Francesco Sisci replies: Military action may have unpredictable consequences

Actually, if your analysis David is right, I would draw different conclusions. If Iran is on the path to suicide leave it be, do not put any obstacles on the path. But do not try to speed it up either, because if one tries to encourage a suicide then he may get a backlash: people can find the will to live, and why give this to the government of Iran?

Out of easy analogies, a military solution for Iran, although limited, can bring many unpredictable elements in a very volatile situation that might alter the path you David see. In this case I would say: Sit by the river and wait to see the cadaver of your enemy float by.

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  • Daniel Berg

    I was at the river and there was that cadaver, I asked people what happened and was told this is the GUY sitting by the river to see cadaver of his enemy floating by , but look somehow he felt in that river?