US must update nuke plan to face China’s ‘threat’: report

America must change its policies regarding its nuclear weapons arsenal if it wishes to remain safe in the coming century, according to a new study from the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS).

The effects of global nuclear proliferation will dominate American foreign policy between 2025-2050

The effects of global nuclear proliferation will dominate US foreign policy between 2025-2050

Clark Murdock, an expert in strategic planning and defense at CSIS, writes in the study, ‘Project Atom,’ that the effects of global nuclear proliferation will dominate American foreign policy between 2025-2050 if the United States does not revamp its policies today, including modernizing its nuclear weapons and seeking enhanced tactical nuclear capabilities The Washington Free Beacon reports.

“The value of nuclear weapons as a ‘trump card’ for negating U.S. conventional power was enhanced by the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003 to prevent Saddam Hussein from acquiring a nuclear weapon,” Murdock writes. “If the United States apparently believes that it can be deterred by an adversary’s nuclear weapons, why wouldn’t a nonnuclear ‘regional rogue’ want one?”

The root of global nuclear ambitions lies in American strength, according to Murdock. The clout of the U.S. military leads non-nuclear nation-states to seek nuclear capabilities.

As the United States plans its nuclear posture for the 2025-2050 timeframe, Murdock recommends that the American inferiority to Russian nonstrategic nuclear forces should be addressed. Murdock says that a variety of tactical nuclear weapons, including some small-scale missiles, should be developed to counter Russian capabilities.

“U.S. nuclear forces were designed for a global conflict involving the exchange of thousands of high-yield weapons, not limited exchanges of low-yield weapons,” she writes. “Since most U.S. nuclear response options are large, ‘dirty,’ and inflict significant collateral damage, the United States might be ‘self-deterred’ and not respond ‘in kind’ to discriminate nuclear attacks.”

Murdock’s recommendations were based on two assumptions regarding what could happen in 2025-2050 in the absence of effective American nuclear weapons planning. The first assumption was that the United States could lose its deterrence ability because of a failure to prevent further nuclear proliferation. The second assumption was that there may be more than 11 nuclear powers after the year 2030.

Barry Blechman and Russell Rumbaugh, contributing authors to the study, also point out that China will be a major threat in the future.

“Still, given its 20 years of investments in building a more modern military and continuing economic growth, China could plausibly threaten the United States’ ability to conduct specific military actions in regions near China’s coasts within the next several decades,” Blechman and Rumbaugh write. “If realized, such threats could jeopardize America’s ability to fulfil its commitments to defend certain allies.”


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  • Dan Kuhn

    I have a novel idea for the USA. I know that it is extreme and you would have to revamp your entire economy, but for a change why doesn`t the USA make a plan for peace. Just for once in your history stop thinking that “the only good non American is a dead one.” Just for once buy what you need from the world, instead of destroying whole countries and subjugating their peoples to steal what you want. i know that it`s a stretch but is it possible that Americans could find one problem that could be solved without bombing the livin be jeezus out of it? Or is it something in their DNA that the only thing they can think of is “kill anything that moves”. ” Bomb them back to the stone age” ” we will bend that country to our will”. The world is so sick of the American way of war, war war for an answer to every challenge no matter how small. What would it take for that to change? Would the entire world have to get on it`s knees and place face to earth in front of the USA and and shout ” Yes Master”.? Please America, your military, your oil companies and your international banks. Please just go away.

  • teddyfromcd

    EXCELLENTLY stated!

  • mulga mumblebrain

    These evil psychopaths demand a new nuclear arms race because ‘China could plausibly threaten the United States ability to conduct specific military actions in regions near China’s coast…’. Can you imagine the racist furore if the Chinese demanded to be allowed to cruise right off Washington, with a nuclear first-strike doctrine under a strategy of ultra-belligerence like AirSea Battle?

  • mulga mumblebrain

    They would, as you note, have to change their murderous and belligerent psychology so completely, and the Exceptionalist religion that flows from it, that they would cease to be what they have always been since 1620. God’s true Chosen People, always on the look-out for opportunities for more Holy Genocides to their psychotic God’s Greater Glory. They must be slavering at the prospect of slaughtering hundreds of millions of ‘Chinks’.

  • Jams O’Donnell

    Yes. The Chinese should work towards getting enough military strength to do just that. Nothing else will teach the US to keep it’s big trap shut.