew looks like any other Indian.

  • James Jerome

    Another correction Jews are basically Neanderthals, remember Esau according to Egyptian historians Esau had red mahogany hair all over his body and smelled like rotten potatoes, had feet that would require a 7 1/2 triple EEE shoe, and thick fingers, these are classic Neanderthal anatomical features.

  • mijikai

    I was referring to factory-original semites.

  • mijikai

    Goldman, why do you send up this fodder for the stormfront crowd?

    You must enjoy taxing their reading skills.

  • Daniel Berg

    I am sorry but you forgot Alien Jews , they live next to the planet Pluto and look like Angels,

  • Jack Temujin

    Hmm, your comment made me ponder about my own comment. You’re absolutely right about Israel being an abomination of Judaism and equating it to Nazism. Zionism is actually terrorism hiding under the guise of Judaism. I do support anti-Zionist Jewish groups such as Rabbis against Judaism. I do know many good common Jews, who may or may not support Zionism.

  • Daniel Berg

    Sometimes I have the feeling that Jews are like those people in X-Men movies ,you know the Mutants!! and I must say that I have very high respect for these Mutants!

  • Aimee Sahlsteen

    The rent is free in their collective heads. Not great living space, but putting the garden tools in there frees up the garage to put both cars in……’>……

  • Kamath

    Yes in a very narrow sense. There are overlapping characteristics. But unfolding of the historic flowering of civilizational form, wars, suffering , desire to survive, to hold on to faith ,hope, excellence in contribution to science, arts, philosophy and myriad things etc. Jews have proven to be different. They are not carbon copy of Arabs.
    Re: All that glitters is not gold and all that is white is not milk!

    It is best Arabs realize peace, tolerance , cooperation etc are the key words, there won’t be peace between these two peoples. The alternative can be destruction.

  • allen

    Steve Smith wrote:

    “‘When Antiochus IV took Jerusalem in 134 [sic] BCE, “the majority of his friends advised the king to take the city by storm and to wipe out completely the race of Jews, since they alone of all nations avoided dealings with any other people and looked upon all men as their enemies.’ This is reported by David Nirenberg in Anti-Judaism, along with a plethora of similar citations.’

    Notice that Goldman does not actually tell us what source Nirenberg is quoting, but it is probably the highly partisan Josephus writing his pro-Jewish apologiae, Jewish Antiquities/Jewish War post 70 AD.”


    ANTI-JUDAISM, page 482, note 45:

    “Diodorus, LIBRARY OF HISTORY 34:1, 1-5, 53-55. The source here may have been Posidonius; see L. Edelstein and I. G. Kidd, eds., POSIDONIUS, vol. 1; THE FRAGMENTS (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1972), frag. F278, gleaned from Josephus, AGAINST APION 2.79-80, 89, 91-96.

  • Lion Heart

    Source “MAY have been” says it all.

  • Lion Heart

    Even factory originated were not semite…..Mr Abraham was supposed to be “WANDERING Aramean…..came from somewhere between Iraq and Turkey

  • Lion Heart

    Jews thought they were “chosen race”
    Hitler begged to differ.

  • Steve Smith

    OK, thanks for providing some information that Goldman should have provided. But did you read all the way to the end of the citation?

    “The source here may have been Posidonius; see L. Edelstein and I. G.
    Kidd, eds., POSIDONIUS, vol. 1; THE FRAGMENTS (Cambridge: Cambridge
    University Press, 1972), frag. F278, ***gleaned from Josephus***.”

    So Josephus does figure in the sourcing. (And Against Apionem is a polemical document even less reliable than the Jewish Antiquities and Jewish War.)

    But none of this is really central to the matter. The point is that Goldman and Nirenberg deceptively frame the key actors merely as “friends” of Antiochus. They constituted, in reality, a Jewish faction engaged in civil war with other Jews. Goldman and Nirenberg did this because they are both much more comfortable with the notion of an external enemy “oppressing the Jews” than with reality of systemic Jewish internal dissension intersecting with Antiochus’s strategic flailing between the twin threats of the Romans to the west and the Parthians to the east.

    And now that Hanukkah, based on this myth, has been firmly established in the Jewish psyche as the counter-Christmas and yet another celebration of Judeonationalism, the myth must be protected at all costs!

  • deliaruhe

    Those B’nai B’rith polls are excellent, carefully designed as they are to produce results that encourage more Jews to make alyiah.

  • Steve Smith

    Agree–Nirenberg is unclear about what he is attributing to Diodorus, Posidonius, and/or Josephus. But as to the real significance, see above.

  • allen

    Yes, I did read to the end of the citation; otherwise, as you might imagine, typing it would have been impossible. I have also read the book. Going out on a limb here, I am going to bet you have not.

    You are trying way too hard.

  • allen

    … not really …

  • allen


  • Steve Smith

    “You are trying way too hard.’

    If that’s supposed to be a criticism, it’s one without substance.

  • mijikai

    Awesome, Aimee 😀

    And you’re right! I just moved a huge tub of old paint cans out of my basement and into some New Order heads until I can take them to the hazmat place Thursday.

  • jlevyellow1

    Lion Heart, you have misinterpreted the Talmudic argument to justify your prejudices. Let us understand just one single point here. The personalities engaged in these discussions in the Talmud lived 1 to 5 hundred years after the destruction of the Second Temple. Every scholar agrees that the imposition of the death penalty ended with the Roman destruction of Jerusalem. Therefore, all these arguments about the death penalty were theoretical. A careful reading of the page indicates simply that the death penalty, which no longer existed anyway, could not be imposed upon someone who sodomized a young child. BUT MOST IMPORTANT, NO ONE EVER SAID SODOMY WAS PERMITTED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES WITH ANYONE NO MATTER WHAT HIS AGE!

    When exactly was the death penalty outlawed in Europe and the United States? The only person ever legally executed in modern Israel was Adolph Eichmann.

  • jlevyellow1

    Retrospective theorizing is called “narrative.” Your story fits your needs perfectly.

  • jlevyellow1

    I wish you a world in which no one lends money to anyone. Then you will first see chaos, mon ami. At the very least, the principle the Greeks borrowed should be repaid. Otherwise, it is called theft. Or perhaps ‘theft’ is no longer a useful concept between people, in which case I wish you a good street mugging.

  • jlevyellow1

    Jews live in Israel, most of whom you have never met. How the he!! can you hate someone you have never met!

  • jlevyellow1

    Some Jews are dirty, some aren’t. Some Gentiles are dirty, some aren’t.

  • jlevyellow1

    The Jews were kicked out of most countries because the rulers borrowed money from them and did not wish to return it. Come to think of it, something like Greece today.

  • jlevyellow1

    Your ignorance is mind-boggling. You have never been there!

  • jlevyellow1

    People sometimes express these same feelings about members of their own families. And sometimes people introject these same feelings of which you speak and torture themselves. I prefer people who torture themselves than those who torture others, don’t you?

  • jlevyellow1

    Any land owned by the Greek Church and is occupied by Israeli entities is compensated with rent. Most other countries would have applied eminent domain rules and simply taken the lands.

  • jlevyellow1

    Your comments also encourage aliyah

  • James Jerome

    A bite of Reality is what’s called, fools that tread where angels fear to tread and find out they have to keep going because they forgot to leave bread crumbs. You keep looking for those WMD’s in Iraq, meanwhile China, Russia and Iran will eat your breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s bedtime for chucky adios suckers, the Jews have screwed you idiots again, Adolf tried to warn you, but it is too late,and you are major league screwed. You have about 51/2 months left.

  • jlevyellow1

    Your two choices leave out so many other possibilities, that I must conclude your comments are pre-judgments made without ever have been to Israel. It is the only place in the world in which Jews and Muslims can coexist as equals. I understand that any new Palestinian state will be Jew-free. If true, will you call it an apartheid state?

  • jlevyellow1

    You are jealous of the Jews. Why?

  • jlevyellow1

    There are more Irish in the US than in Ireland. True for Italians as well. So interesting!

  • jlevyellow1

    I know plenty of Jews who are relatively poor and have chosen to live in diminished circumstances just to retain their Judaism. There is an old joke: How can you make a small fortune in Israel? Bring a big fortune! No Jewish family I know who has gone to Israel to live amongst their people live as well as they could have, had they remained in the United States.

  • codemonkey

    The article is a typically overthought argument written by a terrified neurotic Jew who is desperate to be loved by everyone (or to at least not be murdered by anal rape by a crowd of Gentiles). So he uses his intellectual talents to create a magical delusional bubble wherein Logic! and Reason! can solve the mental illness of Anti Semitism. Or as more polite company would say “A distaste for those individuals of the Mosaic persuasion”.

    The reason why they hate us is simple. We are breathing.

    The reason they express their hatred to our faces is also simple. They are not afraid that we will kick the living shit out of them for doing so.

    They are doing one decent thing tho, they are letting the terrified neurotics among us understand that the era of sanctuary is over, and it is Jew hunting season again. Hopefully when that class of Jews (99.9 percent of the population) get it through their heads that there is no talking, hiding, running, bribing, whoring, or whining their way out of this one, they might decide to take the radical step of telling our enemies to “go to Hell!” ala’ Jabotinsky.

  • codemonkey

    The reason they hate us is simple. We are breathing.

    The reason they express their vile shit to us is also simple. They know we won’t kick the living shit out of them for doing so.

    Some things aren’t complicated. They just seem so.

  • codemonkey

    Normally I can’t stand homosexuals, and that goes for Jewish ones as well. But now that I read your disgusting hate filled little polemic against my own people, I thank you for reminding me by your sick little example that I would rather burn in Hell with them for a thousand years, then spend one instant in Heaven alongside your smarmy two faced bullshit.

  • rainierwolfcastle

    lending money is ok. lending money with interest is not ok. see? And the Greeks, well they’re a bit like Ukraine, or the rest of the ‘developed’ world. It’s not about paying it back, it’s about using the indebtedness to gain access to assets. Just so you don’t lapse into some utopic daydream of financial bliss. You can keep the street mugging, and your general attitude, they go well together.

  • Janek

    Probably the rulers rather preferred to kicked out the Jews then to take the last drop of blood from their own subjects. The money lenders for ages used the same tactics: get everybody in debt, the same as neoliberal economic model uses today and Greeks are suffering because of it. The same principle is being applied by European Union and lending banks to Greece. Your views of causes of antisemityzm are naive and simplistic.

  • Lion Heart

    1. Issue is Talmud promotes paedophelia-

    2. Here is the more from Talmud (Kethuboth 11a).

    A Jew is allowed to RAPE a girl, if she is more than 3 year and one day old.

    Talmud says “As soon as she was of age 3 years one day —and did not protest she cannot protest any more.”

