The new Asian American civil war over affirmative action?: Opinion

(From the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund)

By Emil Guillermo

What’s better: four As or five?

The four As are those who make up what I call the “Affirmative Action Asian Americans.”

The five As would be those I dub the “Anti-Affirmative Action Asian Americans.”

If you haven’t noticed either group, don’t worry, you will. They’re forming our community’s Mason/Dixon line.

Well, you didn’t expect Asian Pacific American Heritage Month to go off without a hitch, did you?

Instead of unity, we have this, as yet another gauntlet has been thrown in the fight against affirmative action, this time a double banger.

A coalition of Asian American groups, including the Washington, D.C. chapter of 80-20, have joined forces to file two administrative complaints—one with the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice in Washington, D.C., and another with the Office of Civil Rights in the Department of Education in Boston.

Both complaints call for the government to conduct a thorough investigation of Harvard’s admissions process and to stop what the group claims are the discriminatory practices in admissions, including “racial stereotypes, racial biases, racial quota [sic] and other illegal means.” Read more

Harvard University

Harvard University

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