Norman Bailey responds: Goldman is a bit unfair to Christians

David’s comment about the Christians is a bit unfair.  The Coptic Church is a strong supporter of President al-Sisi and he of them.  A large body of evangelical Christians strongly supports Israel and works assiduously to counter anti-Semitism.  Israeli Christians, now officially listed as “Aramaeans”, not Arabs, are very supportive of the Israeli state.  As to the Pope, he was very popular with the Jewish community of Argentina as he is in Italy.  Recently, he met with a group of European chief rabbis who were in Rome for the funeral of the long-time chief rabbi of Rome, to discuss how the church can work with them to counter anti-Semitism.  Too bad about the Abbas embrace, but it doesn’t cancel everylting else.

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  • RichardPearce

    Love how the argument that Norman advances makes Christians look worse (supporters of Apartheid and tyranny, and therefore opponents of democracy and human rights) that the article it is supposed to rebut did.

  • Jack Temujin

    Goldman is nothing but a Israel’s apologist. He’s unfair to everyone except Zionist Jews and their lackeys.

  • Catine

    After reading Comments, of which, can be as didactic or more so, at times, than the
    article (also Russian Pravda English began this jewel of an entity) I understood
    from where, Mr. Goldman was coming from …we have to learn to take that into
    consideration. So in Mr. Goldman’s hereditary imagery, the South in most places
    and the Jewish Culture settled with the Black People and other minorities.
    The religious aspect where the Jewish Culture was exposed with their own,
    as in other minorities, there are isolations, restrictions and many times, joint
    the religion, even though, with restrictions. This is MainStream actions, of which,
    most cultures and regions rarely overcome. Probably, in the USA, in my observances,
    would be San Francisco, is the most Americanization…of what, we thought we were.

  • Catine

    Sorry, rushed..excuse..I meant where people are without their OWN in some
    numbers, they suffer certain restrictions, whoever the Culture or religion is.
    So in a sense if we do not understand that, we are batting a political football,
    who are the greatest or who are the meanest…on and on we go..Blame
    game now is avid throughout this frail earth and the game goes on
    claiming diplomacy.