Acquittal of India border guard in Bangladeshi girl’s killing rekindles human rights concerns

Human rights experts in South Asia are alarmed by the acquittal last week of constable Amiya Ghosh by the Indian Border Security Force (BSF) in the retrial of the Felani Khatun murder case.

The killing of the 15-year-old Bangladeshi girl more than four years ago by Indian border guards at the India-Bangladesh border sparked widespread outrage after a photograph showing Felani Khatun’s dead body hanging on a barbed wire fence was published internationally.

While Felani’s parents in Bangladesh have rejected the verdict by the BSF’s General Security Forces Court in Cooch Behar,  Amnesty India has decided to challenge the acquittal of the BSF man in the Indian Supreme Court.

Other human rights advocates are very concerned that the acquittal will send the wrong message to BSF soldiers guarding the over 2,000-kilometer long India-Bangladesh border, where border violence has been a serious issues over the past three decades.

Felani Khatun was shot dead on Jan. 7, 2011 while trying to cross the India-Bangladesh border to Bangladesh with her maternal uncle and father.

Members of the poor Bangladeshi family were living in New Delhi illegally. Felani herself had been working as a housemaid in the Indian capital.

As Felani’s marriage had been fixed in Bangladesh, the family decided to move back to Banarvita village in Kurigram district of the country. Without proper travel documents, they had no option but to cross the border illegally.

Snagged in wire

On the dawn of January 7, 2011, Felani’s father and uncle managed to crossed the barbed-wire fence of the border by using a ladder. But Felani’s clothes were entangled in the wire and as she struggled to free herself, she was shot.

Eyewitnesses had informed the media that the teenage girl was still alive while dangling on the barbed wire for nearly an hour.

Even after she breathed her last, her dead body was left dangling for the next four hours.

Felani Khatun's body on border fence

Felani Khatun’s body on border fence

Later, BSF personnel took her body down from the fence. They then tied her hands and arms to a pole, much like an animal, and carried her off, eye witnesses said. Felani’s body was handed over to Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) personnel the next day.

The photograph of Felani’s bullet-ridden body hanging from the barbed wire was published in the global media, after which there was a unanimous call for justice.


Global pressure drove India to launch a probe in August 2013.

BSF found 181 Battalion Constable Amiya Ghosh responsible for Felani’s murder with his 5.56mm Insas rifle. After Amiya confessed to the crime, he was charged under Section 304 (unintentional killing) of the Indian Felani's bodyPenal Code and Section 146 of the BSF Act.

The trial began at a BSF court on August 13, 2013, according to some media. But on September 6 that year, the same court cleared Ghosh of the murder charge.

This again led to ire from the victim’s family and rights activists of both countries. After Bangladesh expressed their dissatisfaction with the trial, a retrial was ordered.

Finally, on July 2, 2015, a special West Bengal Court of BSF upheld its previous verdict after hearing the revision trial.

Family still suffers

Nurul Islam, Felani’s father, rejected the verdict. “I did not get justice for my daughter,” he told Asia Times last week.

He pointed out that ever since losing Felani, his wife Jahanara Begum has not been the same. “We are still suffering without her (Felani),” said the father of two daughters and three sons excluding Felani.

Human rights groups are doing their best to get Islam and his family their justice.

On July 8, Amnesty India declared that it will file a motion with the Indian Supreme Court to challenge Ghosh’s acquittal. Sushanto Sarker, secretary of Amnesty India, said that the organization will file a petition as public interest litigation with the apex court on July 13.

Sarker said, “We are taking it to the honorable justice of the Supreme Court on humanitarian grounds. So hopefully, our efforts will be fruitful.”

ASM Nasiruddin Elan, Director of Bangladeshi human rights organization Odhikar pointed out that the acquittal of the BSF man can send the wrong message to Indian border guards. “If the verdict remains the way it is now, then we would have to say that Bangladeshis at the border areas are unsafe,” he told Asia Times. He is very concerned that this verdict may encourage more border violence.

