Angelo Codevilla responds to David Goldman

Iran is not the Pandora’s box. The Middle East is and Iran is one element within that box that is vying with all the others in complex ways. Obama’s “accord” quite simply adds to Iran’s power and removes whatever hopes the others had that the outside world might restrain Iran. Hence, there is no doubt at all that the “accord” must intensify all of the complex strivings within the region. Just exactly how, remains to be seen.

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  • Lion Heart

    Another nonsense from Zionist lobby.
    Rather than talking about “restrain on Iran”, which has never attacked its neighbors in last two hundred years………you should be talking about restrain on Israel.

    Had there been any restrain on Israel…..Israel would not have been massacring hundreds of Palestinian children every after two years !!

  • Jack Temujin

    I totally agree. Goldman is nothing but a Zio-terrorists’ apologist, Iran is one of the most peaceful countries in the Mideast, yet Israel-controlled NATO puppets are continuously demonizing her. It was Cyrus the Great, who saved the Jews from extinction, he’s probably turning over in his grave. Rabid dog Israel deserves what is coming for them soon. You live by the sword and you will die by it!

  • James Jerome

    Israel is the only Pandora’s box and the cancer of History in the Middle East, but soon no more;

    The US has been involved in two wars in the Middle East for the benefit of Israel,
    Iraq and Afghanistan, and it has cost us $6 trillion dollars of unpaid war
    debt, 10,000 dead soldiers and contractors, 800,000 soldiers mentally and
    physically disabled for life, 22 soldiers a day committing suicide, we have a
    bankrupt currency, we have $18 trillion dollars in government debt, we have $56
    trillion dollars in derivative debt, the 2008 economic mortgage meltdown that
    almost sent America into a depression, was mainly caused by Jewish controlled
    wall street investment banks that helped to transfer $13 trillion dollars out
    of America’s economy into private hands, we have given over $100 billion
    dollars of aid too Israel since its inception, America has squandered blood and
    treasure for Israel sake and the one last thing it has got us is more enemies
    that are getting stronger. History will record how a nation of 320 million
    people were dragged down to oblivion by a country of 7 million, its like the
    Titanic being pulled down by a rowboat attached to it by rope.