Angelo Codevilla responds to Norman Bailey

This is a crisp statement of the reality that underlies the Obama administration’s foreign policy. It does not, however, resolve one practical question: The “deal” affects the Muslim world unevenly. The Shia side gets a boost vis a vis the Sunni side. Why?

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  • Jay

    I’ll take Shi’a over Sunni any day, considering the latter group’s virtual monopoly in the sectarian lunatic market.

    Sunnis are also way more corruptible and easily bought off than Shi’a, as evidenced by the relative ease the Israelis have had in recruiting collaborators from Hamas versus Hezbollah.

    Call Sunnis the low-rent sector of the Moslem world.

  • Daniel Berg

    Excellent answer,,but now you are in 2 black lists: Salafist and Zionist black list,

  • SmokeSignals

    The question is WHY the Shiite IRAN realignment in US foreign policy that previously supported Sunni STATES Egypt, S. Arabia, Jordan. Remember US was allied w Iran AND Sunni states (S. Arabia, Jordan etc. then Egypt) when Shah was in power. ANSWER is found in anti ISRAEL bias. US Middle East interests advancing stability was achieved with de jure peace between Egypt and Israel (since 1979). This together with de facto then de jure peace with Jordan in (1994) and relative stability w/ autonomy of PA. Israel and S. Arabia never engaged in direct military conflict. Instability today in M. East is a direct result of the overthrow of the Shah. Iran now (not the Soviet Union) is the financial sponsor of regional instability (Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen.) The US policy shift can only be explained with anti Israel (anti democratic) bias in favor of religious authoritarians (Sharia compliant) whether Sunni or Shiite. For instance look at the US adventures in Egypt and Libya. The US supported the Muslim Brotherhood insurgents without regard to instability this would cause in Egypt and the region especially with undoing of Egypt’s treaty with Israel. US policy never favored Shiites over Sunnis (look at US/ Iran relations during Shah’s rule). The US M. Brotherhood adventure failed in Egypt. The only ‘cudgel’ against Israel left in region is Iran. US and the Obama administration has made a deal with ‘death to America’ Iran that can only be explained with ‘death to Israel’. The current US administration has abandoned the ideology of human rights, freedom of conscience and individual liberty as guiding principles of foreign relations. (Note new relations w Cuba.)

  • Jay

    Blah, blah, blah. With caps abuse to boot.

    Israel will never, ever have to worry about the US “cudgeling” it. Any POTUS that actually treated “ally” Israel the way it should be treated would be joining the high risk insurance pool.

    And Sunni sectarian fanatics spend most of their time killing Israel’s enemies. Interesting.

  • Lion Heart

    Zionists are FUMING with following news:

    A poll by the Los Angeles Jewish Journal released Thursday (23 July 15), showed U.S. Jews support Iran deal, despite misgivings.

    According to the survey, 49 percent of American Jews support the deal and 31 percent oppose it. Among all Americans, 28 percent support the deal and 24 percent oppose it

  • Lion Heart

    Oh—–now Zionists talking about “human rights, freedom of conscience and individual liberty “.

    I must tell to Zionists—Go and wipe your face, blood of those 500+ Palestinians children are still dripping from your mouth–whom you had massacred in July 14 alone.

  • Jay

    Contrary to what non-Jews might assume, Israel is not a big issue among American Jews.

    Dubya was an aggressively pro-Israel POTUS, but his share of the Jewish vote only increased by 5% between elections, from 21% to 26%, IIRC.

    Social liberalism, a/k/a “cosmopolitanism,” is much more important to most Jews. That’s why they don’t vote GOP — its ranks are filled with the “wrong” kind of whites. You know, the kind that makes Jews, well, nervous.

