Norman Bailey replies: A geopolitical nightmare

Turkey and Iran are rivals in the Middle East from every standpoint–political, economic and religious.  This does not mean that there will always be unremitting hostility.  Tactical shifts are always likely.  But Turkey will be unable to tolerate a nuclear-armed Iran unless it also has access to nuclear weapons which it will attempt to buy or if necessary, develop on its own.  It has the knowledge and person\el to do so.  So Obama’s folly (as well as the rest of the West, don’t forget) will likely result in five nuclear powers in the Middle East:  Israel, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and perhaps Egypt.  A geopolitical nightmare.  Only regime change in Iran or a devastating military attack (which can only come from Israel or the U.S. after January 2017) will derail the Ayatollah express.


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  • Mofakkerul Islam

    Mr Norman, do you think a massive bombing campaign can destroy the the human resource/ knowledge that Iranians have built for years, isn’t it childish to think that? and it is of course the main point that compelled Barack Obama to deal with Iran and are you talking about Israeli bombing on Iranian nuclear sites after 2017 January? It’s very unlikely for Israel to do that without tacit permission from US and the US will never do that in the near future whoever is elected as the president because of the “Pivot Asia” policy that Obama has undertaken. You also mentioned the likelihood that house of saud(aka the west’s bastard regime), Turkey & Egypt may race for nuclear bomb but that’s also quite unlikely, say for instance house of saud may buy one or two nuclear warhead from Pakistan but they’ll never dare to use that again without US permission because after all US overlooks the national security issues of the very vile regime of Saudi Arabia, you’re talking about its own military forces? Just look at its war against Yemen, do you think Pakistan can play a part in this case?That’s also quite unlikely as we’ve noticed in case of Yemen(Pakistan’s refusal to send troops in Yemen war). In case of Turkey, Nato will bar it from having nukes which once again comes from US and Egypt? The same house of saud can buy one or two nukes from Pakistan for Mr Sisi as Egypt doesn’t have the cash to make at home and I think you know the very reasons.of its faltering economy.

  • Lion Heart

    Here is the another Zionist named “Norman Baily” who is INCITING a “devastating military attack” on Iran.

    It was Zionist lobby which incited US to invade Iraq in which 1 million + Iraqi lost their life

    Zionist BLOOD LUST is not yet quenched —they want more blood
    Now Iranian blood!!!

  • Nicholas Wibberley

    Now the Iran ‘threat’ is off the shelf, there’s more public interest in a nuclear weapon free zone in the ME than a weapon race, and such a purpose is potentially unifying since the focus would be on Israel’s arsenal as no one else has one.

  • Lion Heart

    People like Norman Baily makes me sick to my stomach.

    What a THUGGISH idea : “regime change in Iran” !!

    People like him incited US to to invade Iraq on same pretext:

    1. Iraq was ACCUSED of having WMD

    2. Regime change because Saddam was ACCUSED of having Al Qaida link.

    Although Iraq had neither WMD nor link to Al Qaida—invasion resulted in lost of 1 million Iraqi lives—-4 million orphans—-4 million refugees.

    But BLOOD LUST of Zionist like Norman Baily is not yet quenched —they want more blood
    Now Iranian blood!

    Why dont these Zionists…ask US to invade Israel….because Israel has in REALITY both :
    1. WMD (nukes, biological and chemical weapons)
    2. and Israel provides FREE AMBULANCE service to Al Nusra terrorists