Angelo Codevilla replies: Nation-building made us dumb

My point about nation-building goes far beyond the issue of Iraq.

Bush’s embrace of it – with Rumsfeld’s quiet acquiescence – re-fashioned U.S. armed forces for the worse. Most important, through the workings of domestic political partisanship, it converted a previously sensible sector of America’s body politic to a dumb approach to the problems of peace and war.

That is what Rumsfeld should have apologized for.

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  • mulga mumblebrain

    Only in the Orwellian punyverse of Yankee Groupthink could the barbaric destruction of Iraq, the murder of two million plus Iraqis sine 1991, the poisoning of the country with depleted uranium and other vile weapons and the deliberate fomenting of sectarian strife (culminating in the creation of Daash) be called ‘nation-building’.