    Infact Talmud gives reasoning also: If a grown up man had sexual intercourse with a little girl who is three years and one day old the hymen would grow again, and they would be virgins.

    your excuse that they could not HANG paedophile because execution is not allowed.—-what a lame excuse—–no one is asking for “execution”….they could be given LESSER sentence such as AMPUTATION of LIMB etc—-

    but Talmud is saying “she CAN NOT PROTEST anymore”…..that is PROMOTION of paedophelia

    Note: Although you are LYING when you say that Talmud prohibits execution—-it does not—-Talmud provides four methods of execution: Stoning, burning, strangulation, and decapitation (refer Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Sanhedrin, 15b, 49b, 50a, 45a etc)

  • Lion Heart


    You have captured the BASIC issue very well when you stated :

    “In typically Jewish fashion, the memory of that civil war has been concealed behind the much more palatable (but misleadingly simplistic) notion of a Greek king “oppressing the Jews.”

    Just as another example: Jews never admit that they blame Romans—however it were Jews who had brought “Masada” on themselves —when they started “reign of terror” against Greeks and Romans. Romans had no choice but to defend themselves against Jewish terrorists….

  • Lion Heart

    What would you say to those Ashkenazi Jews (Bani Khazar) who stole 100% of Palestine (in 1948)………..and not even ready to return 20% (1967) to their original owner.

    Forget about “interest”….Zionists are not ready to give back 20% of “principal”

    Is such robbery permissible under Talmudic laws??

  • Lion Heart

    Jews were generally expelled for:

    1. Coin clipping in England
    (modern term: Bank Fleecing)

    2. Using goy children for sacrificial purpose such as Simon of Trent.
    (Modern equivalent: Using Gaza children as shooting target).

    3. Usury / exploitation of poor
    (Modern equivalen Zionist controlled IMF and exploitation of Greece)

    4. Abusing Christian (goyim) religion
    (modern equivalent of Pamela Geller)

  • Lion Heart

    Are you talking about an entity where East European colonizers demolish homes of natives??

    you have to work hard to convince me that Palestine belongs to East European Bani Khazars !!

  • jlevyellow1

    State your sources, besides your imagination.

  • Lion Heart

    Israel (the apartheid state):

    Has created 4 million+ Refugees,

    Holds the World’s record for UN Violations at 69+,

    Has Killed more innocent civilians per capita than any other country 50,000+,

    Has Imprisoned more civilians per capita 250,000+,

    Has rendered more civilians handicapped per capita 50,000+,

    Has Demolished more homes than any other country 60,000+,

    Has Outlawed marriage to non-Jews,

    Legalized Torture & Assassinations,

    Has ethnically cleansed 500+ villages &

    Destroyed 350 Churches/Mosques

  • Lion Heart

    I dont imagine………I can see what you did in Gaza…in July 2014.

    After seeing Israeli committing massacre in Gaza (July 14), a famous Spanish author Antonio Gala, wrote an Op-Ed in Spanish daily El Mundo (23 July 14).

    He wrote:
    It’s not strange that they (Jews) have been so frequently expelled around the world.

    Its not “imagination”….its “vindication”

  • jlevyellow1

    Anti-Semites are their own cult. Jews have always argued among themselves. So what! Life is complex and rarely clear. So we argue! But anti-Semites remain forever sure that IT’S THE JEWS’ FAULT. Instead of taking Goldman’s thesis and arguing it, his words become a source of surety that IT’S THE JEWS’ FAULT. In praise of Steve Smith, he at least bothered to think about the issues. Everyone else who hangs on Steve Smith’s words simply defines the population of anti-Semites – incorrigible and above all else ignorant. Not once did Steve Smith argue that Jews use children’s blood for their Passover matzah. Others among you have done just that. I can tell you first hand that I have never done that; nor did my parents or grandparents.

  • Jos Asri

    Asia Times would be much better off with a more competent and objective columnist. Spengler’s writings are shallow rubbish whose aims are to whitewash Israel’s crimes and to demonize its adversaries.

  • jlevyellow1

    Now, I will argue with Steve Smith.

    “Finally, the idea that it is impermissible to question or analyze critically the amount of power held by organized Jewry is Goldman’s first and basic false premise of this piece.”

    As I mentioned already, it is possible to make any argument one wishes, but it cannot remain unsupported. Let us be frank. Everyone questions the success of the Jews, but those arguments proffered are usually wrong. Most Jews are poor or lower middle-class. A larger percentage percentage of Jews are wealthy and influential than among other groups because they can be. The reason for the success of Jews is higher abilities aka intelligence. Intelligence is not equally distributed. I can tell you that Jews are not as smart as many Chinese Americans, though they too show a broad range of lower and higher abilities. We are seeing prejudice building against the Chinese as well, particularly in terms of admission to university.

    I can tell you that my high school alma mater, Stuyvesant High School in New York, used to be majority Jewish. It is now majority Oriental and South Asian. Admission is limited to a single score on a single test. There has always been pressure to be “more equitable” in admission, but the City has resisted messing with the most successful high school in the country. Whether that policy will stand is in doubt, but any change will just wash away talent of all sorts. Not only were the teachers better at Stuyvesant, but the daily interaction of the students with each other produced quality academic performance as well. In my day, if a math teacher was absent, there was always a student who could get up and teach the lesson better than the substitute teacher who was lost among the extraordinary talent.

  • v. jabotinsky

    they pollute everything

  • Darryl Harb

    Shhh -don’t tell him where the comma goes.

  • Darryl Harb

    I would rather live in that little “hell hole” than in any majority Muslim country. And so would you.

  • Darryl Harb

    “How could the Greeks not hate us?” For the same reason that Christians in Muslim countries, and in the Entity can’t help but hate the Jews: Envy. They live as dhimmis in countries their ancestors once ruled, while the Israelis are proud, rich, successful, and don’t have to kiss Muslim @$$ every day of their lives. Transference is a common, pathetic response of the weak. The Turks wiped the floor with the Greeks, and still can, and the Greeks can do nothing about it.

  • v. jabotinsky

    Good stuff! Folks might also want examine the Jewish role in dragging the US into WW1 (a quid pro quo for the Balfour “Declaration”) as well as their role in Germany post WW1, when they controlled the banks and the entertainment industry.

  • Burningpinto

    You might be an idiot with your weak comparison. How come the jewish trolls never compare israel to any European nation or Canada or USA? Because you only look better to nations at war.
    So go and live there, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  • Burningpinto

    Yawn…Goldman carrying water for his jewish terror state uber alles. So what else is knew? No gentile in the world can hold a candle to the jew, according to Goldman…unless they are what is known as “righteous gentiles” who show the jew the proper respect and obeisance that he feels he deserves.
    This is a map for the next country on Shlomo’s hit list – the more “antisemitic” they are proclaimed to be, the more likely they are to fall to war, civil war, death by a thousand banker cuts or what have you.

  • Burningpinto

    always the trolls compare israel to MUSLIM countries, never any others, notice that? Because normal people might want to live in israel compared to some war-torn Arab Muslim country, but compared to AmeriKa, Canada, Australia or any European country, no sane person would choose israel over these places.

  • Burningpinto

    Stuff your usury where the sun don’t shine.

  • Burningpinto

    That would be Uranus. Figures.

  • So many words, but so little analysis, as Spengler demonstrates that he is a one trick pony.

    Once again, the tragedy of a people become the canvas on which Goldman can paint his two dimensional portraits of life. As if the lives of a modern nation are to be found in their ancient culture and not in the present and that everyone hates the Jews, because everyone but the Jews apparently hate life itself.

    Heaven forbid that I suggest that the roots to modern Greeks anti-semitism lie in the same soil as many of its other problems. Namely that the modern Greek state and its people have failed to modernise and instead have clung to outdated, demonstrably false ideas across a range of domains from politics, to labour, to economics and even race. How you can tackle a problem like anti-semitism and completely fail to address the role of the Greek Orthodox Church beggars belief.

    No mention of how the economic crisis itself might have contributed to these elevated levels, along with other forms of both left and right wing extremism, such the rise of neo-fascists like the Golden Dawn.

    Of course, in writing this article, you didn’t need to learn anything new, and could dizzy everyone with your amazing grasp of classical history and writings.

    Anti-semitism is a real problem and you do nobody any favours (least of all Jews) with such a lazy analysis of what is a complex and ancient problem.

  • Darryl Harb

    That’s Amerikkka. And we trolls have nothing better to do. So there.

  • Darryl Harb

    Because comparing Israel to those countries would completely miss the point. Thank you for outing me. Can you not read Arabic?

  • jlevyellow1

    You speculate! European kings borrowed money to prosecute wars. That was truly on their people’s backs. The peasants lost their lives, the Jews lost their homes. The kings continued on their merry way. Sorry you are convinced otherwise.

  • jlevyellow1

    Only marauding gains access to assets without indebtedness. Borrowing money to pay salaries is probably as good a definition of governmental insanity as can be constructed.

    By the way, when is the last time any governmental body lent money without minimal interest payments to cover risk? I believe the the US government lends money to banks at zero interest in the hope the banks would lend to potential borrowers. But it has borrowed that money from the FED. Unfortunately, my grandchildren will be paying off that very bad debt, as will yours unless you skip out on America. We have all been mugged by Obama’s Socialism. It was his ploy to impoverish America to prevent it from being able to defend itself.

  • jlevyellow1

    @Lion Heart I am of the tribe of Levi as was my father and his father back to Biblical times. The Khazars are your myth for denying the Jews anything at all. How convenient! It fits the rest of your attitudes so well.

    In this world, reciprocity makes things happen. If the Palestinian Arabs want something the Jews have, let them offer something in return. The Jews owe nothing to them or you. You want to do business! Try offering something instead of demanding it. That’s the way you get your groceries at the supermarket.

  • jlevyellow1

    I can see that you have never been to Israel. Europe is pleasant enough if you are wealthy or have a government job. Better not have kids, though. You won’t be able to afford a house with second bedroom.

    Everything is in flux in Europe. They cannot defend their borders and cannot find enough of other people’s money to support their spending habits. Let’s talk in twenty years. The US debt has yet to bite. Have your grandchildren talk to mine in forty years.

    Jews do not stay long where they are not wanted. You will not have to be burdened by my brilliant children and grandchildren. Watch what you wish for. Europe got rid of its Jews. Now they have Muslims.

  • jlevyellow1

    Oh, I get it. You’re a Nazi!

  • jlevyellow1

    I remember your other comments. Just as self-serving. You are fixated on the Jews. Nothing better to do with your life?

  • jlevyellow1

    People sometimes do not like their next door neighbor.

  • James Jerome

    Nazi, I am something far worst than that. If you really knew how much worse you would want to Nuke me with all the Nukes in the world.

  • davidpgoldman

    Thanks, Ellen.

  • davidpgoldman

    I don’t, nor does any Jew I know. To be precise, I do not think that Gentiles are cattle in general. About you, Sauelios, I have an open mind.

