India, Japan, U.S. plan naval exercises in tightening of ties in Indian Ocean

(From Reuters)

Japan is set to take part in joint naval exercises with India and the United States in the Indian Ocean in October, military and diplomatic sources said, a drill that so riled China eight years ago that Delhi has not since hosted such a multilateral wargame.

The Indian Ocean has emerged as a new arena of competition between China making inroads and India trying to recover its position as the dominant maritime power in the region.

Indo-US joint naval exercise in 2012

Indo-US joint naval exercise in 2012

New Delhi’s decision to expand the “Malabar” exercises that it conducts with the United States each year to include Japan suggests a tightening of military relations between three major maritime powers in Asia, analysts said.

Military officials from India, the U.S. and Japan are meeting at a U.S. navy base in Yokosuka, near Tokyo, on Wednesday and Thursday to plan the exercises, a navy and a diplomatic source in New Delhi said.

A Japanese government official in Tokyo confirmed the meeting and said representatives from the three navies were discussing Tokyo’s participation in the wargames. He declined to be identified. Read more


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  • Maria

    #1) [“Just as China had overridden India’s concerns about arch-enemy Pakistan and was building ports and roads under a $46 billion economic corridor, New Delhi was free to pursue closer security cooperation with the West and its partners, Mohan said.”]___So, India is angry/jealous that China wants to invest in Pakistan economic projects, and therefore conducts a military exercise with China’s antagonists?? Is there anything more childish & immature??

    #2) [“More than three quarters of China’s oil transits through the Indian Ocean and its choke points such as the Malacca Straits, prompting its search for friendly ports and islands to secure the shipping lanes backed by an expanding Chinese navy”]__and, [” “India alone cannot assure the security of the Indian Ocean, even if it regards (it) as its backyard and wishes no one to compete with it there,” “], Which is EXACTLY why it’s not India’s exclusive “backyard”, but rather China’s “backyard” too (it seems that India is too self-centered to admit that the Indian Ocean is an international water way, economically vital to OTHER countries besides India).

  • ModernChinese

    This Indian prickly provocative sabotage act is typical of the capricious and untrusted-worthy of the indians. (lower case is intentional)

    It makes the mockery out of the SCO decision to accept India into the organization which supposedly allows India to contribute to and abide by the mutual security and peaceful economic development of the Eurasia as a community of shared destiny.

    What do the indians feel if Russia, China, and Pakistan are to conduct a massive naval exercises in Pakistan water part of the Indian Ocean? May be that would be the appropriate message to send to the treacherous indians.

    It would be time to remind the indians that they are facing more danger from the Muslim fanatic attacks from IS inside and outside of India than the non-existent “threat” from any of the SCO members. It does not matter how big, how often, how intensive the war games between India-US-Japan are, they will NEVER be the effective deterrence to the Muslim fanatics hailing from Syria/Iraq/Afghanistan.

    Without close cooperation among the SCO members, India will NEVER have any economic benefits from this community: the oil/gas pipeline will never connect to India, the Silk Road trade routes will never cross Indian territories, the Muslim terrorists will find it easier to infiltrate into India…in short, India will be completely isolated from its neighbors because it treacherous/obnoxious behavior like this.

    But then, what can be expected from these infamously incompetent indians: they can NEVER lead, but consistently refuse to follow!?

    Worst yet, the indians “like” to stick their middle fingers into moving wheels of every neighbors’ car.

  • DavePh

    #1) From Pakistani port of Gwadar, China is planning a land route that passes through Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK), Gilgit and Baltistan area, which is INDIAN territory. That is the reason for India’s opposition to the deal. India does not have to be jealous of China, because there is Chinese $20 Billion and Japanese $35 Billion investment coming to India. India offers one of the biggest markets in the World with a population of 1.2 Billion. China has trade surplus of some $50 billion/Year with India. Now it is up to China to decide if they want to lose that market and investment opportunities. Of course “there will be trouble in Balochistan” when Chinese start flooding in, and it could become a game of Ludo for China… In the event of a war with Pakistan, India will choke, burn and sink Gwader and Karachi ports impacting Chinese supply lines. If at that time China threatens India, Russia, USA and Japan will stand with India.