More deaths

Killings at the border are continuing. Most recently, on the evening of July 5, a Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) team recovered the body of  Rubel Hossain, 23, from the Ichhamati river near the Bangladesh-India border in Debhata upazila of Satkhira. Hossain’s family claimed that he died due to torture by BSF personnel.

Rubel Hossain, along with his companions Kawsar Ali and Asadul, from Harhadda village had gone to work in a brick field. As they were crossing the Ichhamati back to Bangladesh, BSF arrested Kawsar.

Later, a BSF patrol team chased Rubel in the river and ran him over with their speedboat, severely injuring him. Later, they picked him up on their boat and tortured him, before dumping him back in the river, causing him to die, according to local BGB  sources.

According to Odhikar, such deaths are not uncommon at the border as at least 23 Bangladeshis have reportedly died at the India-Bangladesh border at the hands of BSF personnel from January till June 2015. Also, during this time, at least 35 Bangladeshis were injured in similar border violence while 17 Bangladeshis were allegedly abducted by BSF.

According to Odhikar, between 2000-2014, some 1,035 Bangladeshis were killed by BSF, 919 were tortured, and 1,274 persons were abducted.

Most poor Bangladeshis living in the border areas try to make quick money by smuggling cattle from across the border. They are shot at by BSF while trying to cross the border.

“But there have been numerous cases during the past few years where Indian citizens and BSF personnel have crossed the border to Bangladesh and committed atrocities like killing, abduction etc,” said Elan.

When contacted by Asia Times, human rights activist Kirity Roy, who is also the secretary of West Bengal-based Banglar Manabadhikar Suraksha Mancha (MASUM), questioned the Felani murder case retrial procedure.

Roy wrote in an email, “We want to reaffirm our position on trying of security force personnel in regular courts of law (in open court, not a secret court so as to ambush justice) while an offense was committed by their men against one armed civilian, which does not fall under their official duty.”

He added that the BSF is infamous for human rights violations, as they regularly indulge in torture and extra judicial killings of Indian and Bangladeshi citizens at the eastern frontier.  “We have made hundreds of complaints of extrajudicial killings, torture and rape by BSF personnel to human rights institutions and interestingly, these were the incidents reported from very few police station areas; not representing the whole reality of nearly 2,000 kilometer border.” He also pointed out that majority of the victims of BSF are Indian citizenry and “not the so-called Bangladeshi intruders.”

Felani Khatun and siblings

Felani Khatun and siblings

He pointed out that there has been a slight decrease in the border violence since the March 2011 meeting between BGB chief Rafiqul Islam with his BSF counterpart Raman Srivastava, two months after the Felani murder. At the meeting, the BSF decided not to use lethal weapon at border areas.  “But we can see them violating their own norm since 2011,” said Roy.

Roy hoped to “attract the legal system of India for recourse.” “We want the impunity to stop,” he said.

With more such right activists in South Asia speaking against the Felani retrial verdict, Felani’s father Nurul Islam is still clinging on to the hope that his family will get the justice for Felani’s murder.

Syed Tashfin Chowdhury is a Dhaka, Bangladesh based freelance journalist and the editor of  Xtra, the weekend magazine of New Age, a leading English daily in Bangladesh.

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  • Lion Heart

    When few Indians get bashed in Melbourne…Indian govt makes noise about “human right”

    while 400 to 700 bangladeshis are killed at brorders EVERY YEAR by Indians…….and there would be no mention in Indian media

  • Alex Wijaya

    There is no human right in India. Girls are regularly raped over there too.

  • Chetan Chauhan

    Why are they engaged in illegally crossing the border ? Illegally entering any country by crossing a barbed fence is inviting trouble

  • bhossyyy

    So you justify such killings???

  • bhossyyy

    Would agree with you as an Indian.

  • Chetan Chauhan

    I am not justifying it,but saying the fact that entering another country illegally is asking for trouble. Why try to scale a barbed fence when you know you are doing something illegal? How is the guard at the border supposed to know if the person entering illegally is a terrorist or not?

    If you want to work in India get a legal permit instead of trying to sneak in through the border.

  • bhossyyy

    Bro… there is something called as hunger… Bangladeshis thanks to their poverty want to cross over to India for work and we greet them with bullets.