  • davidpgoldman

    Chinese and Indians. Also Koreans. That is, ancient and successful cultures who have no reason to envy us. It is the self-pitying losers who hate us. Whom YHWH wants to destroy, he first makes an anti-Semite.

  • davidpgoldman

    Anti-Zionist Jews are a pathetic fringe. You might as well hate all of us. No matter: Notice that India has stopped voting against Israel in the UN, and the Chinese are investing massively in Israel. I’m happy to have the friendship of industrious, forward-looking and successful nations with nearly 3 billion people between them, and the hatred of the losers. Jewish studies are flourishing in China. See http://www.sino-judaic.org/index.php?page=jewish_studies_situation. Keep on hating and pitying yourself. Dein schlimmster Fluch wird keine Fliege toten. It’s an acknowledgement of your own self of failure.

  • davidpgoldman

    Who says I hate Palestinians in particular and Arabs in general? Israel has done more to uplift the cultural and economic level of Arabs than any country on earth.

  • davidpgoldman

    And we’re putting something in the water that makes you impotent, Mr. Jerome.

  • davidpgoldman

    Nuke you? I’m perfectly happy to have you be the poster boy for anti-Semitism.

  • davidpgoldman

    Precisely. He wanted the Germans to be the Chosen Race. Too bad. At 1.3 children per female there won’t be any Germans in 200 years.

  • James Jerome

    My Jewish girlfriend don’t think so, she loves it when you talk like that to me, because she knows she’s going to have a fun night.

  • Janek

    You simplify again. Agreed, that European kings borrow the money, but they borrowed from the same money lenders in their own countries or in Venice. The money lenders were bound to make huge profits, but sometimes the kings had some remains of conscience, or may be not, and if they calculated that they could kick out the Jews they did it. For the money lenders being kicked out of the country was part of the risk in the game they played with the kings and when they were kicked out there always was some other greedy king ready to accommodate them. Obviously the profits for the money lenders outweighed the risk and the game was played again and again for hundreds of years because if not the precedence would not continue, simple like that. Today blaming all people in all countries for antisemitism is outrageous and hypocritical with hypocrisy higher than Himalayas.

  • jlevyellow1

    Steve Smith wrote: “There is no reason to excuse Jewish actions from the same scrutiny and criticism we subject everyone else’s to.”

    That is a bad joke. We just relieved Iran of all responsibility for past, present and future actions and we just blamed Israel for defending itself in Gaza. Iran is responsible for the deaths of hundreds if not thousands of Americans. Level playing field?!

  • Sauelios

    That’s nice, but I’d like to reiterate what the late rebbe Ovadia Yosef said: “‘Goyim have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel”. The rebbe wasn’t outlandish, but the main spiritual leader of Israel, listened by the most important Israeli politicians like Netanyahu.

  • Lion Heart

    Would you condemn Talmud for preaching HATE (for saying goy are cattle)?

    If not why should one be accuse Mein Kempf for preaching HATE…..Mein Kempf is much less venomous

  • Lion Heart

    It is correct to say that GOOD Jews (such as Gideon Levy, Amira Hass, Shulamit Aloni etc) are in minority.

    If GOOD Jews were in majority then there would not have been “anti-semitism”.

    Anti-semitism is product and RESPONSE to Zio-Nazi like you.

  • Wasnt there a study recently about the horrific anti-semitism of the South-Koreans? -scoring similar to Iran in agreeing to the typical jewish stereotypes(apparently noticing difference is anti-Semitic).

    Whom the gods want to make into an advanced hardworking future orientated society will make an anti-Semite in that case.

  • Darryl Harb

    And they cannot forgive Israel for it.

  • Darryl Harb

    More CAPS, please. Otherwise I can’t HEAR you.

  • Lion Heart

    Mahmood Abbas (Palest
    President) gave lot of undertaking—-He did nothing but to lick Zionist
    feet—–there was no attack from West Bank—–

    Did his PEACEFUL action stop
    Israeli from stealing Palestinian land in West Bank??

    infact Palest peaceful actions are being taken as weakness—-and encourages
    Zionist to steal more.

    Zionists only understand the language of FORCE—-overwhelming force.

    Today Zionist give RESPECT to Germany….its because Germany treated them very well during WW2

  • Lion Heart

    My next door neighbor is a Chinese who has converted to Christianity 3 months back and have taken up a Christian name: Kevin Williams…….does his new surname make him relative of Queen Elizabeth??

    Similarly by assuming surnames such as Levy etc…bani Khazar does not become descendant of original Jews that once had colonised the Palestine for a short period and established an apartheid state.

    95% of Israeli Jews can’t trace their ancestry in Palestine or Israel
    back more than two generations while 95% of Palestinians can trace their
    ancestry in Palestine and Israel back dozens of generations and hundreds of

  • Lion Heart

    Israeli “uplifting” measures against Arab includes:

    1. demolition of homes”,
    2. humiliation of natives at checkpoint,
    3. Uprooting of their olive trees
    4. Confiscation of land
    5. Using Gaza children as shooting target

    Your claims is similar to Hitler’s claim that “Third Reich has done more to uplift the cultural and economic level of Jews than any country on earth.”

  • Lion Heart

    What is the difference between Nazi and a Zio-Nazi??

    except that Nazis were humane. Hitler did not ask anyone to kill Jewish children

    while Zio-Nazi kill Palest children….(500+ in Gaza alone July 14)….while their Rabbis justify and ask them to kill Palest babies

    (refer Rabbi Shapira’s : King Torah)

  • Lion Heart

    Looks like Israeli fate will be decided with a breeding competition between Arabs and Haredi Jews !!!

  • Lion Heart

    when you talked about “self serving”…you reminded me of Jews.

    Jews INVENTED a god named YHWH—and words were put in his mouth to declare Jews as “chosen race” !!

    i think that was the excellent example of “self – serving”

  • Lion Heart

    When Israel puts their nukes on the table, they can have a say.

    Until then, Netanyahu is just blowing foul wind.

    oh yes—Zionists have constantly blamed Hitler for defending Germany.

  • Lion Heart

    But you promised us to go back to your hell hole—-but still sticking around??

    and skimming our bank…trading our children’s organs———cursing our President??


  • Lion Heart

    had there been significant Jewish population in Korea or Japan then they would have been hating money lenders too.

    China will never forgive Jews (David Sasoon and party) for their role in Opium exploitation.

    Even in India—Jews did same—They were given asylum by a Hindu King of Malabar. But when Dutch army invaded Malabar,

    Jews supported the INVADING Dutch armies (in 1662)—as usual—betraying their
    hosts ……forgetting all the MERCY and KINDNESS that King of Cochin had
    extended towards them.

    Jews (and invading Dutch) BUTCHERED the king of Cochin —–so there was
    an anti-Jew riot by Indian—–who were DISGUSTED by TREACHEROUS Jews

    so although Jews were few in numbers (in India and China) but nerveless have left big foot-print.

    Hitler said “Whom God wants to gas, He first makes an anti-German”

  • jlevyellow1

    You must be moving on toward your 8th decade of life. All you do is repeat the same thing. Your pollute intellectual endeavor by being unable to argue your points. Do you know your IQ?

  • jlevyellow1

    I spent my working life as a psychologist, my wife as a textile designer. My children are in law, engineering and education. One of my grandparents was American-born. The others arrived here in the late 1800s. We have never made loans to anyone except our children, but we are your victims. That is the problem with your arguments. You are a bigot.

  • v. jabotinsky

    I’m a tal-mud scholar, so behave.

  • Jack Temujin

    Jews are not Semitic people like the Arabs. Jews are actually Slavs and Gypsies.

  • Jack Temujin

    Israel passed stolen US military secrets to China in order to appease them. India is a country that is surrounded by enemies, just like Israel and Japan, and they are desperately seeking allies. All three of you, plus US and UK will end up with the same gloomy fate.

  • Janek

    What are you writing about. I was not writing about you, just to remind you about the subject of discussion in case you forgot. You are not mine victim, but your own and bigots like you.

  • Bianca

    I do not wish to comment on — what I came to expect from Goldman — the idealized version of one’s own culture and thus — self.
    Let me just add that Jews are no different then others when it comes to causing human misery, cruelty to others, putting profit above human life. As we are talking about Mediterranean basin, Black Sea is just around the corner. And in that part of the world, Jewish kings and elite that ruled over Khazar empire, for centuries was leader in Slavic slave trade. Crimea was the unfortunate place where many ports were the last thing millions saw before being sold to galleys, or to far away owners in the Middle East and Europe. Karl the Great was known for granting Jews license to sell slaves, and periodically revoking them, to get more money. The end of Khazar empire did not end the practice. Jews that plied the trade along Silk Road, also traded Slavic slaves, along with any other victims along the way. In spite of the profitability of Silk Road, slaves were still most lucrative. The slave trade was disrupted following Mongol invasion, but shortly thereafter, as Tatars established the rule over Crimea, Jewish slave merchants were more present then ever. In fact, they had special privileges due to some services they presumably rendered to a wife of a ruler. The trade in Slavic slaves was not quantified until Ottoman empire crushed Byzantium. At that time, in order to facilitate sale of slaves, both Venice and Genoa established their ports in Crimea, so they can get slaves chained immediately to their galleys. Most of the victims were Russians, Ukrainians, but also Greeks, Moldovans, Bulgarians, and to lesser extent Polish. The process was practically on industrial scale. Tatars were the hunters. They had elaborate techniques for hunting — called “steppe harvest”. The entire villages were caught — often tens of thousands were tied by rope to a long pole, and then had to walk as the horsemen pulled the pole. Jewish traders paid a portion of money to the Tatar noblemen, and percentage to the hunters. In Crimea at the time, no Tatar or Jewish people engaged in agriculture or other menial work — that was all done by slaves. Old people were not good for sale, but they were given for small sums to local noblemen, so that their children would then practice hunting and killing people. I would not give details, Goldman-style, as you can well imagine what kind of depredations were visited upon the young girls or boys. Others were good for work or galleys. As the raw data is not available, with the exception of sales to galleys, this limited data proves that in the course of two centuries over 2 million people were sold. Again, the numbers sold to Arab world and Ottoman empire are not known. Cossaks formed bands of people to defend the villages, and that made it harder to raid. But many raiding “trails” were well known. Much of the wealth earned in slave trade Jewish merchants deposited in growing Italian cities, such as Venice and Genoa. Modern banking is established actually on the business of storing vast quantities of gold, and subsequent lending. As the Russian state in Kiev collapsed under the Mongol pressure, and later even Moscow, where they retreated, was sacked by Tatars — there was no authority to help agricultural population of the region. They were left at the mercy of raiders. In fact, the very name SLAVE came from the victims — the Slavs. It first was used in France, that was the westernmost point of Silk Road. It then was taken into English language. Many words in English and other languages that described undesirable behavior was associated with those unsightly slaves, such as word slovenly. The hunt on slaves was put to an end when Russia liberated all of its territories formerly taken by Mongols and Tatars. When Crimea’s Tatar vassal to the Ottoman Empire lost to Catherine the Great, at the tail end of eighteen century, that ended slave trade. From that time, the animosity towards Jews lingered, and was expressed in many subtle and not so subtle ways. Every now and then, it resulted in violence. Many Russians and Ukrainians until today can tell you the names of Jewish families that made fortunes in slave trade.
    It does not help to be insensitive to the issue, and it does not help to pretend it never happened. Examples of insensitivity abound. During World War II, Tatars sided with Germans — history of collaboration was not Stalin’s invention. When Stalin relocated Tatars — there was an understandable outcry over the inhumanity, and many a famous poems were penned describing the pain of forcibly removed people. But — even today — check Wikipedia, when talking of Cossak’s songs that talked of the pain of slaves, as the last they saw was usually the shores of Feodosia, as they departed into slavery — the author concludes that “such songs only perpetuate the hate of Tatars that goes way beyond the military and political objective. ” Mind you, for millions of sold Russians and Ukrainians — songs are only songs of hate, but for relocated Tatars, those were songs of pain and suffering. We are still taught history as suits Western political sensibilities. Everything else is to be banished. And if it ever raises its ugly head — we are shocked and surprised. Nobody talks about these centuries of profit and wealth built upon human misery and utter depravity of those that saw nothing wrong with it. But it is a bit rich when Goldman indulges in all sorts of generalizations of other people — such as Greeks, but will have the fit of the damned, when any part of the history not flattering to Jewish people — is mentioned. He needs to be reminded occasionally that there is no generalization — that Greeks, or Jews or Russians, as just as diverse as we all are. And claiming that we know something about their collective inner soul — is dangerous stereotyping.
    The worst thing in our history is not to deal with the past. It is important not to pretend that some people are great, others — like Greeks, are — well, destined to the trash bin of history. There are no great nations or lesser nations. We are just people. And given a chance to profit — temptations will lead many down the path of darkness.

