Thousands rally in Tokyo rain to protest Abe’s defense-law plans

(From Bloomberg) Thousands gathered in Tokyo on Sunday to oppose Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's push to expand the powers of Japan's military amid a territorial dispute with China. Amid light rain, protesters stood in front of the Diet building with placards reading "Reject the War Bill Now!" and "We're Against War, Kill the Bill!" Yoko Goto, a retired 72- year-old ...
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RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan

India’s central bank governor warns on banking reforms

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) governor Raghuram Rajan is waxing philosophical about dealing with the challenge of banking reform in his country. He mused recently that the correct approach is contained in the Chinese metaphor: "Crossing the river by feeling ...

Donald Trump mocks Asians at presidential campaign rally

No surprise here. The New York Daily News and other media are reporting that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump mocked Asians with broken English while speaking about China, Japan relations at a campaign rally in Dubuque, Iowa. Saeth the News: “Negotiating ...

Japan Marine United launched Izumo-class helicopter carrier Kaga at its yard in Yokohama on 27 August

Japan launches new helicopter destroyer

(From The Diplomat) Japan launched its second Izumo-class helicopter carrier, the largest warship built by the country since World War II, media sources reported August ...
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Protesters belonging to the Iglesia ni Cristo (Church of Christ) group display placards as they march along EDSA highway in Mandaluyong

Thousands troop to Philippine highway for 3rd night in Church protest

(From Reuters) Traffic came to almost a halt at a busy intersection of Manila's main highway Sunday as thousands of members of a Christian group ...
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Myanmar's former actor Kyaw Thu  stands before his ornate hearse in Yangon in this file photo

Myanmar movie star turns funeral provider

Kyaw Thu, 55, spent the first part of his adult life as Myanmar's most popular actor, a heroic heartthrob who starred in more than 100 ...
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Francesco Sisci responds to George Koo

I don't know what China's leadership wants to do, and think that some amnesty is necessary. However, there is the possibility of different amnesties which would achieve different goals. Whatever kind of amnesty is chosen, this has to go hand ...

George Koo responds to Francesco Sisci’s story on Xi’s anti-corruption campaign

Your long, thoughtful Asia Times piece on China's internal struggle between Xi's anti-corruption movement and the resistance in favor of the good ole dirty ways raises some interesting questions. At first, I thought you were suggesting that some sort of ...

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Hindu holy men enjoy the first holy dip at the Kumbh Mela in Trimbakeshwar
(From AFP) Dreadlocked Indian holy men and waves of Hindu pilgrims washed away their sins with a religious dip on the first main bathing day of India’s massive Kumbh Mela festival Saturday. Hindu holy men arrive for the first holy ... Read More
(From NBC News) By Frances Kai-Hwa Wang The Fubon Braves Basketball Team, a semi-professional squad in Taiwan’s Super Basketball League (SBL), has signed a new player, Joseph Lin, also known as NBA player Jeremy Lin’s little brother. Jeremy Lin’s Facebook ... Read More
NK stewardess
(From UPI) By Elizabeth Shim North Korea wants to attract as many as 1 million visitors annually to its tourist zones – but Pyongyang may have a problem with its national carrier, recently ranked the world’s worst for the fourth ... Read More