Lifestyle: More singles than ever looking for love

(From Strait Times)

By Venessa Lee

Lawyer Yeo S.E., 39, has a group of close female friends around her age who are all single.

According to her, they had channelled all their energies into their careers, but very little into finding husbands.

Ng Ping Ping, 37, says part of the reason she is single is because she is tall, especially in heels, and guys have told her they feel scared to approach her

Ng Ping Ping, 37, is tall, especially in heels, and guys feel scared to approach her

“We spent the previous decade telling ourselves that we’re happy as we are, and if it happens, it happens,” she says.

 Three years ago, hoping to get over an unrequited crush, she took matters into her own hands and joined the OkCupid dating website. At that point, she had been single for 12 years.

Three years later, she has gone on dates with men in their 30s, 40s and 50s, but has remained single. As have her friends. Read more

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