  • Bianca

    This point is still being argued. Some go as far as calling anti-Semitic claims that Jews of Khazarian descent are majority of modern Jewry. The confusion in any historic argument usually starts with someone having a theory and then facts that fit are good, the rest is usually ignored. In the case of Khazar rule, often is mentioned that the people were of Turkic ethnic origin. Yet, this does not correspond with the latest understanding of the spread of Indo-European, and Slavic languages being the epicenter of the dispersion in the region. Because the term “Slavic” is of recent origin, the tribes of that region were speakers of early Slavic or any other dialect of proto-Slavic Indo-European language. Look at today’s Balkans. The whole idea of calling it “South Slavic” is absurd, because the region — especially further to the east and south — speaks the language that is definitively older then any other Slavic group, In fact, similarities to Sanskrit are profound. The idea that the region Khazars ruled was somehow populated by people that were not Slavs — whatever language version they spoke at the time — is rather far fetched. While there are really interesting ways in which Slavic and Turkic languages are linked, it is not likely that at the time Turkic population would have been dominant.
    Khazar rulers and aristocracy were the first ones in history to decide to go back to the Jewish land in the Middle East. The attempt did not succeed, but it is interesting that it happened at all. If the population was not of Semitic descent, then they would hardly been drawn to the “ancestral lands”. I could be wrong — the idea of return may have been based solely on the adhearance to the faith.

  • jlevyellow1

    See, that’s your problem. You don’t know me, but I am a bigot. When does irrationality become so extreme that anyone can recognize it?

  • jlevyellow1

    Hitler killed children because they were Jews. He killed defenseless men and women because they were Jews. He killed strangers because of group membership. He defended Germany?! You need beheading!

  • jlevyellow1

    You sure do need your hate. Who would you be without it? Go pick on an ISIS member.

  • Janek

    You are not only bigot you have Alzheimer’s too. You do not remember what you write in your posts.

  • Lion Heart

    Yes—majority of them are decendant of Bani Khazar, a tribe that converted to Judaism in approx 800ad

  • Lion Heart

    That is what Druze of Sham Al Majd did——they pick on the Israeli army’s AMBULANCE and found ISIS members within IDF ambulance (refer to Ynetnews dated 21 June 15)

    i believe it was Al Nusra members—-but there is hardly any difference between ISIS and Al Nusra..

    Thanks to Israel for providing FREE AMBULANCE service to Al Qaida affiliates

  • Lion Heart

    I believe Germany’s actions have been purely defensive in nature.

    If you attack me, I will attack you back with double or triple force.

    That’s how it is and that’s how it should be.

    If those hopeless retard Jewish terrorists did not like being killed by Nazis, they

    should have stopped their terror against Germany such as:

    1. Bombing and arson attacks on
    Trains, Hotels and Cinema by Jewish organisation (NVM of Sally Dormits in
    1941-42, Netherlands)

    2. Murdering of civilian leaders (for example Wilhelm Gustloff)

    3. Murdering of Diplomats (for ex
    Ernst Vom Rath)

    4. Bombing of exhibition centre (in Berlin’s Lustgarten bombing 1942).

    Jews should thank the Hitler on hands and knees for not simply slaughtering
    the lot of them

  • Lion Heart

    We are not against GOOD Jews..such as Gideon Levy, Amira Hass, Shulamit Aloni etc…….they are just like prophets of current world

    we are not against followers of Neutri Karta—those are blessed people who wants peace.

    we are only against those Jews who are INCITING war and HATE such as Yehuda Glick, Netanyahu etc.

    we are not against Jews—-we are against COLONISATION, APARTHEID and RACISM

  • Lion Heart

    Your claim that “we have not been to Israel” so we should not pass comment about Israel —–is a ridiculous.
    its like:
    You can not talk about Holocaust because you have not been to Gas Chambers !!

    There is no need to go to Israel……..we can watch on TV —-Zionists killing Palestinian children and demolishing Palest homes

  • Lion Heart

    No one hate GOOD Jews such as Gideon Levy and Amira Hass

    People HATE Israeli RACISM, Colonization and apartheid.

    If you support those Zionist thugs such as Naftali Benett, Yehud Glick and Netanyahu…then dont expect us to love you.!!!

    Stop sucking blood of Palestinain children and stop racism against goy….and you will be loved……..just like we love Amira Hass and Gideon Levy.

    is it an irrational demand??

  • Iro Chrysanthakopoulou

    the NEW generations of greeks are very different Mr Goldman. One could argue there is much more than a generation gap, there is a Cultural gap between my generation and the previous one.greeks and israelys have a lot in common and whenever they meet they have find common ground. I am very hopeful for the future.

  • davidpgoldman

    It’s always a conspiracy, isn’t it? China hasn’t gotten any military tech from Israel since Paul Wolfowitz cracked down on them more than a dozen years ago. The Chinese admire success and try to emulate it, and they view the Jews (and Israel in particular) as an exemplar of success. Soon-to-be-extinct losers envy success and national longevity, and hate the Jews. Jew-hatred is a leper’s bell that announces the presence of those condemned to disappear from the world and leave no memory behind them.

  • mijikai

    Culturally, intellectually, economically I’m jealous of Jews because they are vastly more accomplished than my own people. Religiously, they’re capable of being just as slapstick as any other cult.

    Of course, Jews have historically suffered targeted and organized malevolence. My own people have only had to worry about sheer bad luck.

  • Carlos Echarri

    Mr Goldman, what do you think of Kabala? I prefer the book of splendour, the Zohar to Talmud. It puts togheter Christinanity, Judaism and Islam. And of course it is greek, like all the neoplatonist religions, like that of Filo of Alexandria. Greek gods were a pathetic frige of greek culture. The most important part of their heredity was philosophy, and philosophic religion.

  • AaronL

    You’re right , there actually are “Elders of Zion”. We actually are going to take over the world and Spengler is an agent of ZOG who’s job is to cause all you brain-dread anti-Semites to identify yourselves and you fell for it , which just goes to prove how stupid you are.
    We have your real names now and your addresses and the flying saucers from Area 51 (which is financed and populated by our people) will be landing in your backyards to pick you up. Leonard Nimoy (who is still alive and is Jewish) will take control of you by way of the Vulcan mind meld ( an ancient Kabbalistic mind control method)
    What a bunch of pathetic losers you are.
    Good work Agent Spengler and Shabbat Shalom.

  • timrawlinstantrum

    Spengler has always been about the most biased and hate-spouting ‘journalist’ I have ever seen. The response by Steve Smith was clean and well done. I wish Spengler would bend a knee sometimes and admit to some fallibility. He writes from the spleen too much.

  • jlevyellow1

    You and your type are a major cause of Zionism.

  • AaronL

    Poor pathetic wanker. Try being a winner instead of a loser. It’ll be a new and refreshing experience for you. Watch out for the flying saucers.

  • jlevyellow1

    Support your argument!

  • Lion Heart

    You can not talk about Holocaust because you have not been to Gas Chambers !!

    We read Zionists like David Goldman spewing hate—–so we hate Zionists

    We read good Jews like Gideon Levy talk about peace —so we love Good Jews like him

    We watch Israeli army killing Palest children—so we hate Israeli army

    We watch Good Jews like Amira Hass standing up and defending right of Palest children —so we love good Jews like her

    No one hates Jews
    We hate Israeli colonisation, racism and apartheid

  • Lion Heart

    Stop projecting your own religion’s shortcomings onto me.

    Judaism taught violence (Deut 20:13-17) and rape (NUM31:17-35) and terror (Joshua
    10:28- 43) —3000 year before I was even born.

    We are responding after 3000 years, tolerating your supremacist ideology.

  • Lion Heart

    Yes—-its fact….there will always be FEW neighbours, who would not like you.

    but if NOT a single neighbour likes you then you need retrospection.

    in that case you should ask atleast few neighbours why don;t they like you….

    and once they give you a frank advise—-dont call them “anti-semitic”

  • davidpgoldman

    Excuse me, Janek: Is it the Jews’ fault that Hungary has a non-Roma fertility rate of 0.83? Or that the rest of Eastern Europe has a TFR barely above 1? There’s an old joke: “Why do Jewish men die before their wives? Because they want to.” That’s my thesis about the extinction of nations: They die out because they want to. Stop having children and your language eventually will become extinct. Just because we like life, and have lots of children (3 per female in Israel), and have been around for 3,500 years, is it OUR fault that other peoples want to disappear? Why should it make you feel better if we disappeared along with you?