  • ajay s kumar

    both photos are from different place .picture below is crpf carrying dead naxal

  • ajay s kumar

    Fake NEWS and fales propoganda

  • ajay s kumar

    she died because of electric current not by bullet

  • rls976

    You should be greeted with bullets when you try to illegally cross an international border. The government of India owes it to the citizens of India to protect them from any and all manner of foreign invasion. Otherwise, what is a country and its borders for?

  • Chetan Chauhan

    The Bangladeshi’s wanted their own country and they got one. It’s another story that they systematically killed , raped and plundered the Hindu minority in their country and forced most of them to flee to India during the 1970’s carnage.
    They are responsible for the present state of affairs in their country. It’s not India’s responsibility to provide employment to Bangladeshi’s. We have the largest population of poor and desperate people within our own country. Why aren’t you weeping for millions of your fellow Indian’s who go to sleep on an empty stomach? No country in the world has allowed unchecked illegal immigration on the scale which went on in the East in WB & Assam during 1990’s .
    I’m not advocating shooting people. But, people who try to cross a barbed & electrified fence are inviting trouble. Why blame the sepoy on the border who is doing his work & keeping our borders secure.

  • Lion Heart

    Lot of Indians are staying in Australia illegally——no one is killing them—-why is this hypocrisy??

  • Chetan Chauhan

    There is a difference between staying illegally & crossing a barbed fence. In any case, I have no sympathy for Indians staying illegally in other countries. Every country has rules & if you don’t follow them then you are inviting deportation.
    Even within India we should implement the rules within constitution and start deporting illegally staying Bangladeshi’s & Pakistani’s while at the same time not trampling over rights of genuine cases like persecuted minorities like Hindus,Christians&Buddhists who are forced to flee to India due to Jihadi violence.

  • DavePh

    If there is hunger then Muslims should stop producing so many children, it is not our responsibility to arrange for their well being if they can not control their breeding spree…

  • Maria

    except that Felani by Indian guards while LEAVING india, NOT entering india!!!!!

  • Maria

    OK, this woman, Felani was shot by Indian guards while *leaving* india, not entering india…did the Indian soldier who shot her do the right thing? yes or no.

  • rls976

    She was an illegal alien in India. That is why she was crossing the border to leave illegally. If the US federal government treated illegal aliens the way those Indian border guards treated this Bangladeshi girl, I dare say that Kate Steinle – and many thousands of other dead Americans – would be alive today.

  • rls976

    Girls are regularly raped in the radical-leftist and permissive USA too.

  • Maria

    You said: “The government of India owes it to the citizens of India to protect them from any and all manner of foreign invasion.” as justification for murder, BUT, she was not “invading”, invading is when you ENTER a country, not when you leave it!!

  • rls976

    She and her family were invaders – they had been in India illegally. Before leaving illegally they had entered illegally – invaded India. Are you aware that, at least in the US, many illegals come, then leave, then come again, then leave, then come again? Are you aware that coming and going is a common activity of drug smugglers and people smugglers? Are you aware that in eastern India (especially Assam, Tripura, West Bengal) they have a major problem with illegal aliens from Bangladesh? There has been so much illegal immigration of Muslims from Bangladesh into eastern India that it has substantially altered the demographic makeup of the region – at the expense of true Indians there. For decades the Communist Party of West Bengal has encouraged Muslims from Bangladesh to illegally settle in West Bengal and vote. In light of all of this, it is not murder for a troop to use deadly force to prevent an illegal border crossing. Don’t do it! Blame the girl’s corrupt Islamic father for dragging her into illegal activity.

  • Chetan Chauhan

    For cheap impact the author of this article thought it fit to include a photo of the corpse in this whole unfortunate incident. The same photo also shows clearly that the position of the body right at the top of the fence means that the guard probably couldn’t know the person was trying to leave. Since infiltration is almost always one-way he would have thought this is an infiltration bid at the middle of the night.
    Besides in cases like these, it is quite common for the family affected to state something other than the truth.

