U.S. should act to reduce frictions with China to achieve healthy ties: Xinhua

By Xinhua Writer Wang Haiqing

In a welcome respite from weeks of harsh rhetoric and groundless accusations against China, Washington on Wednesday said the United States will continue to engage with China in the foreseeable future since the policy has served U.S. interests well.

Considering the increasing interdependence between the two countries, to continue engagement with China is indeed the right choice for the United States.

However, it seems that Washington has been repeatedly forgetting that condescension and critique will not help its engagement with China.

To make U.S.-China interactions more efficient and productive, responsible U.S. politicians should at least refrain from remarks or moves that may undermine mutual trust.

In the past few days, various U.S. officials and lawmakers have accused China of an alleged massive cyber breach of the U.S. federal government networks.

Despite the fact that the probe is still going on so as to trace the origin of the alleged hacker attacks, many U.S. officials have already jumped to the conclusion that China is to blame for the attacks.

Besides cyber security, another case that highlights the United States’ deep bias against China is the South China Sea issue. Read more

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