Cannes winner: Why Hou Hsiao-Hsien made ‘The Assassin’ so elliptical

(From the Los Angeles Times)

Hou Hsiao-Hsien — the Taiwanese auteur who on Sunday won the director’s prize at the Cannes Film Festival — was widely praised for his elliptical storytelling in his new film “The Assassin.” The wuxia-flavored movie examines a killer whose motives and manipulations, like so many others in the story, can be abstruse, and Hou was feted for the abstracting elements.

But the movie’s feel might have been less a matter of conscious design than it appears.‎ Asked in an interview why “The Assassin” ended up so narratively elusive, Hou replied:

“I shot a lot of footage Something like 500,000 feet. When I looked at the footage and realized I didn’t need that much, I cut a lot of it out. Because I only accepted some of the final footage,” he added, “it flowed in an elliptical way.” Read more

The Assassin

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