Life/Korea: Seoul — The swing capital of the world

(From Korea Expose)

By Charlotte Hammond

Seoul has garnered a global reputation for its mobile wired-ness, public transportation, and binge-drinking culture. But it holds another #1 spot: the world’s largest swing dance scene.

As things are wont to in South Korea, swing suddenly and improbably erupted in popularity in the past decade. The size of Seoul’s swing community has overtaken those of New York City, swing’s birthplace, and other U.S. cities; Seoul is one of the few cities in the world with several swing clubs open and bustling any day of the week. About 15 clubs are currently in operation in the Seoul area. And it doesn’t stop there: Daegu, Daejeon, Jeju, Gwangju and Busan boast their own local clubs. Read more

Korea swing

Korea swing

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