China Is turning Beijing into a megacity 6x the size of NYC

(From Gizmodo/NYT)

China is already home to some of the most quickly growing megacities in the world. Now there’s a plan to officially merge several megacities around Beijing into one super-megacity that will house the equivalent of a third of the US population in an area that’s the geographical size of Kansas.

Residential complex in Yanjiao; NYT photo

Residential complex in Yanjiao; NYT photo

The New York Times accessed planning documents that showed how Beijing is planning to move most of its government operations and factories to the fringe of the city and accelerate development to connect these nodes to other nearby cities. The goal is to create a dense, metropolitan area called Jing-Jin-Ji which will be not as much a megacity as it will be an economically united mega region.

How big will Jing-Jin-Ji be? Imagine six New Yorks spreading out across New England:

It would be spread over 82,000 square miles, about the size of Kansas, and hold a population larger than a third of the United States. And unlike metro areas that have grown up organically, Jing-Jin-Ji would be a very deliberate creation. Its centerpiece: a huge expansion of high-speed rail to bring the major cities within an hour’s commute of each other. Read more

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