  • Lion Heart

    There is no difference between coming illegally “either jumping a barbed fence or coming through boat or coming through plane”…….the net result is “illegal stay in a country”.

    Those Indians who are coming to Australia are not REFUGEES–they are not being persecuted in India—they are purely ECONOMIC migrant —-just like those Bangladeshis who are entering in India.

    While Indians whine about being “CURRY BASHING” in Australia….they forget that Australian are CIVILISED and they are not killing Indians as Indians are killing Bangladeshis….while Indians might have become rich, but still mentally they are worse than their African counterpart—-rape, religious riot, burning alive others, killing baby girls. Infact African are more civlised, just go and have a look filth in any Indian city. Even in Australia they have not changed much, wherever they are they live in filth.

  • Lion Heart

    What an Indian mentality!!!

    That cold blooded murder of girl and then taking her just like an animal…….that shows Indian mentality.

    Many Indians who came to Australia have committed rape and fleecing elderly people.

    Should Australia be also hunting down “illegal” Indian because he could be a potential rapist !!!

  • Lion Heart

    Infact it is CHEAP people like you who are trying to defend Indian guards barbarity.

    Fortunately Author has provided “photographic evidence” in advance to counter your lame excuse of “affected families are not telling truth”.

  • Chetan Chauhan

    Finally the hatred of everything Indian comes out. Either you hate Indians or you are a sepoy well trained by the White man to hate us.

    Your statements are ridiculous. There are nearly 20 MILLION Bangladeshi “ECONOMIC” migrants living comfortably in India. Far from deporting them the pathetic politicians in India actually provide ration cards & other identity proof for a pittance for just one reason – VOTES. 20 million is almost the same as population of your Country.

    Australia’s own track record with handling illegal migrants is almost as bad as a death sentence. They are thrown out of the country and put into concentration camps in remote Islands. .

    In India this unfortunate incident is the exception rather than the rule. Almost no Bangladeshi’s are deported which is a terrible state of affairs as these migrants suck up jobs that make exploiting the already poor masses easier for unscrupulous elements.

  • Lion Heart

    Australia’s track record with handling illegal migrants is ONE MILLION time better than Indian record.

    Australia does not KILL Indians….for being suspected RAPIST (refer again today one Indian has sexually assaulted a 15 year old boy). Refer “The age dated 20 July 15”

    If Australia is a “concentration camp”………then why are Indians coming to this “concentration camp”……legally and illegally.

    As soon as someone criticises India…..these rude, crude and uncivilised Indians go berserk.

  • Lion Heart

    1. If there is hunger in India then Indians should stop breeding spree—-it is not Australia’s responsibility to welcome these rude, crude uncivilised Indians—-if they dont like CURRY BASHING, then they should go back.

    2. If India is rich then why are you swamping Western countries??

    Indians can not change themsleve—they are biggest hypocrites.

  • Lion Heart

    Why should Indians whine….when Indians were bashed in Melbourne…..if they dont like it they should go back.

    Following your logic, Australians would have shot you dead.

    God gave White people “good looks”
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    Unfortunately Indians got nothing —-they are filth of the world….look at them….they have neither looks…nor physique nor intellect…..just filthy mind and their preference to live in filth

  • Lion Heart

    Why should not Indians be bashed in Australia???

    In fact they should be killed (following your logic) for being illegal alien in Australia

    Indians are most disgusting, rude, crude and uncivilised people of the world….and your justification is reflection of your mentality

  • Lion Heart

    I think following your logic…we should start killing Indians in Australia—as MANY of them are illegal immigrant….(and thus invaders).

    Such uncivilised and barbarian attitude….only Indians can have

  • rls976

    I am not Indian. I am white Anglo-Saxon.

    I would say physically apprehend the illegal aliens if they can be apprehended alive, and deport them. If they cannot be apprehended alive, kill the illegal invaders, Indian or non-Indian.

    I spent 12 days in India during 2012, and 76 days there (Gujarat) in 2013. Rest assured that Indians are not at all the most “rude, crude and uncivilized people of the world”. We have races in the United States that far surpass Indians for those traits.