    It is India’s prerogative to invite friendly countries for Naval exercises, in politics it is always quid-pro-quo. You don’t take our strategic concerns into account, we do the same to you. It is childish to call it Jealousy. After all democracies should come together to push out communist dictatorships.

    #2) China does have legitimate maritime interest in IOR, and so does India in SCS. However, China has economic interest on the sea lanes in IOR. But China is not a friendly country, and any of its Naval presence in IOR will be our concern. Because China likes it or not, IOR is our back yard. On the other hand, by antagonizing India, by string of pearls doctrine, it is not going to help China. India is and will remain a preeminent power in IOR and will deal with situation as it arises. Indian Navy has sunk many of the pirate ships to ensure free flow of maritime ships, so cooperation with India is in China’s interest. Because, we both are on the same side when it comes to anti-piracy operations.

    However, pirates do not operate Submarines that China needs to send Subs on anti-piracy missions. It is actually a hilarious argument, as a Sub can not identify a fishing trawler from a pirate ship as that needs visual confirmation. A Sub can not out run or catch pirate ships, nor it is economically feasible to use a $100,000 torpedo on it. For that you need surface ships like a frigate or patrol craft who can use small arms to neutralize the pirates. So the Chinese arguments of sending Subs in IOR on anti-piracy missions are absolutely bogus and hogwash fooling no one, the real intent is test the waters in IOR by it’s Subs.

    Not to worry, we have just ordered 4 more Poseidon P8-I maritime ASW aircrafts from USA to deal with them.

  • Low Shen-Cheang

    We have a saying about Indian in South East Asia, these people have fiery and unstable manner because of their curry. Stay away if you can.

  • Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha

    There are 18 more months to go before elections happen on November 2016. Going by the midterm elections of 2014, the Democratic party was gutted in the Congress, and even in the Senate. The entire nation went “Red” (Republican). it was a harbinger of what is to come.
    Through the ballot box, Americans openly showed their collective disgust of the Obama administration. It was lucky for Obama that the US did not have a parliamentary system for in that system the party that loses also means the head of that party has to step down.
    If 2016 reflects the American voter of 2014 we will have a Republican President (along with a predominantly Republican House of Representatives and a powerful Republican voice in the Senate)
    If Trump were to win, and it seems he is touching on all the issues that have alienated the American voter from Washington D.C., then expect a sea change in our foreign policy regarding China and Russia. Trump wants the US to be allies with Russia and China, and do away with the failed containment issue of both nations, especially China.
    That would require a greater willingness to join BRICS, even work with China’s silk routes, and end the “containment of China” and to a certain degree, Russia. One issue that has come out of this attempt by Obama is that Russia and China have turned the tables on the US in containing America. Russia has done that with her own counter sanctions on NATO nations, which are primarily European, and both Russia and China have worked in tandem to do bilateral trade of close to a Trillion worth in US dollars, by not using the US dollar.
    The hot face off between Washington and Moscow has resulted in many issues working against the US
    -Putin’s relationship with Cuba where he forgave half of 90 billion worth in US dollars owed to Russia with plans to reinvest the other half into Cuba’s economy, while not forgiving Ukraine of 16 billion worth in US dollars owed to Moscow
    -Putin has etched a deal to build a naval port in Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua.
    -China has been aggressive in setting up alternatives to the IMF, World Bank, and the Asian Development bank.
    Banks such as the New Development bank of BRICS, the AIIB (Asian Infrastructure and Investment Bank), and the (ICBC) Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, which is the world largest bank in market value and total Assets are a financial alternative to the role of the US dollar as the international currency of exchange.
    Trump wants in on this and not oppose an alliance (Russia and China) which has turned out to be one of the world’s most formidable alliances.
    This alliance goes from the China sea to the east, the Eastern Europe to the West and includes Russia”s CSTO and China’s SCO. It also includes the Eurasian expansion of Russia’s oil pipelines and China’s silk routes.
    Obama is an idealist and has always been one. Trump is first and foremost a business man and a pragmatist. Maybe that difference is all that it takes.

