Norman Bailey: Israel’s historic shift in economic relations to Asia

Israel is in the midst of an historical shift of international economic relations emphasis from Europe and the U.S. to south and east Asia, including China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore and India. All indices of Israeli international trade and investment are pointing in the same direction.  The question now is how does Israel transform its
economic success in Asia to political, diplomatic and perhaps eventually military support.  Along with this development is another equally significant one, namely the formation of an informal alliance of Sunni states, including Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states (except Qatar) in countering Iran and extremist Islamic terrorist organizations.
Israel is actively collaborating with those countries in security, defense and intelligence activities, as well as such economic projects as gas supply to Jordan and the Red to Dead Sea water project in that country. Stay tuned for major economic/scientific/technological collaboration with Egypt in the works.

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