Norman Bailey replies to Angelo Codevilla

Angelo’s information on Saddam and al-Qaida is very provocative.  If so, it would provide some justification for the invasion, although in my opinion still not enough.  As to Rumsfeld’s main point I though I made clear that I agreed with it.  Democracy building can certainly be in the national interest of the U.S. and thus pursued in various ways, including founding the National Endowment for Democracy, as President Reagan did, but the fact that another country is ruled by a tyranny cannot of itself ever justify military action unless it is demonstrably a threat to the national security.

Categories: Chatham House Rules

  • mulga mumblebrain

    Dear God, there’s not somebody still pushing the spurious ‘link’ between Saddam and al-Qaeda. Next you’ll tell us that the Commies really used ‘yellow-rain’ in Indochina, shot down KAL 007 in cold blood, that the Gulf of Tonkin Incident really happened and that Gaddaffi personally packed the bomb that blew up the Pan Am jet over Lockerbie. Do you people have no shame? And what of the one million dead plus that flowed from your lies?