  • davidpgoldman

    You’re a paranoid loonie. Who is “organized Jewry?” The observant community NEVER backed the left, old or new. Some of our heretics and apostates (like Karl Marx) became utopian millenarians, regrettably. The Jews didn’t “dispossess” the Arabs; they bought land, drained swamps, made it suitable for cultivation and prompted a massive influx of Arab economic immigrants. The League of Nations voted for a Jewish homeland and the United Nations voted for partition in 1947, with, I might add, the support of the Soviet Union. The Arabs always had the option of a peaceful, two-state solution and have rejected it every time.

  • davidpgoldman

    Except, Nomzta, we’ve outlived most of the nations that kicked us out. And we are flourishing in the world’s most successful nation, the United States of America. Which soon-to-be-extinct failed culture do you come from?

  • davidpgoldman

    The Greeks are smart, but they have a death wish, which will be fulfilled soon enough. It’s not the Jews’ fault that they are destroying themselves. Explain how it is that Israel went from a miserably poor country in 1947 to a tech superpower with $300 billion GDP while its neighbors languish in backwardness. You’re just jealous. You’re a failure, and you’re looking for someone else to blame.

  • davidpgoldman

    What a tragedy…there’s no way Hitler could have lost that war if only he had had the Jews on his side! Seriously, folks, read Andrew Roberts’ “The Storm of War,” especially the last chapter: Hitler lost the war because he was a loonie, just like some of the poster on this page. May God always send us enemies of the mental level of Lion Breath!

  • davidpgoldman

    That is quite unfair; usually the Israeli authorities get in the middle of disputes between the Catholics and Orthodox over ownership of holy sites, and end up annoying both of them. That said, the Israelis could do a better job in interfaith relations.

  • Lion Heart

    Hitler’s army had 160,000 Jews.
    (refer to Bryan Rigg’s : Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers)

  • Shep

    the jews of Israel stole all of their money from the USA, without the consent of its people.

    America is waking up though, and soon the ZionCons that own everything will be deported to an African Desert where they belong.

    And by the way, the Palestinians are the real Semites, not fake Eastern European jews like you.

  • Lion Heart

    Why does EVERYONE hate you?
    Why does EVERYONE love Gideon Levy?

    People dont hate Jews——People hate Israeli RACISM, COLONIALISM & APARTHEID

    based on your theory….fate of holy land will be decided by breeding competition between Haredi and Arabs !!

    (note: Although birth rates go up and down based on political, social, and other environmental factors———for example those AshkeNAZI who had 1% population growth rate in Europe now have 3% in Israel)

  • davidpgoldman

    Greek armies were founded on homosexual bonding, in particular the Spartans (notoriously) and the Thebans (the “Sacred Band” was composed of gay couples). There is no contradiction between my analysis of Greek narcissism and the observation that Greek religion fostered a warrior cult. There are some Jews who disparage Gentiles. They are not part of normative tradition (Maimonides rejects the notion of specially Jewish souls, for example), and I don’t agree with them. On the other hand, there are Gentiles who make themselves look like evil clowns, well represented on this discussion.

  • davidpgoldman

    Remember that the period 2100-2000 B.C.E. is known by archaeologists as “the catastrophe,” in which every city in the Eastern Mediterranean was destroyed, from Mycenae to Troy. Everyone was invading everyone else, and burning everyone else’s cities.

  • davidpgoldman

    So now you want to tell US how to make a living? Look at all the web traffic I generate!

  • davidpgoldman

    Shabbat Shalom, Agent AaronL. We are succeeding in our Grand Conspiracy to spread paranoia among our enemies.

  • davidpgoldman

    Mr. Chrysanthakoloupou, may it be as you describe! As I said, Greeks are among the world’s most talented people, and I hope for a better future for the Greeks.

  • davidpgoldman

    I am not going by generalizations, but by opinion polls. As for the Khazar story: the peak of Khazar trade was in the 9th century C.E. (see Thomas S. Noonan); by the 10th century, it had fallen by 80%. If indeed the Khazar kingdom was converted to Judaism of some kind (and that remains controversial), the conversion occurred in the late 10th century C.E., long after the slave (and other trade) had collapsed.

  • edlancey

    If only the supposed jew-hatred of the Greeks had extended to Goldman Sachs then Greece would be in a far better state today.

  • Lion Heart

    so it must be like 1930s

    when everyone was invading everyone else…….during WW2 Jews and Germans killed each others——–more Jews got killed because Germans are efficient in everything including killing

    now stop whining about Holocaust

  • Bianca

    Or roots of hate can be by far more pedestrian. The fact that you find their religion offensive, tells me of your intolerant views. One can say whatever one wants of any religion, including Orthodox Christianity, but it is undeniable that their religion was one of the key reasons for surviving Ottoman devastation of Constantinople, and hundreds of years of fairly brutal occupation. Roots of hate are interwoven with human experience. And it is not always that victims or perceived victims hated their victimizers. It is often the reverse: victimizers, being always mindful of the crimes they committed, perpetually hate and disparage their victims as means of justifying what they did.
    Ottoman Empire and WWI are not that far away from human memory as we would like to think. And during Ottoman rule, Jewish population had privileges Christians did not. That is not to say that they — as a majority — were wealthy, or influential. Far from it. But they were able to engage in trade and many other activities that were forbidden to Christian masses, or as Turks call them — raya. However, it was not possible to NOT SEE the wealth that some in Jewish community amassed from slave trade throughout Ottoman Empire. In fact, sale of Slavic and other Orthodox Christians was booming before Russian Empire freed up Russians and Ukrainians by crushing Ottoman vassal, Crimean Tatar Kanate. So, much so, that — even though reliable numbers are impossible to determine, documentation show at least two million Slavic slaves were sold in just two year period. Because Slavic slave trade is not a “politically correct” history topic, the story found its way into songs of Cossaks that fought Tatar slave raiders, and the songs of slaves themselves.
    As Russian nineteen and twentieth century histories were replete with Western attempts to annihilate inferior (slave-quality) population and conquer the land — from Napoleon to WWI, and Western-imported first color revolution — Soviet Red State, and finally Hitler’s Third Reich — there was no stability and reflection in Russian lands. . And that means, no ability to digest the dark history of slavery, that gave the name to this disgusting institution in the West. Slavs — the slaves.
    In fact, Jewish traders in ports of Tatar-ruled Crimea, of which Feodosia traders were the most notorious, were just the first link in the chain of slave resale — again conducted by Jewish merchants throughout Middle East and even Europe. These historic facts became part of collective memory. Because these memories are not part of any official history, they remain in collective psyche — and get then reinforced by contemporary events. None of this is preventing Greek military today to sign partnership deal with state of Israel. How people feel rarely matters. But had it not been for Spengler’s creative analysis of Greek people’s psyche, we would not be talking about it. If we are just capable of talking about real experiences of real people — we would not be getting into such ideological debates. But because some topics are taboo,

  • Janek

    I do not know if that is the Jews’ fault and I do not want to generalize, but something is going there. In my opinion the problem has in general its roots in the economic system that was stupidly introduced. Certainly it has something to do with the globalization, neoliberal economic model and transferring of assets. The problem you write about is not only specific to Eastern Europe but it applies to the whole so called West and I think in general to all civilizations past and present. Low birth rate has certainly a lot to do with the left and leftist ideology, pill, Hollywood, economy and economic model, technology and mindless consumption. Family and children are possible only if many conditions are satisfied. When two people have to work, sometimes at more than one job, and still can not have enough money to pay all the bills it for sure has economic foundation. In general after after WW2 West made a lot of mistakes believing that technology and stupid and mindless consumption will solve all the problems etc. Neoliberal system in general is regression of civilization and made people slaves, the results are obvious so you can brag about them. Do not worry West will not die and will not fade away. Will that make you feel better I do not know but hope it will.

  • Bianca

    With this kind of thinking I would HATE you get into any position of power. Humanity is alien to you, and any emotions — other then the ones affecting your own rear end, are for losers.
    No justice, no peace. And the arrogant always get their comeuppance.

  • davidpgoldman

    It’s not the end of the West, Janek: It’s just the end of you. Asia changed the world, not “neoliberal ideology.” There are three billion people in Asia who were locked out of the world economy a generation ago, and since then have become active competitors. It’s the Chinese, Koreans, Indians, and so forth that have overturned the old economic order — and there aren’t any Jews there. There’s nothing neoliberal about the Asians, for that matter.

  • Bianca

    Did you notice that India and Pakistan have moved up the ranks of Shanghai Cooperation Organization — having had enough of the friendly western divide et impera, to keep them from developing. Becoming permanent members means alliance with China and Russia. It means supporting Iran’s efforts to prove to the world that science is not reserved for some, to be denied to others. It is very positive that China, India, Russia and many other countries have good relationship with Israel — in spite of challenges and disagreements. But they are also having good relationship with Iran, and have helped actively with resolving the issues of mistrust between West and Iran. In addition to Russia, China has just announced a new deal on building nuclear power plants in Iran.
    But Israel — armed by nuclear weapons, is still not satisfied with progress and trust building with Iran. Israel seems isolated. I have no illusions — in a day or so, somebody in US may want to bomb Iran. And in Iran — predictably, they will respond by the rhetoric of their own. At present, everyone is nice to Israel — Greece is signing a military deal, Turkey has found a way to bridge the gap, everybody is being very nice.
    It is easy to be nice these days. Israel is doing everything possible to damage itself. Today, it can only be consoled by the equally miffed Saudi Kingdom. A friendship with a backward nation in every respect. Good luck.

  • davidpgoldman

    Yes, American stupidity in Ukraine brought Russia and China together. That’s probably not a bad thing, because in a Russian-Chinese alliance, China will be the senior partner and moderate Russia’s propensity to make trouble. As for science: the world is crawling with top-notch Iranian scientists, except very few of them are in Iran–so few, in fact, that killing a handful of the nuclear scientists constitutes a major setback to the nuclear program. Iran has the world’s biggest brain drain. It has one of the best schools for electrical engineering in the world (Sharif University) but loses the vast majority of its top graduates. It has a huge student population but the data suggest that the quality of most of its eduation is quite low. When the disgusting theocratic regime falls, as eventually it must, Iran will be able to draw on the huge talents of its diaspora. If Iran pursues its silly imperial ambitions, eventually China and Russia may smack it down (China is Saudi Arabia’s biggest oil buyer and does not want trouble). That may be difficult once Iran obtains nuclear weapons, and I think the Chinese are making a mistake by taking the risk that Iran may acquire them. Iran’s bigger problem is demographic: in 2010 it had 18 million peple aged 15-24, and this will fall to fewer than 12 million by 2020. It is aging faster than any country in the known history of the world. If Iran can be contained for 20 years, it will be well behaved. No-one goes to the barricades in adult diapers.

