The reconstructed wreckage of the MH17 plane after presentation of the report

Buk missile downed MH17 in Ukraine: Dutch report

The Dutch Safety Board says its investigation showed that Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down by a surface-to air Buk missile. The flight crashed as a result of a warhead detonation to the left side of the aircraft cockpit. Dutch Safety Board chairman Tjibbe Joustra, unveiling the board’s final report Tuesday evening, said the warhead was consistent with the Buk missile ...
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Statue of Mao in Lijiang China

Why is China making another five-year plan ?

An interesting tidbit out of Xinhua Tuesday posed the following question: If China is moving to a market economy, why does it need to develop another five-year national plan? It seems like an obvious question, but not from the official press ...

Is there a bubble in the Chinese bond market?

Just as the Chinese stock market crashed over the summer, a slew of corporate bonds flooded the market, giving investors an enticing alternative for their cash. But in much the same way the Chinese government encouraged investors to buy stocks when ...

Osama bin Laden

Pak leaders knew Osama was living in Abbottabad: ex-defense minister

(Press Trust of India) Pakistan's top civilian and military leadership knew about Osama bin Laden's presence in the country much before the US Navy SEALs killed ...
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Ghost of Vietnamization

On building armies (and watching them fail)

(From Tom Dispatch) Why Washington can’t 'stand up' foreign militaries By Andrew J. Bacevich First came Fallujah, then Mosul, and later Ramadi in Iraq.  Now, there is Kunduz, a ...
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Afghan security forces inspect scene of US airstrike in Kunduz during siege of city

Taliban withdraw from Kunduz after days of fighting

(From the New York Times) The Taliban announced that they had withdrawn completely from the northern city of Kunduz on Tuesday, ending their first takeover of ...
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Norman Bailey: Putin is a Russian nationalist operating in a power vacuum

On the assumption that somehow Putin hijacked the proceedings, it seems to me that Francesco makes excellent points. Putin should have pocketed Crimea and  moved on.  The West would have done nothing, proven by the fact that it in fact did nothing.  In ...

Michael Ledeen: Islamists may defeat Russia in Syria

I agree with most of what Norman and Francesco say.  But I think Putin's moves in Syria were driven by the failure of the New Axis of Evil to cope with the serious threat of the defeat of Assad.  Iran ...

Asia Times Top Writers

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(From Kstylick) There are countless classy ways to rock ripped jeans if you know how. It's no secret that distressed denim can look polished and chic. Korea fashion and K-Pop style blog Kstylick writes: "It's time to up your denim game with these Torn Skinny ... Read More
Hiroko Masuhara right with her partner Koyuki Higashi (Provided by “Out in Japan”)22
(From Asahi Shimbun) By Yoko Tanaka Hiroko Masuhara wept when she came out as a lesbian, worried about how her friends would react to her long-held secret. They sobbed with her and offered words of encouragement and understanding. “At that time, I finally ... Read More
MS Dhoni no more seems to be the middle-order finisher
(From Reuters) The "helicopter shot" has disappeared, the boundaries are not flowing from his bat and the whisper is now growing louder that Mahendra Singh Dhoni is no more the middle-order finisher who could single-handedly get India over the line. Even for ... Read More
(From Deccan Herald) Matheran is the only hill station in India where automobiles are not allowed. Perched above the Sahyadri Hills in the Western Ghats at 2,636 feet above sea level, the small town with some colonial heritage structures is endowed with ... Read More