China should not declare new air defense zone, says expert

(From The Diplomat)

China should avoid unilaterally declaring an air defense identification zone (ADIZ) over the South China Sea  to help reduce tensions in the area, a leading Chinese scholar said Tuesday.

Chinese expert Wu Sichun wants China to safeguard freedom of navigation in the South China Sea

Chinese expert Wu Sichun wants Beijing to safeguard freedom of navigation in the South China Sea

With growing concerns about China’s extensive land reclamation activities and the further militarization of some of its facilities, some have feared that Beijing will soon impose an ADIZ in the South China Sea similar to the one it declared over the East China Sea in November 2013.  An ADIZ, which would effectively broaden Chinese airspace and impose restrictions on aircraft flying through the zone, would be the latest in a string of assertive moves that would strengthen Chinese sovereignty over the area.

But asked what China should and should not do in the South China Sea, Wu Sichun, head of the influential National Institute for South China Sea Studies in China, told an audience at a think tank conference in Washington, D.C. that Beijing should try not to unilaterally declare an ADIZ. Wu suggested that not doing so would be one way for China to signal restraint and reduce tensions in the South China Sea. Read more

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