  • Carlos Echarri

    It is not to be spared the fact of the zoroastrian revival in Iran. more and more youths are looking back with hope to one of the oldest and richest tradition in what human rights mean. The Ghatas of Zaratushtra are a jewel of poetry and beauty. It is said, by alternative sources, that without the opresive ayatollah regime Iran´s zoroastrians would rise up to 20 to 30 millions. As a general fact I think that a way back to roots is good for the region. Iran sufered two devastating arab muslim invasions, the last one in 1979, a cultural blast to persian civilisation. And I hope that the region gets back to other minoritarian cultures that have been in danger due to agresive arab nationalism, like aramaic, chaldean, persian, and of course hebrew. I have the resurgence of hebrew as a culture, political, scientific, and media language, after two thousands years of lack, as one of the most noticeable events of twenty century. I write from basque country, and we have a language more or less five thousand years old, and I think hebrew is a model for us.

  • Janek

    No, it is not the end of me. Chinese were not locked out in the sense you think they were. They were locked out because of the communist system that was imposed upon them. Neoliberal economic model, fullishly introduced in the West, locked the West out and open the East thanks to the all types of exploitation possible there etc.. There was a lot of money to be made producing in the East and selling in the West, the profits were enormous. This practice is coming to the end and the West will have to reform itself no matter if you want it or not or even if you like it or not. The new thinking is coming in the West and it is unstoppable. True, the rise of the East was spectacular, but as they say ‘what comes up must come down’. What you experiencing and barging about is only temporary high, sorry about that. Just calm down and wait a bit it is written all over the walls in Globalistan.

  • Darryl Harb

    Huh? I concede that humanity is alien to me, and that my rule would be a tyranny. (Like I always say: Absolute power corrupts absolutely, or what’s the point?) But my comment about the plight of the underdog is an observation, not a judgement. And I’m sorry to inform you that peace has often been achieved without justice, indeed while steamrolling right over it; and that in this sorry world, the arrogant often thrive indefinitely.

  • Darryl Harb

    “Glad I lived to see this epochal moment in history.” I would have been happy to miss it. The fan is still spinning, and there’s plenty of kak left to hit it.

  • Darryl Harb

    As an honorary Member of the Tribe (so identified by combox mouth-breathers) do you think I could have a heads-up on some of the secret conspiracy objectives?

  • davidpgoldman

    It’s very hard to get data on religious trends in Iran. We don’t know much about mosque attendance, for example, let alone Zoroastrianism. I can’t judge its prospects. Basque fertility, by the way, reportedly is lower than in Spain or France. Why would that be the case?

  • Janek

    Just to add to my previous post.

    Of course the Chinese, Indians, Korean etc. do not have to have neoliberal system: as a matter of fact they are feudo-oligarchic societies. The wealth that the Chinese, Indian, Korean and in general East Asia and Meddle East accumulated is the wealth diverted from the West thanks to the neoliberal racket perpetuated, in the West, by Chicago Boys school of economics and stupid and corrupted politicians like Reagan, Thatcher, G.W. Bush, B.Clinton and others and today by all brain dead politicians in the West including both parties: Democrats an Republicans in USA. The Chinese, Koreans, Indians, and so forth did not overturned the old economic order: the neoliberal racket did it. The general Chinese, Indian, Koreans etc. are as poor as before and are given only just enough to consume: nothing more but rather less. Changes in the West are coming and what is needed is the change of the ‘suits’ of brain dead politicians that rule, rather misrule polity and economy, in the West. Do not worry Mr. Goldman (Spengler) all will be OK and nobody is going anywhere and your high will pass sooner than you expect so do not be to excited, it could be bad for your general well being and self confidence.

  • Janek

    Go, jump of the bridge.

  • James Jerome

    davidgoldman you know its over, a major paradigm shift in History is taking place with the rise of the Persian Empire and the fall of the west and it does not bode well for the chosen people, just look at the state the US economy is in now, you can’t lie about the facts, the rest of the world knows what has happened to the US economy and they know why, its in the same state that Germany was in after the end of WWI, and for the same reason by the same people. Why are you wasting your time trying to put a professional spin on their plight using lies and propaganda, it’s over and by this time next year you will have no choice but to face reality.

  • Lion Heart

    The Zionist narrative is a thin
    tissue of lies and pernicious half-truths.

    Ownership of land in Palestine, Share of
    Palestinian Arabs and Jews as of April 1st, 1943 (British colonial record):

    Palestinians Land Ownership : 24,670,455
    Dunums (1000 sq. meters) that is 94.22%

    Jew Land Ownership : 1,514,247 Dunums

    Israel forced one million Christian
    and Muslim men, women and children from their homes and lands and into refugee
    camps at the point of a gun, executing civilians who couldn’t or wouldn’t flee and raping women.

    Ashkenazi theifs are not even ready to return to 1967 borders….Saudi peace initiative is still on the table……..but Zionists wants MORE and MORE land………Netanyahu promised that if he is elected there will be no Palestinain state (refer Haaretz 16 March 2015).

    Why do you LIE to that extent?? Martin Luther gave the reasoning 470 years ago:

    they (Jews) stand as a terrifying example of God’s wrath..Alas, it cannot be
    anything but the terrible wrath of God which permits anyone to sink into such
    abysmal, devilish, hellish, insane baseness, envy, and arrogance—

    —-compelling them to LIE so monstrously, in violation of their own conscience

  • Lion Heart

    You did not generate web traffic—-you have proved what a Zionists stands for : Racism, apartheid and colonisation.

    Your writing have proved that its people like you who are responsible for “anti-semitism”.

    You have proved that there is no difference between a Nazi and a Zionists.

  • Lion Heart

    1. Ashkenazi Jews came from KHAZAR

    2. They have nothing to do with those blood-sucking Jews who had once colonised
    the Palestine for a short period (970 bc- 722BC).

    3. Before WW1, Mizrahi Jews ruled Palestine for approx. 250 years—Christians rule for approx. 600 years and Muslims rule approx. 1100 years.

    4. So in a long history of Palestine….Mizrahi Jewish rule was for a short duration—why should be Jewish rule over Palestine be given some importance?

    Mizrahi jew should be settled in a RESERVE in Ur (iraq); it is where these wondering Mizrahi Jew came from—-

    and Ashkenazi Jews should be sent back to their homes in Poland, Germany and Russia.

  • Lion Heart

    David Goldman —you have simply vindicated with your HATE filled articles that so called “anti-semitism” is product of “Jewish supremacy attitude”.

  • Lion Heart

    Your response is similar to Hitler’s protestation:

    “Usually the Nazi authorities at Auschwitz get in the middle of disputes between the Jewish guards and Jewish terrorists over maintaining hygienic conditions at camps, and end up annoying both of them.”

    You have always carefully avoided to address Israeli RACISM, APARTHEID, Colonisation—-and Israeli state providing FREE AMBULANCE service to Al Nusra terrorists (refer Ynetnew 22 June 15)

  • Lion Heart

    So here you go..
    Ranting of Goldman shifted from Greece to Iran…….so smoothly:

    1. He condones killing of Iranian nuclear scientists……if someone proposes killing of Netanyahu and similar type Zionist scums…..he would whine about “terrorism”———–David does not realise that such type of Jewish terrorism against German civilians resulted in Holocaust.

    2. David accuse Iran of “imperial ambition”…although Iran has not invaded any country in last 200+ years while Israel has invaded all its neigbours —-infact at every two year they kill Children in Gaza to quench their blood thirst

  • Lion Heart

    What a silly joke—-Hebrew 5000 years old !!

    Hebrew is no more than 3000 years old.
    And it was dead for last 2000 years—-and was revived back in 1948.

    Possibly Sanskrit is the oldest langauge while Greek, Arab are only two languages that have been in use for last 3000 years……….without needing any revival

  • Bianca

    I do believe your information correct.
    I will then provide more historic detail to make my essential point — that there is no special, superior group of people, divinely ordained to be always right and moral, and endowed with super human intelligence. Jewish people — like many others — are just as guilty of causing human misery, just as ready to engage in advancing themselves while horribly harming others. Just as unwilling to talk about it, to admit it. The Greeks, after all have their own memories of the days when they had no rights in Ottoman Empire, while Jews were privileged class getting wealthy engaging in the most profitable and most reprehensible of all trades — trades of human flesh.

    Based on historic records, I would like to correct your dismissal of the Khazar “story”. So, let’s talk history.

    Also, I am aware of the nature of inter-Jewish debate on the Jewishness of Khazar Khaganate, but this is not relevant at all to my broader point.
    My focus is on the long tradition of Jewish Slavic slave trade along the shores of Black Sea and Crimean Peninsula that stretched from at least early Medieval period until 1778. .

    But I will start with the known — Khazar Khaganate developed lucrative income from taxing international trade given its control of trade routes, and was one of the two great furnishers of Slavic slaves to Muslim markets — the other being Samanid Amirs. It is the profits of the Slavic slave trade that enabled them to maintain a standard army of Khvarezm Muslim troups. It was founded approximately 100 years prior to the fall of Turkic Khaganate in 744,, and absorbed most of its territory.
    I do not agree with you that by the time the conversion to Judeism occurred — the slave trade was already wound down. We do not really know when the conversion occurred, or even if the conversion was part of Khazaria expanding into the remnants of Turkic Khaganate — and thus conversion of the newcomers. That still does not diminish the role of Khazaria in slave trade throughout Europe and Eurasia, nor does it explain the fact that Jewish merchants continued to ply the same slave trade — , along Silk Road, and under the protection of Tatars and Ottoman Empire. Khazaria may have disappeared as political entity, but Jewish people did not — neither did the Slavic slave trade they managed for centuries.

    Let me spent little time on Khazarian Khaganate. Just to erase the notion that this is some spurious historic vignette, nothing more then a story. Because it is historically very richly documented. The data indicates that the ruling royalty and the aristocracy practiced Judaism, but the questions remain about the date and the nature of conversion. In fact, the data may indicate that Khazars were Jewish, but the Khaganate incorporated many other peoples — mostly Slavic farmers. Following the fall of Turkic Khaganate some Turkic elite underwent conversion — which may explain the confusion about Jewish ethnic community vs. other ethnic groups within the expanded Khaganate. Rulers were sensitive on the issues of religious diversity, an example is a courts of settlement in cases of trade disputes. There were two judges from each faith — Judaism, Christianity and Islam, as well as one for Slavic pagans. Some posit a theory that once stronger Turkic Khaganate had ruled Khazars, and appointed their rulers, but following the demise of Turkic Khaganate it was clear that all the rulers were Jewish — Obadiah, Zachariah, Mannaseh, Benjamin, Aron, Joseph, David. These are theories. But the only proven fact is — Khazar Khaganate was led by elite that practiced Judaism.

    For some three centuries Khazaria became mighly trading emporia of medieal world, , stretching from the western edges of the Silk Road, a crossroads between China, Middle East and Kievan Rus, controlling Caucasus, and the trade routes into Europe. Known are agreements between Carl the Great and Jewish merchants on licenses for slave trade.