  • DavePh

    I agree, we need population control because of obvious reasons. It is indeed no one else’s responsibility but India’s to feed its population.

    So where did you come from to Australis Mr. Lioan Heart? Wasn’t Australia populated by deported criminals from UK an EU? You too are not the original resident of that continent, unless you are an aboriginal tribe.

    of course illegal migration is wrong, but legal migration is everyone’s right. People do not immigrate to change themselves or their culture, they do so for economic reasons. Looks like you lost your job to an immigrant who was better qualified and skilled. Your Govt. approved his work permit or legal residency, so go complain to them, and while you do that also go get better skills rather then abusing others.

  • DavePh

    You should speak for your home country Sri Lanka, where 200,000 SL Tamils were killed by your Army and thousands of women raped, including the teenage daughter of LTTE Chief Prabhakaran. Rapes are the evil deeds present in every country, but only rarely Govt. sanctioned rapes takes place like in Sri Lanka.

  • Lion Heart

    Its not question of “legal or illegal” migration………its question of Indian being rude, crude and uncivilised.

    When Australian BASHED few Indians….Indians were whining…on other hand they are killing bangladeshi immigrants

    they ALL are ECONOMIC IMMIGRANT—-justifying the killing of a girl shows level of “Indian culture”, of which Indians are proud of.

    Did Indians get visa from “aborigines government”??

    Stay in your FILTHY India…dont swamp Australia………we dont need taxi drivers

  • Lion Heart

    Australians public is right to bash Indians too…………especially if they are “illegal”

    go back to your country NOW.
    go back and live in your filthy India NOW

    Indians on this forum are justifying the “killing of an ECONOMIC immigrant”…………this shows how crude, rude and barbarian Indians are

  • Lion Heart

    Indians are RUDE, CRUDE and UNCIVILISED….

    Look at FILTH in India
    Look at their HATE
    Look at their RAPE statistics

    How can one justify the KILLING of a girl (whether legal or illegal immigrant)?? and then carrying her like an animal !!

    this shows CULTURE of an Indian…which they are “proud of”!!!

  • Lion Heart

    A typical Indian attitude..rude, crude and uncivilised—-your brain is as filthy as any Indian city

    If Sri Lanka army kills and commits murder—-it does not give licence Indians to kill and murder too.

    Alex did not condone Sri Lankan army’s action….while you are condoning Indian BARBARITY

  • DavePh

    I know truth hurts you bad, and no one in India is getting a license to kill. Those who indulge in such crimes are caught and punished severely. Exceptions do not make a norm dude.

    Also, Indian civilization is civility is older then your country, so don’t teach us what is rude or crude, and what is not.

  • DavePh

    And where did you come from? Are you an aboriginal Australian? The last I know is that they want all of you with certified hard core criminal ancestry to go back to Europe, from where your filthy criminal history sheeter forefathers/mothers were deported/abolished on a one way trip to Australia.

    You must be an ill-educated person, because what happened at the border of India/Bangladesh was in response to an illegal act. The girl was shot by a border security officer, who is licensed to shoot at smugglers and terrorists. India is grappling with illegal immigration to the tune of 20 million Bangladeshis settling in India’s North East states, so much so that they have disturbed the demographics of the tribal population there.

    No one shot the girl at the border at point blank range, but from few hundred meters away, where it is not possible to know who it is. Smugglers and terrorist are armed and they shoot to kill the BSF patrol. The Bangladeshi Security forces are in connivance with these smugglers and at times terrorists. These are not migrants but infiltrators, who are entering and exiting India illegally. That is the difference.

    You moron on the other hand is justifying actions by racist red neck Australian civilians in criminal brawls and targeted racist attacks/killings, like stabbing of an Indian IT professional woman who was going home from work. Sure mess back with those who mess with you, but motivated, racist and targeted killings are nothing short of barbaric criminal maniacal actions.

