Pakistan tried to tap global Web traffic via underwater cables, report says

(From the Guardian)

ISI spy agency sought access to data from ‘landing sites’ passing through Karachi, privacy group claims, in push to acquire digital espionage capacity to rival US

Pakistani intelligence sought to tap worldwide internet traffic via underwater cables that would have given the country a digital espionage capacity to rival the US, according to a report by Privacy International.

Port of Karachi

Port of Karachi

The report says the country’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency hired intermediary companies to acquire spying toolkits from western and Chinese firms for domestic surveillance.

It also claims the ISI sought access to tap data from three of the four “landing sites” that pass through the country’s port city of Karachi, effectively giving it access to internet traffic worldwide.

Pakistan was in talks with a European company in 2013 to acquire the technology, but it is not clear whether the deal went through – a fact the rights organisation said was troubling. Read more

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