Inside the ring: B-52s’ BAAD message to China

(From the Washington Times)

By Bill Gertz

Two B-52 bombers conducted a nonstop, long-range simulated mission to Australia recently that is part of the Pentagon’s effort to bolster allies in Asia against a growing Chinese threat.

US B-52H bomber

US B-52H bomber

The B-52s from Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana, carried out on July 1 what the Pentagon calls a “bomber assurance and deterrence” mission — BAAD for short in military-speak.

The simulated bombing run came amid heightened tensions in the nearby South China Sea, where China has been constructing islands and military facilities that threaten the strategic waterway used by ships bound for Northeast Asia. Read more


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  • China Lee

    China’s HQ-16 (export name LY-80) Surface-to-Air Missile has thrust vectoring

    Thrust-vectoring on the HQ-16 increases maneuverability. This means the HQ-16 SAM is ultra-lethal. You wouldn’t want four HQ-16 SAMs simultaneously chasing your fighter jet.
    Source (AviationWeek):

  • DavePh

    You may be quite right, sounds dangerous….But that is provided the stealth bombers Anti-radiation missiles or hell fire missiles fired by Global Hawk drones have already not obliterated the missile carrying vehicle and decimated the Radar that so nicely announce it’s location when turned on.

  • Jack Temujin

    Why would China fear this ancient relic of past US military glory? Even a relatively outdated SAM can blast it out of the sky.