Officials to punish North Koreans who trade ‘double-portrait’ lapel pins

(From Radio Free Asia)

North Korean authorities have issued instructions that residents who engage in the illegal trade of lapel pins of the reclusive country’s founder Kim Il Sung and his son Kim Jong Il, must be punished, sources inside the isolated country said.

The nation’s ruling Workers’ Party held a meeting about the buying and selling of the “double-portrait” pins, which it refers to as the “commercialization of supreme dignity,” sources said.

Authorities concluded that the Party must find and punish all those who “commercialize their supreme dignity” because they are “blinded by money,” a source in Yanggang province, which borders China, told RFA’s Korean Service.

NK double-portrait lapel pin; RFA photo

NK double-portrait lapel pin; RFA photo

The Workers’ Party disseminated details of its discussion on the lapel pins, whose sale is banned in North Korea, via a nationwide People’s Meeting on July 3, he said.

But there was no mention of when the Workers’ Party held its meeting or what else it specifically discussed, he said.

“Buying and selling insignia pins with the images of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il is a political crime,” said a source in North Hamgyong province, who declined to be named.

The cost of the double-portrait pins, which current leader Kim Jong Un used to wear, has dropped to 4,000 North Korean won (U.S. $0.57) from 200,000 won (U.S. $29) in the country, so that North Koreans now can buy them for less than the cost of one kilogram (2.2 pounds) of rice, he said. Read more

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