  • ModernChinese

    I have seen many opinions expressed by indians who, more or less, put out the same arguments like these, not even realizing how narrow and misplaced their perceptions are, in terms of common – or shared- interests with the rest of the Eurasian community.

    Let’s just take a closer look at DavePH’s argument, point by point, before we even discuss the Indian role in SCO Eurasian community which India is so anxious to joint, but has NO intention to abide by the SCO rules.

    1- Quote:”From Pakistani port of Gwadar, China is planning a land route that
    passes through Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK), Gilgit and Baltistan
    area, which is INDIAN territory.” Unquote.

    Kashmir is NOT Indian territory. It is a disputed area where both Pakistan and India lay their claim on. This dispute is on-going since 1948 when a Muslim-populated part of India declared independence and become Pakistan. It is not going to be solved in any foreseeable future because neither side bulges.

    That is why SCO’s membership is supposed to be the best solution where disputes among members can be shelved for the sake of mutually-beneficial economic development. That is why the Chinese investment in Pakistan, in accordance with the planned Silk Road Project, would bring benefits for the whole Eurasia with interconnecting oil/gas/high-speed rail/fiber-optics highways…

    India would become an integral part of these massive infrastructure-building projects which definitely would stimulate the whole Indian economy.

    But, “No” – India would rather bring in the international robber like USA to sabotage the whole Eurasia community economic development, than to play a constructive role for the community(!?). India will not have peace and stability if any of its neighbor is engulfed in chaos and conflicts.

    Talking about the Indian habit of shooting itself in its foot in order to “scare” the perceived rival.

    Wonder why India so bothers to apply for SCO membership if it does not harbor the common interests of SCO at heart and why Russia/China allows this “Western Trojan Horse” India to infiltrate into the organization? SCO’s trust for India is misplaced?

    2- We all know that India is nobody’s friend and hostile to any neighbor, no matter he/she is doing better or worst than it does.

    India still provides the safe heaven for the Tibetan terrorists to constantly infiltrate and conduct sabotage in China. (The Indian intelligence working hand-in-glove with CIA to train, harbor, support Tibetan terrorists has been well documented by the very CIA officers’ books)

    Indian Ocean is NOT India’s backyard – name one country, even USA, that recognizes it as India’s exclusive property? Has India files its claim (of India Ocean as its territory) to UN and gets it accepted?

    Rather, Indian Ocean is the international trade route, important to many countries which all have the national interests and obligations to keep it safe and open at all time. And it goes with saying that India and China have the same national interests to keep it free of the pirates. We acknowledge the Indian productive contribution in this regard.

    If the Chinese proposed Maritime Silk Road would link India into this Eurasian economic projects – and obviously beneficial to India – then why India feels so compelled to bring the well-known international robber/pirate USA into the neighborhood?

    Be forewarned that wherever this international bully USA goes, there come along war, conflict, chaos, poverty, starvation.

    Look around the world: Iraq, Syria, Libya, Egypt, Afghanistan, Yemen, Sudan, Somali, Nicaragua, Colombia…and see the inevitable consequences of the USA involvement in India in a very near future!

  • Zhanglan

    REUTERS = raw propaganda

  • Zhanglan

    “China has been aggressive in setting up alternatives to the IMF”

    yes, really aggressive – like welcoming all-comers, rather than adopting a pragmatic and open approach like the anyone-except-China TPP or the “who cares what Italy and Canada think?” G7 deciding to exclude Russia for purely “defensive” reasons

  • DavePh

    Your response is on the rude side, and this could be because you are higher up in the communist hierarchy to troll the web. But, you need to educate yourself properly on the true facts of Kashmir issue more, before making fabricated wrong conclusions, and worst – propagating around your communist disinformation agenda aka lies.