    Take your complain to your Australian Govt. to stop skilled workers from entering legally. They are invited, employed and allowed because their skills are required by the businesses in Australia. Sadly, those skills are beyond people like you. A few hundred years back your ancestors invaded rest of the World illegally by the barrel of a gun. Now it is our turn to SWAMP you with educational and technical skills that is beyond your capacity to understand, comprehend or handle….People like you are full of themselves, you are the most obnoxious and ill-mannered respondent I have seen here.

  • DavePh

    It is sad that the girl lost her life. But, how do one tell from a few hundred meters in darkness if someone is infiltrating or exfiltrating? There are smugglers and terrorists who enter India illegally in to India from Bangladesh, and they are armed, and they shoot to kill. Indian BSF is a professional organization, and the court martial must have accepted valid arguments to not prosecute.

  • Lion Heart

    1. When you uncivilised Indians come to Australia….do you take visa from Aborginal embessy??

    2. If shooting of a girl (even if she was illegal immigrant) is justified then Australian would be justified in shooting (illegal) Indians who are swamping Australia—-atleast curry bashing would be highly desirable.

    Go back to your slums in India—that is where you should be

  • Lion Heart

    Darkness is prevailed on your brain
    Darkness is prevailed on your face.

    It was daylight when these FILTHY RAS$CALS (professional on Indian standard) were carrying that poor girl like an animal.

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  • Lion Heart

    Your civilisation is evident in FILTHINESS of Indian cities.

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  • Chetan Chauhan

    As I said before the hatred of Indians is ingrained deep in you and this filth spouting out of your mouth shows it. For your racist types even Bangladeshi’s will be clubbed as “filthy Indians” so why do you comment on this issue between “Filthy Indians & Bangladeshi’s” as you say?
    Why don’t you Australians instead who are basically land-grabbers who stole land from the Aborigines go back to Britain? You came to Australia 200 years back , committed physical & cultural genocide on the Aborigines and are trying to preach Indians about Australians being so “cultured”?
    I don’t care about ppl who are sucking up to Australians. Your messages indicate Australians are the most filthy people on this World.

  • Chetan Chauhan

    PAKISTANI TROLL Masquerading as an Australian

  • DavePh

    I am now strongly suspecting that you are a Pakistani troll impersonating as an Australian. I discount all the rubbish you have stated with a bucket of salt. Poverty is not a crime, nor is the miseries and vagaries associated with it, so get that right. When you can not fight Indians in job market intellectually, you want to talk about how they look? its ridiculous… How many Australian women won Miss Universe or Miss World titles? Please go and check, in today’s World it is not beauty but brains that wins depending on what the job description is. Tell me will you go to a good looking dumb doctor or an average looking competent doctor for your illness? Will you ask him/her race they belong to or Nationality? OR you want to get best medical treatment for yourself? OR you will go out looking for good looking competent doctor?

    It is absurd to politicize rape which is a traumatic experience for any woman or man, the thing is whether they get reported and the culprits get punished. Do educate yourself with more information before putting India at Number 1 in rapes. In the list of countries that has this crime reported per 100,000 population, the list is : 1) South Africa 2) Sweden 3) USA 4) England and Walse 5) India 6) New Zealand 7) Canada 8) Australia 9) Zimbabwe 10) Denmark and Finland.

    Now 7 of these countries are supposedly cultured and advanced, so what do you have to say? I say even 1 rape is too many for any country. It is absurd to take an absolutely racist view like you do on this issue.

  • DavePh

    The article says, “On the DAWN of January 7, 2011, Felani’s father and uncle managed to crossed the barbed-wire fence of the border by using a ladder.”

    Look at the picture Moron, it is Dawn and hazy conditions, visibility is poor. This picture must have been taken a few hours after this incident, as obviously it takes time for reporters to reach such a place or are allowed. The first picture is actually of the girl who died on the fence… The 2nd picture is of a different girl, most likely a maoist terrorist killed in some other place. Look at their cloths, in first picture she is wearing a red colored top with full sleeves and blue pajama, in the 2nd picture she is wearing a half sleeve traditional dress. Do you want to tell us that BSF also changed her cloths? How much more stup1d it can be? In remote places, there are no facilities of stretches to take the body, and that is why this method is used. Obviously, someone is too enthusiastic about portraying this tragedy in a different light.

