Terrorists in army uniform kill 7 in Indian state bordering Pakistan

(From Press Trust of India)

In the first major terror strike in Punjab in eight years, heavily-armed militants in army uniform Monday sprayed bullets on a moving bus and stormed a police station, killing seven persons, including an SP, and injuring eight others in Dinanagar town, Gurdaspur, bordering Pakistan.

Security forces engaged in gunfight with the terrorists holed up in Dinanagar police station

Security forces engaged in gunfight with the terrorists holed up near Dinanagar police station

All the three  militants were killed in the gunfight with security forces that stretched for more than 10 hours and ended around 5.30 pm.

The terrorists have killed seven persons — three civilians and four policemen including Superintendent of Police (Detective), Baljit Singh, a Punjab provincial service officer, police said.

Official sources said it was too early to say which terrorist outfit had carried out the strike, but finger of suspicion is on Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Taiba as the modus operandi of the militants was similar to the attacks in Jammu region in recent past.

According to Punjab Police IG (Counter Intelligence) Gaurav Yadav, SP Baljit Singh succumbed to bullet injuries sustained in the gunfight.

Citizens of Gurudaspur run in panic as  a group of terrorists went on a rampage Monday

Citizens of Dinanagar town in Gurudaspur run for cover as a group of terrorists went on the rampage Monday

Police said of the eight injured brought to the civil hospital at Gurdaspur, seven seriously injured were referred to Amritsar. They all were aged between 15 and 54 years.

Around seven sharpshooters were deployed in an armoured vehicle to take out the terrorists. Punjab Police personnel said they heard the terrorists shout ‘Allah hu Akbar’ (‘God is great’).

According to police, the attackers first targeted a roadside eatery and took off in a white Maruti 800 with Punjab registration number. They shot dead a roadside vendor near Dinanagar bypass.

They opened fire on passengers of a moving Punjab roadways bus before targeting a community health centre adjacent to Dinanagar police station.

The gunmen barged into the Dinanagar police station and opened indiscriminate fire. The militants also targeted another part of the complex where the families of police personnel reside and hurled grenades.

Dinanagar town is about 15 km from the India-Pakistan border and 25 km from the border of Jammu and Kashmir state. It is about 235 km from Chandigarh.

Additional Director-General of Punjab Police, Dinkar Gupta, told media the “attack took the Dinanagar police by surprise.”

An alert has been sounded along the international border in Punjab and Jammu as the terrorists are suspected to have infiltrated from there, the sources said.

Union Minister of State in the PMO Dr Jitendra Singh said Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence is likely behind the Gurdaspur attack.

Home Minister Rajnath Singh said he had spoken to the head of the Border Security Force and “instructed him to step up the vigil” on the border.

“The situation is under control,” Singh said. “We will not be the first to strike, but if we are hit, we will give a befitting reply.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a meeting with Union ministers Manohar Parrikar, Arun Jaitley and Venkaiah Naidu to discuss the situation.

Security has been tightened in New Delhi, especially in and around the Parliament.

Bombs found on the Amritsar-Pathankot railway tracks

Bombs found on the Amritsar-Pathankot railway tracks

Rail tragedy averted

A rail disaster was averted after five live bombs were found on the Amritsar-Pathankot railway track. The bombs were found by passers-by on a bridge near Parmanand railway station on the Amritsar-Pathankot railway section, who informed security forces.

A police spokesman told media that the army bomb disposal unit had defused the bombs. A train, which was to pass over the track, was stopped just 200 metres from the spot where the bombs had been planted.

Schools, colleges and other institutions were shut in Dinanagar town in view of the incident.

The attack in Punjab was similar to attacks in the border belt of Jammu, former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Omar Abdullah tweeted. “Will be very interested to see what emerges about the identity of the terrorists involved in the Gurdaspur attack this morning,” Abdullah tweeted.


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  • The Truth

    – These terrorists infiltrated from Pakistan. Many incidents of ceasefire violations from Pakistan to support the infiltration have been reported in these days.
    – ISI or similar Pakistani agency have mastermind and coordinated the attack.
    – This is a first terror attack involving pakistan after Modi took charge.

    Now the question is:
    – What would be the reply?

    – Can India think of doing something it did after Manipur attack considering the level of escalation that might happen in these two Nuclear countries?

