China builds world’s fastest tank gun, then tries to hide it

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While new tanks like the Russian Armata and Turkish Altay are taking the spotlight in the world of armored vehicles, China has a new tank gun that might just beat them all. The 127th Ordinance Institute, of the Central Northern University, handed over a new 125mm cannon to PLA officers at a June 10, 2015 ceremony. The Institute claims that the new multipurpose cannon will have the highest range, velocity and penetration power of any 120mm/125mm cannon in the world. Where the story gets more interesting is that by June 14, all references to the new 125mm cannon had been scrubbed from the University’s website, which suggests an official desire for secrecy during tests.

New Chinese 125mm tank cannon

New Chinese 125mm tank cannon

The multipurpose cannon achieves its high performance through a high length to caliber ratio of at least 60:1 (the longest tank gun in service is the German 120mm cannon, which has a ratio of 55:1), and a larger cartridge, that stores more propellant explosives. While the multipurpose cannon is currently mounted on a towed carriage, several characteristics suggest that it is intended in use for enclosed spaces (IE tank turrets).

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