China, Russia high-speed weapons worry US planners

(From Washington Free Beacon)

By Bill Gertz

China and Russia are developing maneuvering high-speed strike vehicles that pose new threats to the United States, U.S. Strategic Command leaders said Wednesday.

Adm. Cecil D. Haney, Strategic Command’s (Stratcom) senior leader, said during remarks at a nuclear deterrence conference that despite arms control efforts, hypersonic weapons are among several threatening strategic trends emerging in the world.

China has conducted four flight tests of a 7,000 mile-per-hour maneuvering strike vehicle, and Russia is developing high-speed weapons and reportedly tested a hypersonic weapon in February.

New Chinese hypersonic missile type

New Chinese hypersonic missile type

“Nation states continue to develop and modernize their nuclear weapon capabilities,” Haney said. “Nuclear and non-nuclear nations are prepared to employ cyber, counter-space, and asymmetric capabilities as options for achieving their objectives during crisis and conflict, and new technologies such as hypersonic glide vehicles are being developed, complicating our sensing and defensive approaches.”

The advanced weapons capabilities are being proliferated by U.S. adversaries and “are becoming increasingly mobile, hardened, and underground, which is further compounded by a lack of transparency,” the four-star admiral said.

Asked later about the hypersonic missile threat, Haney said the Pentagon is developing capabilities that can be used to counter hypersonic arms.

“As I look at that threat, clearly the mobility, the flight profile, those kinds of things are things we have to keep in mind and be able to address across that full kill chain,” Haney said.

“Kill chain” is military jargon for the process used to find targets, gauge location and speed, communicate data to weapons used to strike the target, and then launch an attack. Read more

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  • known_unknowns

    basically, the us is saying we’re afraid that ur new weapons will make ours ineffective. hence, the need 4 china and russia 2 b more open on their stockpiles of these weapons, esp china… yeah… as if that’ll happen!!!

  • ifigeniaa

    US weapons worry people all over the World. Nobody like to be killed

  • Low Shen-Cheang

    Story like this just show the American really have small brain. If you think the world is a zero sum game, thinking about your interest only when dealing with the rest of human kind, then there will be no end to any problem. Only if you think of everyone’s interest will the world progress. Chinese is much advance in this respect.