Lifestyle: The bride maker

(From the Jakarta Post)

By Trisha Sertori

Tucked down the back streets of many villages across Bali are tiny bridal salons. Hanging on wobbly racks are rows of silk and satin, rich in gold and silver embroidery.

Glass-fronted cabinets are laden with flower-embellished golden head dresses, carved silver belts and buckles and narrow lengths of precious tapestry known as songket.

The bride maker at work; Photo by JB Djwan

The bride maker at work; Photo by JB Djwan

These salons are the domains of the bride makers whose art transforms young women into princesses and their grooms into demigods on wedding days, the dates often selected by priests to give the couples the best chances of a joyous marriage.

With greasepaint and gorgeous outfits, these village bride makers offer young couples the height of beauty without breaking the bank.

In the village of Tengkulak Tengah on the outskirts of Ubud, one bride maker and self-taught makeup artist, Putu Sutanaya, is preparing his makeup kit and costumes for an upcoming wedding.

Starting his career in makeup and wardrobe for dancers, Putu explained the various traditional styles his couples choose for their nuptials and the differences between doing makeup for dance and weddings. Read more

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