Japan’s military chief says South China Sea surveillance possible

(From Reuters)

Japan’s top military commander, Admiral Katsutoshi Kawano, said Thursday he expected China to become increasingly assertive in the South China Sea and it was possible Japan would conduct patrols and surveillance activities there in the future.

Speaking in Washington, Kawano said there had been “talk” of Japan conducting such patrols in the South China Sea, including anti-submarine activities.

“But our position on this is that we consider this as a potential future issue to be considered depending on how things pan out,” he told the Center for Strategic and International Studies think tank.

Kawano’s comment comes a day after a Chinese expert told a Hong Kong-based English newspaper that Sino-Japanese relations will be harmed and the chances of war in Asia will increase with the passage of a bill in the lower house of parliament in Tokyo on Thursday paving the way for Japanese troops fighting abroad for the first time in 70 years.

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Japan says it may conduct patrols and surveillance activities on the South China Sea

Japan says it may conduct patrols and surveillance activities on the South China Sea if Beijing becomes more assertive there

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  • ModernChinese

    History has a nasty habit of repeating itself, again.

    Japan never fails to miss any opportunity to miss opportunity of committing suicide.

    Before and during WWII, Japan had very little gray matter in its small head, hence it decided to fight ALL the giants at the same time: China, Soviet Union, USA, Britain, France, Netherlands…The consequences of that stupid adventure is the total destruction of this evil empire, the devastating nuclear attacks on its barren islands, the humiliating national surrender, and the US dominance and occupation of Japan, to very today.

    Now, at the malicious cheering from its master US, Japan is committing another national suicide again by fighting all the nuclear-armed neighbors: China, Russia, Korea!?

    It must be the radioactive contaminated raw seafood from Pacific that Japanese consume every day that muddles their mind and drives them into this irrational impulse.

    If and when Japanese provocation boils into hot conflict in China’s seas – at the mindless cheering of USA, of cause – the war will not be fought around some Chinese islands, but it will be fought on the Japan heartland.

    There will not be “beating around bushes” by the combined Chinese-Russian forces, rather, a rain of saturating nuclear-tipped missiles will be falling on Tokyo, leveling the whole Japan in less than 20 minutes, as stated by one Russian general not long ago. A few North Korean nuclear bombs would make Japan a little more “appreciating”.

    The US forces WILL stay as faraway from Japan as possible, as they did to South Vietnam in 1975: Why would they risk the Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD) with China and Russia when their “national interests” are not attacked?

    Americans come to Asia to collect their Mafia Protection Fees from Japan and other Asian “savages”, not to shed their blood for the delusional/irrational suicidal Japanese dwarfs!

  • Jack Temujin

    Taiwan used to talk tough at China when it’s rotten and corrupt ex-president Chen was in power, instigated by the US of course. Now another American puppet Abe wants to see mushroom clouds in Japan again. History will repeat itself alright when nukes rain down on Japan.

  • DavePh

    It is utterly irresponsible to threaten a non-nuclear country with Nukes. China has a declared NFU policy, so good folks desist from making jingoistic pronunciations that go against it.

    China will think 1,000 times before indulging in Nuclear brinkmanship, simple because Japan is protected by US Nuclear Umbrela. Ironically, only country that has ever used nukes and that too on Japan, whom now they are duty bound to protect. What it means is that US is bound to retaliate with Mushroom clouds over the country that causes such clouds over Japan or South Korea. Now, why would you want to throw away a billion of your own people for jingoism??

    I do not think Russia will join you, may be provide you diplomatic and military support, because it has much more to lose if it does join.

  • Jack Temujin

    There’s limit to everyone’s patience, and certainly Chinese and Russians who have power to reduce every single person in the world to a permanent shadow won’t tolerate NATO military buildup in the backyard forever. If US decide to attack China and Russia with nukes on behalf of Japan, then they better prepare to pay the ultimate price.
    Besides, Russia’s S-500 is far more superior to anything NATO has.

  • DavePh

    @jacktemujin:disqus: In current situation, the World sees China investing in military power and bullying it’s smaller neighbors. No one is willing to rollover and give in, from Philippines to India.

    You see with nuclear capable countries have what is called MAD – Mutually Assured Destruction, working to keep balance of peace. USA can easily reprogram it’s nuke to detonate on impact of a missile like S-500, that will cause widespread destruction over the area, radio active rain and miserable slow deaths to hundreds of millions of people under that area and beyond in few more days, lucky will be those who will die quickly. Do you even realize the effects of a nuclear war? Do see a movie “The Day After”, if you get a chance.

    You should remember the cold war days as to why there was never use of nukes. When thousands of nukes are exchanged, only cockroaches will survive and I am sure they won’t carry on with our stupidities.

  • Jack Temujin

    WW3 is inevitable, because NATO and Israel can never let a day go by without killing someone or destroying something in Asia or Africa. The universe reciprocates either evil or good deed by everyone with cosmic justice or reward. It’s time for the diabolical entities who’s been bringing death, destruction, and pilfering for the last 3 or 4 centuries to reap cosmic justice.

  • DavePh

    My friend, I am sincerely hoping that no country is insane enough to trigger WW3.

    If something or someone is killing and destroying on daily basis and most likely to create a nuclear Armageddon then it is ISIS, BOKO Haram and Talibans. Most likely it would be Pakistani Nukes that will be stolen and used. It is Islamic terrorism in whole of EU, USA,Australia, Asia and especially Africa. It is not NATO or Israel, that is the threat to World peace.

    Israel has a right to respond and take preventative options. You can debate what is going on between them and Palestinenians is right or wrong, no side is blame less.

    In the Far Eastern theater, it is China which is bullying its smaller neighbors, including India to the South and West, which is a Nuclear power and ranks 4th in the World. Russia is meddling in Ukraine, which is very wrong because it had promised them territorial integrity if it gave up the Nukes from erstwhile USSR.