    Khazaria suffered once the alliance with Byzantium was dropped around 900. Indoeuropean tribes,such as Alans, attacked and weakened Khazaria, and the result was strengthening Kievan Rus’ power. Byzantium aspired to convert pagan Slavs to Christianity. By 969 Kievan Rus ruler Sviatoslav I of Kiev conquered the capital
    Atil and destroyed the Khazar state.
    A modern theory, that the core of Ashkenazi Jewry emerged from Khazarian Jewish
    diaspora, is viewed with scepticism by some scholars but occasionally
    supported by others.
    It is also known that Jews from both Islamic world and Byzantium are known to have migrated to Khazaria during periods of persecution under Heraclius, Justinian II, Leo III and Romanus Lakapenos. Jewish communities from Balkans, as well as refugees from Armenia and Bosphoran Crimea migrated to to Khazaria in the wake of persecutions. Various documents make it clear that Judaising reforms sent roots down into population, but the extent of its influence beyond elite is often minimized in scholarship. King Joseph of Khazaria in 10th century asserts that after royal conversion “Israel returned with the people of Khazaria to Judaism in complete repentance”. While Persian historian Ibn al-Faqih wrote that “all Khazars are Jews, but they have been Judaized recently”. It is generally agreed they adopted Rabbinical rather then Qaraite Judaism.
    Khazaria also took interest in the fate of Jews outside Khaganate — namely, retaliating against Muslims for Islamic persecution of Jews abroad. In one instance King of Khazaria destroyed the minaret of a mosque in Atil as revenge for the destruction of synagogue in Dar al-Babunaj. Khazaria was viewed as “a place on earth where harassed Israel can rule itself.”

    Sviatoslav I succeeded in destroying Khazar imperial power in the 960s, and capital Atil fell in 968. Some sources claim that Khazar kingdom did not completely succumb to Sviatislav’s campaign, but that it lingered until 1224 when Mongols invaded Rus. Many Khazarian Jews left in flight, but many remained and was absorbed in successor Mongol hordes, and their successor, Crimean Khanate.

    The Khazar state was the only Jewish state to rise between
    the Fall of the Second Temple (67-70 CE) and the establishment of Israel
    (1948), and its example stimulated messianic aspirations for a return to
    Israel as early as Judah Halevi. In the time of the Egyptian vizier
    Al-Afdal Shahanshah, one Solomon ben Duji, often identified as a
    Khazarian Jew attempted to stir up a messianic crusade for the liberation
    of, and return of all Jews to, Palestine. He wrote to many Jewish communities
    to enlist support. He eventually moved to Kurdistan where his son Menachem some
    decades later assumed the title of Messiah and, raising an army for this
    purpose, took the fortress of Amadiya north of Mosul. His project was opposed
    by the rabbinical authorities and he was poisoned in his sleep. One theory
    maintains that the Star of David, until then a decorative motif or magical
    emblem, began to assume its national value in late Jewish tradition from its
    earlier symbolic use in Menachem’s crusade.

    The word Khazar, as an ethnonym, was last used in the 13th
    century by a people in the North Caucasus believed to practice Judaism.
    The nature of a hypothetical Khazar diaspora, Jewish or otherwise, is disputed.
    Avraham ibn Daud mentions encountering rabbinical students descended from
    Khazars as far away as Toledo, Spain in the 1160s. Many Khazar mercenaries served in the armies of the Islamic Caliphates and other states. Documents from medieval Constantinople attest to a Khazar community mingled with the Jews, and Khazar merchants were active in both Constantinople and Alexandria in the 12th. century.

    Golden Horde was succeeded by Crimean Khanate, later a vassal state of Ottoman Empire. It lasted from 1449 to 1779. Crimean Tatars that came to power following the break up of Golden Horde, established massive slave trade with Ottoman Empire, exporting millions of slaves from Russia and Ukraine and during its existence, all the way up to the liberation by Russian Catherine the Great in 1783. Ottoman Empire had allies — France, Britain, and Sardinia. Crimean Khanate was the longest-lived of all Turkic khanates that succeeded the empire of the Golden Horde. Jews in Crimea and elsewhere in Europe, were the merchants for the Tatar raids that captured slaves.

    With the exception of period under Kiev Rus, and following the Mongol invasion, slave trade was disrupted, but the region, with the center in Crimea, became the most important center of Slavic slave trade in 16, 17 and 18 centuries.

    It is a fashion in Western history craft to minimize unpleasant details. Two things are minimized to absurdity. One is the fact that Slavic population was the predominant population of the vast steppes of Russia and Ukraine — and it was the source of wealth of many non-Slavic rulers of the region. The real Slavic slave trade traffic will never be ascertained, and only two million have been identified — mostly owing to the sales to Venice galleys. The rest will remain unknown to history. The second popular minimizing technique is to shorten the periods — such as claims that the pinnacle of Slavic slave trade was in 16th and 17th centuries. But we know — for a fact, that there were many more Tatar “harvesting the steppes” campaigns in 18th century as well. Example is the raid in 1769 that resulted in over 20,000 Russian and Ruthanian slaves. This is a good indicator that the markets were still functioning, and merchants still paying raiders for captured slaves.

    The slave trade in captured Ukrainians and Russians was one of the major sources of income of Crimean Tatar and Nogay nobility as well as Jewish merchants that bought them. In the process, known as “harvesting the steppe”, raiding parties would go out and capture, and then enslave local Christian peasants living in the countryside.
    In another, rather amazingly cruel analysis by mostly western scholars, blame the victim became the fashion. Namely, those peasants presumably exposed themselves to danger because they were escaping from serfdom and went into unsafe territory in search of more favorable conditions in presumably EMPTY steppes! Those steppes were never empty. Agriculture took roots in those regions by far earlier then in the West. Agricultural population does not readily migrate. Most political changes, and changing empires did not affect farming. They paid taxes to whatever new rulers, and continued with their lives. The idea that they somehow “came” from somewhere to those steps to be captured as slaves, has not one shred of evidence to back it up.

    Furthermore, songs that entered folklore about slave raids and the fate of victims are often declared in the West as the instruments of hate, as they keep on unfriendly attitudes towards the slave runners — Tatars. To quote, “… Cossack folklore and many dummy [Cossack songs] were written elegizing the victims’ fates. This contributed to a hatred for the Khanate and transcended political or military concerns.”. There, you have it! Even talking or singing about the fate of slaves, brutally captured, killed at whim, and sold as animals — is not allowed according to some — only to the west understood — code of conduct. Slave trade, the fate of natives Russians and Ukrainians — is of no importance. Instead, mythology about Tatar homeland in Crimea, is being taught in schools. While those millions Slavic farmers were just some extras in somebody else’s history of their own soil. They just — came from somewhere. Brilliant.

    To create added confusion — some historians add smoke of different colors, such as claims that the raids went in both directions — that is, Cossacks trying to prevent Tatars from raiding villages, were equally guilty, as they attacked — Tatar! . Hence, the fighting was presumably “in both directions”. Such are the jewels adorning still the halls of science in the West.

    Non-Moslem population lived under the millet system, they had their own religious and judicial institutions. They were subject to extra taxes in exchange for exemption from military service. The slave trade, being the most lucrative branch of economy involved slave hunters and slave merchants. According to many documents Tatars seldom cultivated soil themselves — most land was tilled by Russian, Polish, Ruthenian and Walachian (Moldovan or Romanian) slaves.

    The Jewish population was excepted from the millet system. Crimean law granted them special financial and political rights as a reward, according to local folklore, for historic services rendered to an uluhane (first wife of a Khan). The capitation tax on Jews in Crimea was levied by the office of the uluhane. The main reason for the privilege, however, was the active involvement in slave trade. Slave trade by Jewish merchants was the continuation of the same business taken over from where Khazar Kaganate left it. Only this time the conditions were more favorable. Under the protection of Tatars, and their masters, Ottoman Empire, the trade reached its pinnacle. The privileges of Jewish community were, of course, bought by Slavic slave trade.

    The Crimean Khanate made alliances with Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. That minimized the raids into Polish territory, as well as the Ukrainian territory that was under Polish control.
    Many other jewels of scholarship are to be found in an attempt to make sense of events. For example, it is claimed that the “northern hinterlands of Khanate were coveted by Muscovy for their agricultural productivity, having longer growing seasons than the Muscovy itself”. Huh? And it is not perhaps because it was Russian soil and Russian people that were let there unprotected, having been first occupied by Mongols, then their successors, Tatars. And the very reason Russians moved to Muscovy — was the loss of its capital in Kiev due to Mongol invasion. And that millions of population were left at the tender mercies of slave hunters, and those that sold them to world markets — an easy task in far flung reaches of Ottoman empire.

    For all those interested in the details of Tatar raids, the hundreds of thousands that vanished from their homeland, there are many sources. Good start is Wikipedia. One of the historians, Vasily Klyuchevsky noted how a futile task it was at times trying to protect population from captivity and ruin.
    “To consider how much time, and spiritual and material strength was waster in the monotonous, brutal, toilsome and painful pursuit of these wily steppe predators, one need not ask what people of Eastern Europe were doing while those of the Western Europe advanced in industry, commerce, in civil life and in the arts and sciences.”
    There were three main slave hunting trails: Muravsky Trail, Izyumsky Trail, and Kalmius Trail. All other trails were usually connected to these three.

    The Savinski Trail crossed the Donets, and east of the three main was the Nogai Trail. I am leaving to brave readers to follow up on the details of how the hunts were executed, and the details of slave fate. These are mostly reminders that there is a lots of inhumanity in our presumably human race. And when cultures create the environments in which dehumanizing becomes a norm, what can change the trajectory of predictable cultural debasement.