  • SmokeSignals

    The Arabs in Gaza got what their leadership wrought. You ought to consider some history and facts. First – Israel has kept treaties executed with neighboring Arab countries Egypt and Jordan. Israel is a stable country. Israel has a proportionately larger Arab/Muslim population than any European country. If the Israelis are so treacherous why the success with Egypt, Jordan, and the PA? Compared to Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Iran, Afghanistan, Yemen by any objective standard Israel is tranquil. Second – Israel has no quarrel with Iran. Why does the leadership of Iran threaten the security of Israel and perpetrate murder against Jews worldwide? What has Israel done to Iran? What territory of Iran does Israel occupy? Remember thay Iran and Israel were at peace until the Islamic revolution. Third – The problem between Gaza and Israel is similar to the conflict between Pakistan and India. India partially settled problems by invading East Pakistan, forcing surrender of the territory to India and setting up a compliant puppet state. This is what will eventually happen with Gaza. Israel or Egypt will invade, eliminate the Hamas leadership, and install a stable puppet. Complaints against Israel about lack of progress toward peace and human rights issues shallow especially since by any objective standard Israel is at peace with the largest Arab country. Now if uou want to solve a real big problem why not fix up India and Pakistan. What progress have they mafe toward peace? Why is there no demand led by France at the UN Security Council excoriating India for failing to quit Kashmir and cut a deal with Pakistan? A lot more blood has been shed between those two countries than has between Israel and the Arabs. Now with some real context HOW CAN THE IRAN DEAL BE EXPLAINED? The present leadrship in Iran is evil and should not be tolerated by the USA. This has nothing to do with Israel. The U.S.A gets nothing from allowing Iran to enrich uranium. The only explanation is thst Obama and the European states want to use Iran to harass Israel. The USA loses credibility with people struggling for liberty by siding with the mullahs. The last leader of the free world has fallen withiut a shot!

  • Lion Heart

    Being a Zionist, you have managed to include 300 LIES in a 372 word sentence—-and you have proved that Zionist have not changed much since 1543 when Martin Luther wrote “Jews and their LIES”.

    1. Your claim that Iran “murdering Jews world wide”—is a FIRST lie.

    Its Israel who has murdered MANY Iranian Nuclear scientists.

    Iran has approx 10,000 Jews—-if Iran wants to carry out genocide…why would not they start from their own country?? Infact they have not even killed a SINGLE Iranian Jew to avenge murder of their nuclear scientist.

    Fact is Iran does NOT murder Jews–while Israel MURDERS Palestinians children on a regular basis

    2. Your LIE number 2: Israel has kept treaties executed:
    Truth Israel has almost broken EACH and EVERY promise/treaties on daily basis—to quote few Oslo accord, Road map 2003), Annapolis Peace Conference (2007)—and violated more than 225 UN resolutions (which is a world record of UN)—-Israel has just kept two treaties (with Egypt & Jordan) in place as it has installed puppet governments in two countries.

  • Lion Heart

    Netnyahu was asking Obama to DEAL with Iranian nuclear issue.

    Now Obama got a DEAL for them—–which has world-wide support.

    Infact Netanyhau NEVER wanted a DEAL………He just wanted US to invade Iran and destroy —–and wanted US to take all blame.–

    Just like Zionist lobby incited Bush to invade Iraq. Result:
    1. Iraq destroyed
    2. US image bruised

    Only beneficiary was Israel —at the expense of 4 million ORPHAN CHILDREN in Iraq

  • SmokeSignals

    LH – Just look at the facts. What place is better off? Israel or Syria? or Iraq? or Afghanistan? or Yemen? or Pakistan? or Iran? Be objective. Now look at what Iran is doing in Lebanon and Syria and ask yourself ‘To what end?’ Don’t forget the nasty war between Iraq and Iran and look to those total casualties including your civilian men, women and children. What about ISIS? Look at how the Kurds are treated by Iran, Iraq and Turkey! You have not responded to India and Pakistan and what is going on there. Forget the UN – what has the UN done to stop the murder and war in Syria or any of the other places cited? What has the UN done for the Kurds? Most US citizens know the truth about the corruption and impotence of the UN. As for the Oslo accords cite precisely any section that Israel has violated and support with facts. AND respond regarding the Iran deal and how the ‘accords’ with Iran are beneficial to the US. If you believe the conduct of the Iranian regime allows individuals normal rights and freedom and liberty just say so. My position is that the Iranian regime is a retrograde gang that should not be supported by the USA. The US culture and society has nothing in common with the Islamic revolution in Iran. Iran is a US enemy. Why should the US empower that regime? I have given my answer.

  • Lion Heart

    You have given an “apologetic response on behalf of apartheid state”.

    Your question: “why should US empower Iran—-because US culture has nothing common with Iran”

    Answer has two parts:
    1. Iran has empowered itself—-not with US help—-if Iran was a weak nations by this time, it would have been invaded.

    2. US has nothing conman with “apartheid policy of Israel”—-WHERE Palestinian children are butchered, their homes demolished, lands stolen —–while Iran does not demolish homes of Jews.

    now few more observations:

    Zionists says: Look at Pol Pot is murdering too, Look at Mao, Look at Stalin, Look at Saddam…look at Asad…………..but never look at Israel………..that is how Israel has get away with 60+ years of colonisation, murder and apartheid