  • M. Chandrasekaran

    Should not hesitate to hit the POK area it is legitimately ours

  • Mano Ji

    killing Civilians on other side of border non you dirty Endians spoke for him and now shamless people are mourning, though anyway those are not terrorist they are freedom fighters for independent Khalistan, try your best brothers our prayers are with you kill as many Endian bastards as you can.

  • Mano Ji

    hahah India would again waste its alot of money ahahahahah but would not be able to do a shit, i remember in 2002 you guys were caught from throat by then then Great Musharraf. Azad Khalistan ban ke rahe ga.

  • Maria

    http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/India-warns-terrorists-after-cross-border-raid-Pakistan-says-we-are-not-Myanmar/articleshow/47618315.cms It appears that the recent raid into Myanmar (by Indian Army) to “send a message to Pakistan” has completely backfired on Modi. Threatening Pakistan was a BIG mistake!!

  • Nitesh

    Well now its time for Doval to prove his words #LiberateBalochistan

  • Frank Mossman

    If your question had been then I would volunteer that the Indian government immediately start negotiations with the Pakistani government to fully and finally resolve their dispute over Kashmir. This should have been done in the 1970’s, nearly half a century ago. But no. Let us stick our head in the sand and pretend that the problem has disappeared, and chastise the Pakistanis for saying otherwise. Outsiders, including myself, shake our heads in disbelief. Here is a nation, which produced such works of genius (the ‘arabic’ number system, Asoka’s principles of non-violence, Buddhism etc) and yet it founders on such an easy to resolve issue. The Kashmiris HATE India. Isn’t that obvious ? They have hated India since 1947. It is a septic sore on the Indian backside which has grown in size despite all its attempts to both ignore its existence and swat it into submission.
    Why on earth do you put up with leaders who have neither vision nor the intellect to see the utter folly of the gazillions of rupees that have been wasted in this foolish charade ? It has become a black hole which is devouring India’s scarce resources. And even if this problem were solved in a week’s time, the opportunity cost to India is both colossal and with nothing, absolutely nothing to show for it.

  • Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha

    Ever since the Psychotic Indira went Ballistic on the Golden Temple, killing the leader of the “Khalistan” movement, his followers, many Sikhs and gutting part of the “Vatican” of the Sikh faith, the Golden Temple in Amritsar, including a bitter military end to that movement that then led to her assassination by her own Sikh bodyguards, it is apparent that the wealthy Sikh expat community have not let the desire for a Sikh homeland die.
    If this terrorist attack is linked in any way to the ongoing support for Khalistan,then as in the death of Prabhakaran that ended the Eelam war in Sri Lanka, the desire for a homeland continues. Unlike the case in Sri Lanka what ended the first attempt for Khalistan was a brutal invasion of the very heart of Sikhism under Operation Blue star and Operation Woodrose. Indira Gandhi paid for it with her life and Sikhs paid for that assassination with their lives when they were met with reprisals.

  • ifigeniaa

    Cui bono from this attack?

  • harry Kahns

    Now what, slum dogs?

  • Indian first

    Bastard show ur true identity. Pakistani suar, saale pichwade ka Peshawar bana denge bloody suar k bache.

  • Indian first

    saale apna desh ki ga88nd fati padi hai. porkistan ko sambhalo suar ke bacho. Hamara desh tumhari maa behan ek kar chukka hai 3-3 baar harami k pillo.

  • Indian first

    saalo suar k bacho apna porkistan bacha lo. #liberate balochistan. Balochistan banao, balochistan bachao.

  • Vish

    “The Kashmiris HATE India. Isn’t that obvious ? They have hated India since 1947. ” Not true.

  • The Truth

    To correct your GK, not all from J&K hate India. Many Muslims from that region hate India, and so does many Muslims in the rest of India including southern states of Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The problem is not with India, but with the religious fanaticism which makes them to think that they are close to Pakistan than India.

    Do you want to say, all these regions should be separated from India. India is a democracy, and the majority does not want it.

    And on top of that, if you know anything about integration of India, the ruler of the Jammu and Kashmir joined Indian union and that should be the end of the story.

    India gave a huge portion of it to Pakistan for future peace and progress, but the problem with beggars is that they keep wanting more.