    The numbers of slave trade will never be determined. The historic records, such as they were, have long since been either lost, destroyed or even falsified to suit the sensibilities of those that did not want to be associated with it. Both Venice and Genoa had served as major port and administrative center in Crimea in 13th and 14th centuries. Convenient place to bring in their galleys, buy slaves from merchants, and chain them to ores. The wealth of Venice was built on slavery — not only because of the cheap source of energy that moved their ships, but because the Jewish merchants — having realized that Byzantium was losing its battles on all sides, moved much of their gold into the safes of Venice. The pandemic of black plague came from slave markets in Crimea to Europe — and it took long time for life to return to normal. However, according to a Spanish traveler Pedro Tafur, who visited Caffa in 1430, and observed that “.. the thriving, culturally diverse city and its thronged slave market have recovered.” How touching! For the millions of Russian slaves, there was nothing beautiful about the “culturally diverse city”, where all cultures united in the pursuit of profit of the sale of human beings!
    In 1615, Zaporozhian Cossacks managed to destroy a Turkish fleet and captured Caffa, and released all men, women and children slaves. But it was short-lived victory. Only after Russian Empire liberated all the Slavic lands, the slave trade ended. Trade continued in Ottoman Empire until WWI and its demise.
    All human beings are given a map by which they navigate in this world — by their parents, ethnic community, schools, religious institutions, state. Not that long time ago, humans were mostly led by maps given to them by their parents and their ethnic community. And herein lies the cautionary tale — what prompted me to think having read Spengler’s knee jerk reaction to an opinion poll in Greece. We need to be aware of the ghosts of the past — and if we are oblivious to them — we will continue the cycle of human tragedy in which there are victims and victimizers, and then they reverse the role, and then again.
    Why is it so hard for Jewish people to accept that at times the perception that people may have about them have been formed by those ancient “road maps” given them by their ancestors? Greeks are still connected to the trauma of Ottoman Empire, and will be, for as long as — for the sake of peace and moving forward — we fail to recognize the accumulated baggage of anger and fear. If it is politically not correct today to rethink and put into perspective Ottoman Empire and the scars it left in the region — not just Greece, it is even less politically correct to talk about the privileged Jewish slave merchants of Khazar Khaganate, Crimean Khanate, Ottoman empire, Venice, Silk Road — that for centuries before Ottomans stepped onto Anatolian plateau, plied the trade selling human flesh. It ought to be in all history books that Slavic people were sold by the millions all over Europe, Middle East and beyond — so much so, that their ethnic designation became the word for the ‘slave” in French and English. And the economy of slavery will have to be reexamined in the light of both wealth creation, as well as economic devastation for the targeted communities. Unlike many historic events — it is the continuity of Slavic slave trade over many centuries that is unique and compares with the Atlantic trade of African slaves. The role of Jewish slave merchants over the centuries in Black Sea slave trade may not be in history books, but it is — I assure you — part of someone’s ancestor’s “road map” to life and survival.
    Those roadmaps, good, bad or just irrelevant in changed times, are still factor that cannot be wished away. We all know — at least I hope so, that today all civilized people value and respect all human beings. Yet, every now and then, I see someone’s “road map” pop up in self-defense. It should not be anti-Semitic to talk about history, and how it affected people — and more importantly, how it has the potential to undermine our FUTURE on this ever shrinking planet. We cannot be selfish as we were before, not childish as we would like to be. We need to listen carefully, and be capable to distinguish between dialog and dictate. Once we start thinking that we can outshout anyone — that dialogue is for the weak — we are on dangerous path to EXTREMISM. Extremism is not just of religious variety. Everyt time we feel that ONLY we are in the possession of truth — and refuse any arguments others bring to the dialog, we morph into extremists. We need no taboos. We need to openly talk about things — even if they stem from ignorance, or even ill will stemming from someone’s “road map” of survival. How on earth are we ever going to bridge the gap — and allow for the FACT that different experience shape and color out perceptions. That nobody is immune — no matter our IQ.
    And it may be helpful that we do not limit our conversation to the “approved” categories of discussion. If we do, we will have such outbursts like Spengler’s hateful slamming of all Greeks, their history, mothers and fathers, their church and wrong ethnicity, name it.
    And in the debate here I noticed a great deal of defensiveness — masked almost as superiority or arrogance — on the part of some Jewish commentators. Bravado does not adequately hide your disquiet — you would prefer to be sheltered and never have to look at anything that falls outside the frame of one’s own cultural self-image. Let’s instead see things as they are. Most comments that are critical — be that state of Israel, or Jewish community — are not hateful, they are information seeking. And sorting out the real concerns from mythology, and our ancestral “road maps” — including ignorance and petty snobbery — is all for the best.

  • Janek

    Bianca, I read all your posts. Really, really commendable. Thank you.

  • Lion Heart

    New generations of greeks will learn from experience—–just like old generation of greeks have learnt.

  • René Martin

    The Greek got screwed by Goldman Sachs, family of yours?

  • Bluhorizons

    I wish the author would edit this article and get to the point, which eludes me.

  • AaronL

    The suppposed connection between Khazars and Jews is nothing but a myth. Let science be your guide.


  • omas bioladen

    I am antisemitic due to the satanist appoach jews take towards live, this world and the people of this world. Jews are sheer evil and must be annihilated.

  • AaronL

    Lion Heart- you are a brain dead idiot
    “No Evidence from Genome-Wide Datad of a Khazar Origin for the Ashkenazi Jews”

    As for your pathetic attempt to falsify history – they resemble the ravings of a paranoid schizophrenic chimpanzee.

    If as you say the Jews colonized Palestine only from 970 B.C.E. until 722 B.C. than who was it that fought the rebellion in 70 C.E. and 135 C.E. against the Romans in Israel.



  • jlevyellow1

    You and your ilk are excellent reasons to support Zionism.

  • Ellen

    Great line, Aimee. I always enjoy your humor.

  • Obamanus

    you sound greek. you plug your sons farthole with your aryan cok

  • Obamanus

    sieg heil. why don’t you fckng jew haters murder the lib scum like soros, immanuel, mikva, ginsberg, kagan, boxer, sanders and so on – instead of lumping all jews – like the good jews that fight scumbags like you and marx, with the demonic leftists that are a small percentage of the non jewish leftist world order. it’s because you are losers and suck austrian sht. put your rothchild money where your gaydolph mouth is or forever hang in Nuremberg.

  • Obamanus

    poor weak roman-palestine-obama-un-homos

  • Obamanus

    epimanis is dead and only remembered because God took him out in a supernatural way. how would you like to go to hades ?

  • Lion Heart

    during 70 C.E. and 135 C.E—–Romans rules over Palestine

    Many nations colonised Palestine —it includes:

    Assyrians (722bc-586 bc)
    Persians (586bc- 334bc),
    Greek (334bc-63BC) and
    Roman/Byazintine (63bc-614AD)
    Sasanid/Iranian (614 AD-629AD)
    Byazantine (629-634AD)
    Muslim rules (634AD-1917)

    todays most Jews are bani khazar (south ukraine). Bani khazar converted to Judaism in 8th century AD. They were numerous. That is why todays Bani Khazar (ashkenazi) look like European. Had (ashkenazi) they been racially pure, they would have looked like Philistini (Mizrahi) Jew

    A latest genetic studies has confirmed that about 80% of Ashkenazi maternal ancestry comes from Europe, not the Near East,

    REFERENCE: Study published on 8 October 2013 in
    Nature Communications. By Martin Richards, and his colleagues at the University of Huddersfield in the U.K

  • Roel

    Maybe “like Jews” might not be the word but admiration. This I see as part of the Calvinist who tries to be among the chosen by word and deed. The very reason the previous pope claim there is no church without a priest. Exactly why Calvinist disagree with Catholicism. The position of Spinoza and his life in Calvinism might shed more light on that.

  • Roel

    The missing part in the chain of argumentation is the Greek orthodox church. The roman empire did not destroy Greece. It was Christianity and Byzantine which forged the modern Greek as a kind of rebirth of the Greek splendor. That’s why Putin follows this path. Russia is the true inheritance of the Byzantine in their own view. However, the role of the church in modern Greece is most obscure. Their property wealth and non-taxation explains a lot about the inefficiency of the state.

  • Jack Temujin

    Both Calvinists and Catholics brutally tortured and murdered innocent women during the misogynistic witch hunt. Who cares about what they have to say? Who are the real agents of the devil?

  • Aimee Sahlsteen

    Those ultra-efficient Germans are having a deuce of a time building an airport….’>….: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2015-07-23/how-berlin-s-futuristic-airport-became-a-6-billion-embarrassment

  • Lion Heart

    Yes…it will happen when Zionists will run “German business”:

    a Zionists run Germany will make Palestinians to pay for sins of Third Reich

  • Dirk

    Israël’s population growth can not be taken at face value. Most of its growth derives from the growing underclass of unproductive Orthodox Jews, not the productive secular Jews. This divide is tearing Israeli society apart – in 2011 there were already mass protests which were largely driven by the social tensions as a result of this growing imbalance.

  • thatindividual

    I can’t believe in this whole article you did not mention The Greek Orthodox Church. What you say is not true of Greeks who are Orthodox Christians. In fact quite the opposite. You should go into a Greek Orthodox Church some time sir and have a priest explain to you all the beautiful symbolism and rituals that come directly from Judaism. Also the home is the “little Church” and Orthodox Christians have their beautiful rituals there as well. It seems yours is a secular view of secular Greeks, which I can’t comment on, only to say I do know many Greeks are now Atheists, but you really should consider the Greeks who are Orthodox and I know you will find something very wonderful and surprising to you. 🙂 I hope you see my comment Mr. Goldman.

  • Dirk

    Seeing Christ as an ethnic Jew is denying the divine origin of Christ and has been condemned as a heresy called Nestorianism

  • Dirk

    Chinese do definitively remember the role Jews played as collaborators of the Japanese in Manchuria. That’s why they were also expelled after 1945.

  • Dirk

    History is not a breeding competition. European nations managed to conquer most of the world despite numerical inferiority.

  • davidpgoldman

    1.3 billion Chinese, 900 million Hindus and at least 70% of Americans, to start with. Anti-Semitism boils down to “eternity envy.” It is the grudge that the dying bear against the living. Persian civilization is dying quickly and the Turks are dying slowly (and soon will be challenged by Kurdish demographics); Arab civilization is fragile in the extreme, and the longevity and success of the Jews is an existential affront. By contrast, the Chinese and Indians have no fear for their future, and view us with sympathetic curiosity–they would like to learn what makes us successful. 70% of Americans support Israel (vs 17% for the PA). These are the winners. The losers hate us. I’ll do that trade all day.

  • Jack Temujin

    Indians, Japanese, Arab flunkies who kiss Zionist’s boots, Jews, Europeans, Americans, etc. have plenty to fear. I don’t know what “Eternal envy” you’re talking about. Just because everyone hates you, that doesn’t mean they are jealous of you.
    You think China will be Israel’s buddy, but obviously you don’t know Chinese.

    Maybe you conveniently forget that Israel was created through Zio-terrorism, notably the Stern gang. Remember two things, there’s no such a thing as an eternal empire and the sun never shines on one spot forever.

  • dutchnational

    Tell you something : the jews too

  • dutchnational

    As long as it lacks ratio the same.

    Kurdophobia is not rational, Islamophobia is not rational, christophobia is not rational.

    All phobia are not rational and have to be fought against as they are the most common drivers of war and persecution.

    That does not mean that there are no rational competitions and all live is a competition to some extend.

  • tinhatter

    So I am an anti-semite as I also think the 4by2’s have had a disproportionate influence on Western finance, music, art, culture…. but I can only stand back in admiration (but say ‘if I don’t agree with everything you say don’t call me anti-Jewish’). Some of my best friends are Jews !
    Sorry, Spengler hating the Jews has nothing to do with anything except envy. But jlevyellow1 has a point, it is easier to be united as a victim that to admit one is a successful culture, with all the schisms that result.