  • DavePh

    HA HA HA, you see I made the point and it hit the right target, but you still did not answer the question… Are you an Aboriginal person? My conclusion is that you are not…

    1) I said at the outset, that shooting of the girl was a grim tragedy, which happened in early morning hours at Dawn when visibility was poor.
    3) So, if Indians take visa and legally come to Australia, then what is your problem? What it means is that you have become unemployed due to lack of skills, or are on state welfare like leeches.
    3) Australian Navy lets migrant boats sink in the Ocean, people by thousands have died over the years. That is your humanity?
    4) You pay $400 million to poor Papua New Guinea, to take and keep the illegal migrants who live there in filthy and desperate conditions…Australia is responsible for their miseries, aren’t you?

  • rls976

    How was the guard not to know she was not a drug smuggler. I would blame her Bangladeshi Muslim father for her death. He is the one who had her invading a foreign sovereign nation with him. Personally I consider invasion an act of war.

  • Lion Heart

    We dont blame Australians for BASHING illegal uncivilised Indians——they would not have been able to guess if those filthy looking Indians were rapist or not……majority of them are

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  • DavePh

    Ya Ya Ya…Yade Yade Yade…You repeat post after post same BS. Come back when you have more intellectual and substantive things to discuss other then vomiting regurgitated manure.

  • DavePh

    Ya Ya Ya…Yade Yade Yade…You repeat post after post same BS. Come back when you have more intellectual and substantive things to discuss other then vomiting regurgitated manure….

  • Lion Heart

    you are a typical Indian: FILTHY, UGLY and UNCIVILISED—-that is why you are justifying the killing of this girl..

    Killing could have been a mstake—-but the way guards are carrying girl………that shows their contempt for fellow human being—-that sort of mentality has made India–what it is: a FILTHY country

    Many Indians are here illegally—many of them are rapist anywat—so they should be bashed….

    what is good for goose is good for gander too

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  • Chetan Chauhan

    If you don’t have a clue on someone’s looks & how “Well Built” they are then take you ugly face somewhere else. This topic has gone down expected lines , what else can you expect from a Paki/Arab troll masquerading as an Australian?
    You are just another barbarian descended from a long line of Barbarians. I’m proud of my culture and never denigrate others inferior in outlook or mental capacity because it isn’t in our nature. When your people were mere barbarians, Indians had already developed far ahead. Our culture goes back > 5000 years (See Mohenjodaro). Idiots like you call yourselves Aryans when the earliest proof of Aryan origin is in India itself! You are just scumbags who stole their history from us and are now trying to piss here. Get lost back to the hole you belong in.

  • Lion Heart

    Your culture is evident from your SLUM where you live in.

    No wonder people like you have INFERIORITY complex—-because god gave you nothing but an ugly face and a big tummy…..we could have tolerated your ugliness—-but when you justify the killing of this girl, I know why Indians are looked down upon everywhere……

    they have filthy and ugly face—–but worse of all an ugly mind—–that has made India into a rape capital of the world.

    Go back to your SLUM now….otherwsie some equally ugly Indian will rape your mother and then justify his action like you are justifying killing of this girl.

    Your PAKI and Arab borthers are same like you except that they have toilet in their house while your mother shit at the side of the road

  • Chetan Chauhan

    When you talk about Slums don’t forget where you come from. You Australians yourselves were a slum colony of the British who sent theier criminals and societal waste including rapists and murders to populate their country.
    I’m not surprised at your lack of knowledge and typical racist attitude considering the slum colony of Britain that you claim to come from.
    And unlike you I know who my father is and I can trace back my family tree for 8 generations. So just shut up and go back to your sexual abuser daddy and unmarried mommy. The product of their efforts is truly disgusting.

  • Lion Heart

    Stupid….Indian family tree is useless as their women are being raped every day —especially when many woman have no where to go to—-there are no toilets—they sit on the side of road—making them easy prey—Indians are so ugly—their family tree ends up with a disgusting monkey—that is why they worship monkey-god…LOL….tell me why are you guys so ugly??