Norman Bailey adds: A bakers’ dozen of Israeli initiatives

In the Middle East Israel is playing poker with a hand made up entirely of Jokers and doing so remarkably well.  Relations with Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and the Kurds are improving in leaps and bounds, There are even indications that relations with Turkey may soon be on the mend, although with Erdogan, one never knows.  The fact that Israel has by far the strongest economy and the strongest armed forces in the region helps a great deal.
The two examples I wrote about are only a couple of a baker’s dozen of Israeli initiatives, some of which will work out and some of which won’t. Of course Iran is the most important issue, although you would never know this from those in the West fixated on Palestine, which is, in fact, a  sideshow.  All the more reason to regret that the planned 2012 Israeli military attack on the Iranian nuclear facilities was aborted by Obama ordering the ship carrying large bunker-buster bombs to Israel to turn back after it had already reached in the Indian Ocean, leading to Prime Minister Netanyahu being advised by the chief of staff of the IDF and the head of the Mossad to call off the operation, since without the larger bombs success was problematical.
Of course also regime change in Iran is the ideal solution for the West, which appears to be doing absolutely nothing to bring it about, despite having had an ideal opportunity with the “Green Revolution” of 2009.  Iran is actually a candidate for failed state status, along with Iraq, Syria, Libya, Lebanon and Yemen.  Some weapons smuggled  to the Iranian Kurds, Azeris and Baluchis could do wonders, but such activity would require strategic thinkers, of which the West now has close to none, at least in office.

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  • new MarcH

    How would Israel have delivered “large bunker buster” bombs? It is my
    understanding that the F16I cannot haul the GBU57.

    I spoke w/a congressional aide a few weeks ago who previously worked this issue
    and he indicated that Israel never really got behind proposals to give them
    GBU57s plus delivery systems. I always thought the idea of Israel assimilating
    B52s into the IAF was bizarre, considering that the maintenance and spare parts
    requirements would likely have been very different from anything in the IAF

  • Jakob Wasi


  • Jakob Wasi

    Bailey is too optimistic. Israel is enclosing itself into an East European shtetl by erecting walls on the Jordanian and Lebanese borders. Ironically, in the Zionist state’s pursuit of illegally grabbing occupied Palestinian land on the West Bank, it is turning itself into an open-air prison like Gaza.
    The degenerate Israeli elite sees any criticism of its policies as ‘anti-Semitic’, as world and, yes, regional opinion turns against it. The BDS movement has taken on a life of its own. Amar Shomoli’s ‘The Wanted 18’ shows how schizophrenic the Zionist rulers have begun. Even Israel’s protector the Obama administration has become the object of racist disdain. The pillars of revisionist Zionist are trembling

  • AaronL

    Think the book , not the movie, World War Z. The jihadis are spreading everywhere like zombies. We’re building a wall around us. You aren’t. I suggest you try to move to Israel before it’s too late.

  • Rob Naardin

    Screw regime change in Teheran, that’s hard work.
    An easier solution to save the West is for Asia Times to fire the butt fucking retarded neo con assholes, they hired.

  • vanisle1

    Israel is in a very difficult position, and I understand why its fears grow. It may have no real alternative to its repressive policies. But how many people have to suffer in states Israel’s allies help to “fail” before Israel will feel more secure? I’m afraid I think that number has no bound, and that failed states are the breeding ground of worse troubles to come.

    Palestine may be a “sideshow” in military terms, but in propaganda terms it is a blockbuster, the gift that keeps on giving to Israel’s enemies, and in particular to Salafis.

    It is difficult for me to get behind “strategic thinkers” whose strategy involves expedients such as causing states to fail and strengthening alliances with dangerous regimes like the Saudis, the main supporters of Salafist ideology, and with the latest client generals in Egypt and elsewhere. What would the situation in Iraq be today if an indigenous strongman like Saddam were in power? Would Iran be under greater restraint? Would anything like the IS have formed? Would more or fewer Iraqis have died? And if Gaddafi were in power, would Boko Haram have been able to receive support through Libya? Would so many Libyans have suffered? Would there be flotillas of refugees sailing from Libya for Europe?