The Eurasian Big Bang

(From TomDispatch)

Let’s start with the geopolitical Big Bang you know nothing about, the one that occurred just two weeks ago. Here are its results: from now on, any possible future attack on Iran threatened by the Pentagon (in conjunction with NATO) would essentially be an assault on the planning of an interlocking set of organizations — the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa), the SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization), the EEU (Eurasian Economic Union), the AIIB (the new Chinese-founded Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank), and the NDB (the BRICS’ New Development Bank) — whose acronyms you’re unlikely to recognize either.  Still, they represent an emerging new order in Eurasia.

Tehran, Beijing, Moscow, Islamabad, and New Delhi have been actively establishing interlocking security guarantees. They have been simultaneously calling the Atlanticist bluff when it comes to the endless drumbeat of attention given to the flimsy meme of Iran’s “nuclear weapons program.”  And a few days before the Vienna nuclear negotiations finally culminated in an agreement, all of this came together at a twin BRICS/SCO summit in Ufa, Russia — a place you’ve undoubtedly never heard of and a meeting that got next to no attention in the U.S.  And yet sooner or later, these developments will ensure that the War Party in Washington and assorted neocons (as well as neoliberalcons) already breathing hard over the Iran deal will sweat bullets as their narratives about how the world works crumble. Read more

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  • Maria

    The full article exposes Washington’s desire for threats & confrontation at Iran, based on Washington’s narrative that Iran is “continuing to pursue nuclear weapons” (in spite of the recent nuclear deal)___In response, Russia should adopt a proven alliance-building measure towards Iran, that will simultaneously blunt the US belligerent/false narrative: Offer to Iran a *Nuclear Umbrella* of protection (like the US extended to Germany & Japan during the Cold War), where (as long as Iran doesn’t posses nuclear weapons), Russia will launch a retaliatory strike upon any country who uses a nuclear weapon on Iran (as if it were Russia herself who was nuked)…Such a policy of protection towards Iran would convert Russia’s ICBM investment into soft power, which every non-aligned nation would want from Russia. This policy would also enhance Russia’s prestige as a brave force of peace to counterbalance the US’s war addiction on smaller/weaker countries who can’t defend themselves from Washington’s threats (AND it would also de-incentivize any Iranian pursuit of nuclear weapons, IF that’s really what Iran is trying to do at this point).

  • teddyfromcd


    russia/china OUGHT to create the ‘answer’ in security terms what NATO is . give nato/west A dose of its own medicine — but MUCH BIGGER in direct complement to the size of EURASIAN/BRICS/SCO/EEU/CSTO/SILK ROADS project — which IS global.
    and indeed GARGANTUAN and makes the ‘WEST/NATO” tiny by comparison.

    create the same counterbalance :

    ‘TO ATTACK — economically and militarily — a member of ANY of the various organizations led by russia and china — and joined by iran, india , pakistan — and BRICS /EEU– as core members —

    is to attack the others AND each and all of their organizations”.

    THEN let NATO/USA/west TRY to ”test” that….and face ”security” responses in EVERY continent — CAPABLE of driving nato/usa to the ground – trapping them before burying them…and sending them back in boxes to USA/NATO………

  • Jack Temujin

    The best strategy for the East is to launch a preemptive economic strike against the West using AIIB & BRICS (minus India) and ditch dollars and Euros for a new currency which is in pipeline by NDB.