Chinese state newspaper predicts ‘turmoil in Hong Kong’ after reform proposal is rejected

(South China Morning Post)

A Chinese state-run newspaper has warned Hong Kong would suffer immeasurable loss if the government proposal for the 2017 chief executive is voted down.

Hong Kong’s legislature today blocked the government’s electoral reform plan for the 2017 chief executive election, with only eight lawmakers voting in support of the proposal after members of the pro-Beijing camp staged a surprise walk-out.

Global Times, a tabloid subsidiary of the People’s Daily, said in an editorial yesterday Hong Kong was at a crossroads. It said the pan-democrats and their supporters may vote down the proposal simply to save face for their own groups or short-term interests, without giving serious thought to the dire consequences,

“They don’t bother to think it would cause immeasurable damage to confidence in the community if the opportunity for political reform is missed,” the editorial said.

The newspaper said some people in Hong Kong dared to inflict pain on society because they were adamant that the central government would not sit idly and let the city fall into chaos.

It said those people were acting like a spoilt child in trying to pressurise the central government.

“If the opposition force insists on rejecting the reform proposal, Hong Kong’s political reform would come to a standstill. Turmoil in Hong Kong would become a reality if the opposition force continues to cause trouble,” the editorial said.

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    Mordor-on-the-Potomac is mobilising its Colour Revolution compradores and Fifth Columnists, again.