• Maria

    “which includes black for diversity”__ Hmm, and how does Black come to represent diversity?? Does White represent racism & bigotry??

  • jeff wong

    And why can’t the Japanese choose the colour black to represent diversity? Nobody said anything about white, but the background is white.

    How does rainbow colours represent LGBT?

    However, you’re free to think as you wish. The thought never crossed my mind.

  • Jack Temujin

    This is the same racist country who has problem with half Black Ms. Japan. Japan and Israel are the two remaining countries who still practice apartheid.

    BTW, who would wanna go to Japan breathe in radioactive air?

  • Maria

    When you consider the group racial tribalism that (most, but NOT all) “African Americans” have shown in American society, you can’t blame the Japanese for not wanting “African Americans” in their small country:

    __#1) If you look at this Youtube video, it documents a typical example of the “African American” community protecting a criminal JUST because the criminal is BLACK while the victim is WHITE…in America, ONLY the “African Americans” CONSISTENTLY, (and as a group) decide who is rightwrong based upon the person’s skin color: (and when a Black person describes a white MAN as a “White Boy”, it is a racist insult, to say that white men are NOT men, but rather boys).: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1mx9s2Dyi4
    __#2) You see, there’s nothing more pathetic than to continue to support the thug JUST bc the thug is black, even after the documented facts (forensic science & non-contradictory witness testimony supports the contrary)…the “African Americans” have a regular pattern of this: “Justice 4 Trayvon” (where they insists Zimmerman’s self-defense claim is a lie), and insisting that Officer Wilson “executed” Michael Brown, when everything supports that MB attacked the policeman & tried to take away the policeman’s gun. I have noted that *consistency*, that is very common for that group, over a great number of examples.