    Lets take the facts on Indian state of J&K.
    1) Under the Indian Independence act of 1947, only the areas directly ruled by Britain were authorized to choose between India and Pakistan, the 560 Princely states could choose to one of the two, or remain independent.
    2) The Maharaja of J&K state (that includes Gilgit and Baltistan), chose to delay the decision and entered into a stand-still agreement with Pakistan.
    3) Pakistan broke that agreement within weeks, and invaded the “Country of J&K”.
    4) The Maharaja asked for India’s assistance, and signed what is known as “Instrument of Accession”. He essentially signed the land deed in India’s name.
    5) India drove the Pakistani regulars and irregulars to what is known as LOC.
    6) India took the issue to UN, which recommended a plebiscite (Chapter VII – non binding), one of the first stipulations was for Pakistan to withdraw, which it never did and the plan could not be actioned.
    7) The Instrument of Accession is still valid, and so is India’s claim on the whole of J&K that includes the portion occupied by China in the North East of J&K state. It is known as COK.

    Now that I have buried your mythical Kashmir propaganda aka lies, let’s take a look at SCO membership.

    The SCO is an economic forum and not for resolving political or land issues. India has never allowed a third party in it’s affairs and is not going to allow China in that equation. So why would India let it’s land that is occupied by Pakistan and China to be used for Pakistani-Chinese benefit? The whole of J&K is Indian territory and we refuse to play ball on this one.

    India has every right to apply to any Organization’s membership. We have powerful allies like Russia, who backs us and neutralizes Chinese objections. That is how we are in SCO, we have a right to do trade with Central Asian countries and tap into their energy resources. There is no need for China to go through the POK for silk route, it can get into Pakistan from Afghanistan too upto Gwadar port, which also will be a SCO member.

    Your rant against USA is very much understandable…The point is, China is still smarting from 1997 clay feet demo against just two US Aircraft carrier battle groups in the strait of Taiwan, you will never be able to catch up to USA in military technology, so forget about defeating them. The only real high-tech that India needs comes from USA, Russia, Israel, France, Japan and Germany, where as only cheap low tech copied goods comes from China.

    Look around, don’t kid yourself, money doesn’t buy friendship but it does buy opportunists. Every country around China is building their military in response to Chinese buildup, no one is caving in. The fact is, China can not fight even with one and win, because others would not let that happen. China has only two good friends, both beggar scum of the earth, one is Pakistan and another is North Korea. India on the other hand has a tremendous soft power, and good will around the World, you don’t have to agree but its there to see.

    Coming to IOR, sure every country has a right to travel through International waters, be it IOR or South China Seas which is not China’s property. By backyard what is meant is anything happening in that region is of great concern and we will make sure it is not to our detriment.

    India is not at all sponsoring terrorism in Tibet, you must be really a moron to think that peace loving monk like H.H. Dalai Lama would indulge or support such activities. In fact your rented friend Pakistan has terrorist training camps that provides for the terrorism to the Muslims in China. The recent attack on passengers and markets were all done by muslims, not Tibetan buddhists.

    You are buying into too much of communist propaganda to believe in silly conspiracy theories. Better open your eyes and smell the coffee, India is going to surpass Chinese economic growth soon and the West is going to divert the investment from China into India. Remember, only USA can print US$ and EU the Euro…and manipulated Chinese money is never going to be an International currency.

  • Kenington

    Are you a CIA troll?

  • Maria

    This Asia Times article shows that India’s false claim on China’s Aksai Chin is WRONG!!:
    __” A leading Indian historian (Gupta 1974: 53) has held that the Indian claim to Aksai Chin in the West has no basis in treaty, usage or geography and that its claim to the McMahon Line in the East has a basis in geography and usage but no basis in a valid international treaty.”
    “S Gopal, director (1954-66) of the historical division of the of the Indian ministry of foreign affairs failed to do his homework on both the Aksai Chin and the McMahon Line issues and briefed Prime Minister Nehru poorly on India’s border claims which led to rigidities on his part in expounding India’s border claims against China.”
    __The rest of the article goes on to explain the details of these statements.

