Korea blog: The failure of Women Cross DMZ

(From Korea Expose)

By Tae Yang Kwak

30 women from 15 countries crossed the DMZ dividing the two Koreas on 24 May 2015, under the banner of Women Cross DMZ. For months leading up to the crossing, I was excited by the promise of something grand. However, like many others, I was disappointed by the tepid conclusion. The women had originally planned to walk across Panmunjom as citizen diplomats, but instead were driven by bus from North to South Korea through Kaesong like tourists. Their mission of making a gesture of peace was laudable, but their execution was a public relations failure. Their principal goal was “to call for the official end of the Korean War by replacing the 1953 Armistice agreement with a peace treaty” as a first step toward reconciliation and relief from the legacies of division and war. Ironically, the symbolic crossing has provoked a stark division between its few supporters and many more detractors. All Women Cross DMZ has managed to unify are detractors from both the right and left wings in South Korea and abroad. Read more

Women activists march at DMZ

Women activists march at DMZ


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