Lifestyle: Saking the thirst

(From Jakarta Post)

Question: how do you make a bite-sized cube of mozzarella, part of an appetizer consisting of abalone, vegetable salad with mashed tofu dressing and Wagyu terrine, taste like savory, sweetened yoghurt?

Post lifestyleAnswer: pair it with non-pasteurized sparkling saké (termed mio in Japanese, meaning the white streams of foam trailing behind a ship) from premium brand Shirakabegura from Shochikubai Brewery in Kobe.

The saké’s light, refreshing, smooth flavors, fruity aroma and delicious sweetness are not yoghurty, but when combined with the mozzarella’s slightly salty and tangy characters, a taste of yoghurt is evoked as the natural lactic acid of the saké’s yeast interacts with the cheese.  Read more


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