  • DavePh

    CIA doesn’t have time or money to waste on Chinese publications, they are busy doing what they need to do in the field.

  • DavePh

    Do you really believe everything posted on ATIMES? India has historical claim on Aksai Chin, and many of the areas under Chinese occupation, including the Kailash mountain and the Maan sarovar lake areas, which have been our Hindu pilgrimage places for thousands of years. There are historical treaties with Tibetan rulers in this difficult terrain.

    Agreed, the legacy of the colonial rule left it unresolved and we inherited the mess in 1947, but it is our responsibility to clarify it… After agreeing to do so, despite 15 rounds of talks China is still not ready to clarify Line of Actual Control or LAC, pending a final settlement… despite repeatedly raising the issue at the highest level by India. Which shows that China’s case is weak in Aksai Chin area, and it is therefore avoiding it.

    The real issue is that China wants to occupy Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh, which it calls Southern Tibet. This is absurd because Tibet itself is an occupied country by China. Arunachal Pradesh has merged with India since independence and claims on it by China are fabricated ones based on preposterous extrapolations of claims based on third country aggression/occupation by it.

    First of all Tibet was an independent country since 1913, until Chinese invasion in the mid 20th century. HH Dalai Lama only came to India in 1958 after he was persecuted and thousands of Tibetans killed by Chinese occupiers.

    Following is an excerpt from Wikipedia which clearly shows that China itself had accepted in 1925 that Aksai Chin was part of India. However, after Communist take over, it adopted a revisionist policies. A policy which it has reactivated in South China Sea, to which it should have claims only of 200 Nautical miles of UN sanctioned EEZ, from its continental shelf. The absurdity of claiming whole of South China Sea as Chines is a topic of another discussion.

    Siachin : 1899 to 1947:
    Both the Johnson-Ardagh and the Macartney-MacDonald lines were used on British maps of India.[8] Until at least 1908, the British took the Macdonald line to be the boundary,[16] but in 1911, the Xinhai Revolution resulted in the collapse of central power in China, and by the end of World War I, the British officially used the Johnson Line. However they took no steps to establish outposts or assert actual control on the ground.[9] In 1927, the line was adjusted again as the government of British India abandoned the Johnson line in favor of a line along the Karakoram range further south.[9] However, the maps were not updated and still showed the Johnson Line.[9]

    Postal Map of China published by the Government of China in 1917. The boundary in Aksai Chin is as per the Johnson line.

    From 1917 to 1933, the “Postal Atlas of China”, published by the Government of China in Peking had shown the boundary in Aksai Chin as per the Johnson line, which runs along the Kunlun mountains.[14][15]The “Peking University Atlas”, published in 1925, also put the Aksai Chin in India.[17] When British officials learned of Soviet officials surveying the Aksai Chin for Sheng Shicai, warlord of Xinjiang in 1940-1941, they again advocated the Johnson Line.[8] At this point the British had still made no attempts to establish outposts or control over the Aksai Chin, nor was the issue ever discussed with the governments of China or Tibet, and the boundary remained undemarcated at India’s independence.[8][9]

  • Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha

    The problem with your comment and its complete failure is when you use terms like “pragmatic and open approach” regarding foreign policies. try applying that to the Obama administration, and if you truly understand his ideology you would be bent over laughing. sad but true. Obama’s foreign policy is anything but pragmatic and open approach. Because of his policies the US is almost at war with Russia and refuses to have anything to do with China…. and that is just for openers.

  • ModernChinese

    It’s really amusing to listen to the Indian Hindu fanatics: they have such hilarious habits of talking among themselves without any relevance to the regional and international interconnection. After a few moments of their monologues babbling, you lose interest, walk away, but still hear them chuckling behind, miles away…

    Look, Clueless, you can talk loudly among yourselves – until the cows come home – about Kashmir as Indian property, it makes NO difference to the Pakistan’s fiery claim to their Pakistan Kashmir, and to the indifferent international community. Unless India decides to slug it out with Pakistanis, again, for the predictable results: everlasting stalemate.

