Japan eyes defense budget hike to fortify islands facing China

(From Reuters) Japan's Ministry of Defense is seeking a fourth straight annual military budget hike to help fortify the country's far-flung island chain in the East China Sea, close to ocean territory claimed by Beijing. In a document submitted to the government on Monday, the ministry asked for a 2.2 percent increase in military spending to 5.09 trillion yen ($42.38 ...
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China collars financial reporter, CSRC official in insider trading case

Back in the 1980s, R. Foster Winans, a Wall Street Journal columnist who wrote the newspaper's much-vaunted "Heard on the Street" column, showed that reporters are as bad as anyone when it comes to insider trading. Winans was indicted by then ...

India’s onion prices a real tearjerker for Modi

The price of onions is always a politically sensitive subject in India. A steep rise in onion prices has brought down governments. Most Indians use onions in every type of food and they cannot tolerate any government which keeps prices ...

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China to open high-speed rail link to North Korean border

(From Reuters) China will open a high-speed rail line to the North Korean border on Tuesday, state news agency Xinhua said, the latest effort to ...
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The White House is considering applying sanctions against companies and individuals in China it believes have benefited from Chinese hacking of United States trade secrets

US considering sanctions over Chinese cyber theft, says Washington Post

(From Reuters) The White House is considering applying sanctions against companies and individuals in China it believes have benefited from Chinese hacking of United States ...
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Jiang Zemin

China party says no disrespect meant with Jiang sign removal

(From Reuters) The removal of a stone plinth sign written by former Chinese president Jiang Zemin at the entrance of a key Communist Party training ...
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George Koo on the limits of American exceptionalism

Former Vice President Dick Cheney and his daughter, Liz, published their essay in praise of American exceptionalism (WSJ, 8/29/15) on the same day Asia Times posted Alexander Casella’s criticism of America’s Middle East policy. The contrast would have been amusing ...

Francesco Sisci responds to George Koo

I don't know what China's leadership wants to do, and think that some amnesty is necessary. However, there is the possibility of different amnesties which would achieve different goals. Whatever kind of amnesty is chosen, this has to go hand ...

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Hindu holy men enjoy the first holy dip at the Kumbh Mela in Trimbakeshwar
(From AFP) Dreadlocked Indian holy men and waves of Hindu pilgrims washed away their sins with a religious dip on the first main bathing day of India’s massive Kumbh Mela festival Saturday. Hindu holy men arrive for the first holy ... Read More
(From Sports Illustrated) Japan beat Pennsylvania, 18–11, to win the Little League World Series on Sunday. Japanese teams have now won four of the last six championships. The 29 combined runs are the most ever in a LLWS title game, ... Read More
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