  • Frank Mossman

    @Vish & @disqus_lkx9m2GAQe:disqus
    You are both missing the point which I made. The point is this: the cost to India, of trying to hang on to Kashmir, come hell or high water, far far exceeds its benefits. The effects of this obsession can be seen in the abysmal human development in the country as a whole. India is a metaphor for poverty, just as it was while under British colonialism. In the 67 years since independence, the life of the average Indian is by and large as wretched as it was under colonial exploitation. Even P.R.China, which at its independence was worse off than India, and was comparable in terms of poverty, population size etc, has pulled far ahead of India. In my opinion this has only happened because of Indian preoccupation with Kashmir. And the process continues, year after year.
    Ancillary and subordinate to this argument is the universally known fact that the Kashmiris greatly dislike India. The actions of the erstwhile ruler of Kashmir (who had no mandate from his people for his personal decision)has no relevance to situation in Kashmir today. As regards Telangana, Tamil Nadu & Kerala: how many Indian troops patrol their streets, to keep their populations subdued ? How much has the Indian government spent to keep these states in the Indian Union ? I think you can see the obvious difference between these states & Kashmir.
    Indian are proud of their democracy. I say, but what has it delivered in terms of improving the lives of the common Indian? Virtually nothing.
    Your leaders are the glove-puppets of vested interests. They lack vision, critical thinking & the ability to transform the lives of their subjects for the better. These criticisms particularly apply to Modi. Indians placed such high hopes in him. Has he delivered the socio-economic uplift ? To be fair, it is not his fault. It is your system. You need to, as a nation, re-examine your position on Kashmir, your enmity with Pakistan & China, your spending priorities, your system of government and the reasons for its inadequacies…start off the process with these items.

  • Mano Ji

    save your country idiots.

  • Mano Ji

    You don’t need to abuse, we know Endian level already, your PM being World top Idiot what else one can expect, though leave this discussion and save your ass there, as we are not going to let you move free anymore. Ban Ke Rahega Khalistan.

  • Mano Ji

    We will make you know how Terrorism sounds like, that you would forget about your own government’s BOmbay Drama.

  • Jay

    If you are talking of economics, then yes. If most of them hate India, how come there is a large voter turn out there during elections? Do not tell me that the elections were fudged. If we part with Kashmir, what happens to the Hindu majority Jammu or the Buddhist part of the state, Ladakh. Where do they go? It is not as easy as you think. Assuming we give the state to the peace loving Pakistan, do you think that guns will fall silent for eternity? Have you thought of the Buddhist and Hindus living there? Will they be allowed to live or continue to follow their religion. The world could not stop the Taliban from destroying the Bhamiyan Buddha, do you think they will stop the man slaughter? It is a complex issue and cannot be calculated by Economics alone as the West does.

  • Vish

    Like I said all you have written above, not true.

  • Vish

    Just your opinion, which you are entitled to.

  • Frank Mossman

    I am not talking about economics. I am talking about alternatives.
    I am talking about zero-sum games. Economics only serves to quantify
    and compare these choices: 1 billion dollars = 1 squadron of fighter jets = 4.4 million metric tons of wheat = Bread to feed 72.4 million adults for 1 year.

    The Military budget of India for 2015 = 40 billion dollars. India’s
    population = 1.3 billion. Cost of bread to feed them for 1 year =
    18 billion dollars. I am looking at the big picture, the nation as
    a whole. Hindus in Jammu number 2.9 million, 0.22 percent of
    the Indian population.

    Your arguments represent the Indian government’s
    official position extremely well. I understand why it feels the
    way it does, given the history of Hindu/Muslim animosity in
    India and the Hindu sense of loss resulting from its partition.
    Read the following:

    for a deeper understanding of this matter. Things are not what they appear to be on the surface.

    Of all the people in the world, the Pakistanis are the most similar to you. Here are some images of the two of you in happier times:


    The Pakistanis have realised their error in supporting the Taliban, as
    can be seen by their current attempts to bring about a reconciliation
    between them and the Afghan government. The Pakistani nation is bound by
    the same economic constraints as yourselves. It is unlikely that they
    will continue to divert scarce resources into defence once the Kashmir
    problem is resolved. Why should they ? Kashmir is their only dispute.
    The two of you can transfer your rivalry into the economic development
    arena, to the benefit of your populations.