    As far as I’m concerned, Pakistan has more “legitimate” claim on Kashmir than India, because majority of the residents in Kashmir are Muslim who NATURALLY long for joining their Muslim brothers. After all, despite the fact that Pakistani and Indians are of the same people, Muslims and Hindus are like fire versus water, they can NEVER mix well: Gujarat massacre is just one of the examples.

    “The SCO is an economic forum…” – you wrote. Dead wrong!

    SCO was founded initially to resolve the border and security issues between China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and latter Uzbekistan.

    The emphasis on security is the main feature of the SCO agenda, demonstrated by the organization ANNUAL military exercises involved ALL members-states, and lately, the enormous threat from Al-Qaeda, IS jihadists makes the security issue as the central focus of SCO.

    Now, because of the huge economic potential of Eurasia due to the SCO taking over the security responsibilities, and hence the promising peace and stability in the Central Asia and beyond, China and Russia launch the initiatives to integrate the whole region into a Eurasian community of shared destiny.

    That is the reason India is ALLOWED to join SCO in hope that India would realize the common goals and makes positive contribution to this community. But low and behold, indians are indians – big ego with small head/brain – they would rather sabotage the whole community future than to cooperate for the community prosperity!?

    “Money doesn’t buy friends…” – you wrote. For all people in the world, they know the truth: “It’s economy, stupid!”. One could disagree on ideology, religion…, but NOBODY wants to live in poverty. Atheists, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists…all trade with each other for the mutual benefits, and they choose the rich trade partners.

    Only the Muslim and Hindu fanatics would think otherwise…

    China and Chinese people are peaceful people, we don’t like and don’t want to talk about war any time, anywhere. But if ANYBODY wants to impose war on us, we WILL resolutely oblige. Make NO mistake about that!

    We showed our determination to US in Korea, to Soviet Union at the border, and the “hilarious” indians decidedly 50 years ago.

  • DavePh

    You are indulging in chemical warfare using H2SO4 dude…I will stay away from your constipated stinking poisonous gas released by brain [email protected], against Indians, Hindus and the World, because they are not worth responding to.

    Check up and see the charter, economy is one of the main feature – Its economy Stupid…and also, economy comes 2nd to sovereignty and independence STUPID…duhhh…of course with rent-able countries like Pakistan it is a different story.

    China is one of the most aggressive country in the World who has picked territorial fight with all its neighbors. Except Russia to which it surrendered territory, all those who settled the border disputes with China had to give up land, and that was not because of legitimacy of the Chinese claims, but threats and coercion.

    Yes, you did show your determination that your Govt. can kill a million or two Chinese to meet the political and territorial objectives of your Communist leadership. Which now has all but turned into a dictatorship with Capitalist System…Communist only in name.

    Korean war ended in a stalemate, and North Korea is a rogue state, its Govt. kills millions by starvation and persecution. It survives on Chinese doles and you want them to remain in that condition, as a vassal state to suite your purpose, so much for your friendship and good neighborly behavior. South Korea on the other hand, is a prosperous democracy.

    The communists were able to win in Vietnam, but that did not make them your friends or subservient as they are proud people. It can be seen in many clashes with the Chinese on territorial issues. So much so that Vietnam invited India to explore Oil & Gas in South China Sea, and we gave 2 hoots to Chinese objections. Vietnam wants a military and economic relations with USA not with China, So much for your good neighborly behavior.

    I am glad you mentioned 1962 war, the fact is the Chinese withdrew to where they came from, thus you surrendered your claim in Arunachal Pradesh. India is a Nuclear power now, and the Indian Army is capable of matching and overwhelming enemies in any theater of war. So you can be rest assured, next time no one will be left of the PLA to retreat…

  • hwy

    I never had sex with that women, said the head of the CIA.
    Read my lips…..

  • DavePh

    HA HA HA, I am just responding to Kenington’s question on my affiliations.